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12 Amazing Home Remedies For Goitre That Are Completely Natural

Goitre is a condition that appears when there is a problem in your thyroid gland, a gland which is located in the neck. The thyroid gland produces certain hormones which are essential for the normal functioning of the body. When the gland produces less hormone or more hormone than the normal level, a goitre develops in your neck. There are several home remedies for goitre which are completely natural and highly effective, but before that, let us see the causes and symptoms of the condition.

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The condition where the thyroid produces too much hormones is called hyperthyroidism. It might also occur when too less hormones are being produced. Even though the most common cause of goitre is the lack of iodine in the body, there are some other causes including:

  • Radiation therapy in case of cancer
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Certain medicines

Goitre needs to be treated medically, so that the condition can be solved with the right professional treatment. However, there are some home remedies you can use to alleviate the symptoms of the conditions, to facilitate a speedy recovery. The symptoms of goitre are as follows:

  • Fluctuations in weight
  • Coughing bouts
  • Hoarse voice
  • Discomfort while swallowing
  • Considerable swelling in the neck
  • Constriction in the throat

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Once you learn to identify the symptoms of this condition, you can check out these home remedies for goitre which will help you get relief from the condition effectively.

1. Apple cider vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar is a natural disinfectant and its healthy acidic properties can help neutralize the thyroid gland to balance the pH levels and restore health to your body. It also has the ability to flush out toxins, and help your thyroid gland regulate the amount of iodine absorbed by your body.

Mix a little apple cider vinegar with warm water and a tablespoon of honey and consume every day for the effects to take place. It will help relieve your symptoms immediately.

2. Iodine

One of the man causes of goitre is the abnormal levels of iodine in your thyroid gland. If the reason you have developed thyroid is the lack of sufficient amounts of iodine in your body, then you can take iiodine supplements to ensure the proper functioning of your body. This will help you alleviate your condition and get relief immediately.

Iodine can be consumed as part of your daily diet. Food products like kale, seafood, iodized salt, eggs, milk, yoghurt, cranberries, codfish and tuna all contain high levels of iodine which could help your condition.

3. Watercress

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Watercress, which is also known as scurvy is a proven home remedy for a condition like goitre. It contains important nutrients like iodine, Vitamin B17, germanium and sulphur, all of which are required to help your condition. It is also rich in antioxidants which flush out the toxins from your system to restore health to your body.

You can use watercress as a part of your cooking to treat goitre. You can also crush the leaves and make a fine paste, which you can mix with water and consume on a daily basis.

4. Bladderwrack

Bladderwrack is a naturally occurring herb which is used extensively for the proper treatment of thyroid problems such as goitre. It is rich in iodine and naturally occurring Vitamins and minerals which regulates the level of hormones released by your gland, so that the swelling is reduced considerably after regular use.

You can consume bladderwrack in the form of tea, by boiling it in water, straining and consuming the tea every day. Bladderwrack capsules are also available for consumption, which provides the adequate nutrients.

5. Flaxseeds

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Flaxseeds have been used a remedy for goitre as part of the ancient Ayurveda practise. It is rich in antioxidants and nutrients which help the thyroid gland function normally. It also has amazing anti-inflammatory properties which help the swelling in your neck to reduce considerably, thereby providing relief for the symptoms that are commonly found in case of goitre.

There are several ways in which you can use flaxseeds. You can make a paste by blending half a cup of flaxseeds with a little water, and applying it on your neck, before washing off with water. You can also boil flaxseeds in water, drain and then drink the water, or apply it on your goitre locally.

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6. Castor oil

If you are looking to reduce the inflammation of your throat in case of goitre, then you can use castor oil, which is famous for its effective anti-inflammatory properties. it can reduce the swelling considerable, and massaging castor oil on your throat can also give you relief from other symptoms like hoarseness of voice and pain while swallowing.

To apply castor oil, heat a little oil till it is warm and massage it on your neck before going to bed, so that the goodness of the castor oil has time to work during the course of the night.

7. Dandelion leaves

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Dandelion leaves are also a popular remedy for goitre, according to ancient Ayurveda. It can not only give you relief from the pain and the discomfort that comes with developing goitre, it also reduces the swelling considerably, which is the most tell-tale sign of goitre.

You can apply dandelion leaves directly to your condition by taking two or three large leaves, heating them on one side with clarified butter applied on the other side and applying them to your goitre, secure it with a bandage and leave it on for 3-4 hours. You can also apply the paste of these leaves to your condition to watch it gradually subside.

8. Garlic

Garlic promotes the healthy production of glutathione, a compound which regulates the hormones released from the thyroid gland and renders good health to your body. Consuming garlic can also reduce pain and inflammation, which are common symptoms of goitre.

To use garlic as a home remedy, you can either chew on 1 or 2 cloves of raw garlic, or you can use garlic generously in your food to make sure that your body absorbs the right nutrients from garlic.

9. Green tea

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One of the best herbal home remedies for goitre include green tea, which is one of the best sources of antioxidants, and it is also a source of natural fluorides, both of which fight to eliminate the cause of goitre from your system, and helps you get relief from the condition including pain and swelling.

Consuming one cup of fresh, unsweetened green tea in the morning can work wonders in warding off any of the symptoms and adverse effects that goitre may have on your health and body.

10. Spinach dock

Spinach dock is also known as sorrel leaves, and is used extensively in things like salads and sauces and soups. It is a rich source of iodine and has multiple health benefits, including helping your thyroid gland function as it should. It also helps your body absorb iodine, making it an effective home remedy for conditions like goitre.

Sorrel leaves can be applied directly to your condition. Make a paste of the leaves with a little water, and apply it directly to the swollen area. Make sure you are lying down while doing this, as the leaves can fall off otherwise.

11. Coconut oil

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Coconut oil is one of the more underrated home remedies for treating goitre. It contains lauric acid, which is converted into monolaurin when you consume it. This compound helps in increasing the metabolism in your body, which allows your body to absorb iodine more efficiently, thereby promoting the healthy functioning of your thyroid gland.

You can apply warm coconut oil to your goitre and massage it or you can also include it in your food in the form of smoothies or salads or for cooking, so that your body gets sufficient amounts of coconut oil.

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12. Lemon balm tea

Lemon balm tea is an effective herbal remedy for problems like goitre, as it can control the pituitary gland, the excessive activity of which can aggravate your condition. It also reduces the activity of TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone, which can be a potential cause for your goitre.

To make a nutritious and healthy cup of lemon balm tea, mix o1 tablespoon of dried lemon balm leaves with 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon balm leaves and leave them steeped in boiling water for 5 minutes. Strain out the leaves and drink the tea once daily to see visible changes and improvement in your condition within a month.

Goitre is a surprisingly common condition that can be treated effectively when you have access to some tried and tested natural home remedies. These not only give you relief from the condition, but also help cure the problem from its source.

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