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The 11 Frustrating Stages Of Deciding On Weekend Plans With Your Boyfriend

So your long, tiring, irritating week has finally come to a blissful end, and it is time to spend some quality time with your boyfriend, because both of you have either been too busy or too tired to do anything. Now is the time to cuddle, go out, have sex, do cool things together and make everyone following you on Instagram jealous af with your cute couple game.

REALITY CHECK: are weekends really that easy to plan and execute especially with such an entity as a boyfriend? Here are 11 frustrating stages of making weekend plans with the ‘love of your life.’

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Stage 1: The decision to spend the weekend together

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The conversation starts out casually with things like “Hey, honey what do you want to do for the weekend?” Perfectly innocent, right? However, your happy question soon turns into a life changing decision the moment you see either confusion or indifference on your boyfriend’s face.

Stage 2: “You tell me”

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Thus starts your frustration, when your boyfriend, without looking up from his phone/game/work replies with an “I don’t know, whatever you want.” I mean, had you wanted to decide, you wouldn’t have asked in the first place, would you?

Stage 3: Saying no to all your plans

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Fine. You love them, and they may not be in the mood to decide. This is the time to be kind and forgiving and start suggesting plans you are interested in. Cuddling, going on a road trip, Netflix and chill *wink*, enjoying a spa day together…? The answer- “No.” WOW.

Stage 4: Suggesting things they might like

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Image source: naturescheer

This is the stage when you really push your patience and start suggesting thing they might like. Let’s watch the football game together? Let’s go for a hike? Netflix and chill *wink*? The answer, miraculously, is still “Nah, don’t feel like it.”

Stage 5: Getting a suggestion that you suggested a million hours ago

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“Hey, babe, why don’t we just Netflix and chill” and you can’t believe your ears because THAT’S WHAT YOU SAID AN HOUR AGO but they have moved on to other occupations so they can’t even see you fume.

Stage 6: Deciding on the specifics

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This is probably the most frustrating part. What movie are you going to watch?  Or if you decide to go out, then deciding on the location? And somehow despite being two supposedly like-minded people in love, you never seem to come to a common decision.

Stage 7: Deciding what to eat

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You:  “So you want popcorn and nachos and beer?”
Boyfriend: “No, actually I feel like we should have Chinese takeouts instead.”
You: “Okay, so Chinese?”
Boyfriend: “Yes. But the beer stays of course.”
You: “Okay so Chinese and beer?”
Boyfriend: “Yeah and the nachos.”
You: “You seriously want to have nachos and Chinese and beer?”
Boyfriend: “You know what, let’s just order a pizza.”
You: “…”
Boyfriend: “And beer.”

Stage 8: Random plan change

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Suddenly, after feeling like you have solved a complex mathematical problem with your boyfriend regarding your weekend plans, he remembers that he made plans with his friends to watch the game together. And you want to set him on fire, nothing much.

Stage 9: Trying to work your way around your other weekend plans

After all the screaming and yelling is done with, the worst part is trying to restructure your plan to suit both of your schedules, and he says, “I don’t know why you’re making such a big deal about this.”

Stage 10: “Let’s just have sex”

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Which seems to be the answer to everything, because after carefully planning your entire weekend together, both you and him are so exhausted that you would rather not do anything, and your boyfriend comes up with this bright idea and all you can think is, “Why do I even try?”

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Stage 11: Realizing it is Sunday night

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Image source: orangemajor

The most frustrating part of planning your “fun-filled,” “enjoyable” and “relaxing” weekend with your boyfriend is realizing that you spent the entire time deciding what to do and it is now 7pm on a Sunday and all you want to do is drown yourself in a barrel of vodka.

What are your weekend plans with your guy?

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The 11 Frustrating Stages Of Deciding On Weekend Plans With Your Boyfriend
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