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Yummy Summers: 12 Easy-To-Carry Recipes For The Warm Weather Picnics

With summer vacations knocking on the doors, it’s time for having fun with your family and friends. If you’ve booked slots on your calendar for the warm weather picnics, we’ve got just the perfect picnic recipes to tempt you into having a memorable day outdoors, enjoy!

1. Spiced up shrimp and green apple 

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Image source: seriouseats

You start by poaching your shrimps in a nice boil and get your tomatoes, red onions, and green apples sliced and ready. Season the salad with some lime juice, fish sauce, and dried flakes of chili, and toss. Add some mint and cashew nuts to finish – and it’s done!

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2. Healthy sandwich with garlic broccoli rabe, tomato jam, and fresh mozzarella 

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Image source: seriouseats

Boil the broccoli with a little salt and dice it after letting it sit in ice water. Sizzle some garlic in olive oil, pour it on the rabe, and combine by tossing with some salt, pepper, and cheese. Spread tomato jam on one side, broccoli rabe in between, season well, and mozzarella on one – grill and it’s ready.

3. Delicious raspberry limeade 

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Image source: yummly

It’s a combo of fresh raspberries and lime juice blended smoothly with some salt and sugar. Stain in a pitcher, add some cold water, add ice, garnish it with lime wedges and berry tops, and serve chilled.

4. Deviled eggs for the crazy bites 

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Image source: kraftrecipes

Cook your eggs on high heat for twelve minutes and put in ice cold water immediately, before peeling in cool running water, and slice them in halves. Process the yolk of half the eggs with mayonnaise, mustard, and hot sauce, and drizzle some olive oil before storing in zip bags. Refrigerate both overnight before over piping the mix on the eggs and seasoning again with peppers, chives, and salt before serving!

5. Panzanella with summer fruits 

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Image source: seriouseats

Toss cubes of croissants with some butter and a mix of sugar and cinnamon, and bake till golden  in preheated oven. Ready some fresh and ripe fruits like blueberries, blackberries, and plums with some sugar, toss with the toast, sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon mix and juice to finish the recipe.

6. Healthy and tasty root chips 

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Image source: spoonforkbacon

Use the root veggies you like – red beets, yucca, and purple sweet potatoes. Preheat some vegetable oil, slice the veggies and fry each root separately till they yield golden-brown color. Season with salt and it’s ready.

7. Potato salad – the classic style 

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Image source: taste

Cook your potatoes tender, boiling them with water and some kosher salt, sugar, and vinegar. Drain, place them on a baking sheet and allow to cool with some vinegar. Mix mayonnaise, mustard, and pickles, with fresh onions, parsley, scallion, fold in the potatoes, season with vinegar, sugar, salt, and pepper and let it cool in the fridge for one entire day.

8. Fried chicken 

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Image source: blogjob

Rest your chicken overnight in the marinade made with buttermilk, cayenne, old bay, honey tabasco, salt, and pepper. Heat some oil, make a mix of peppers, onion and garlic powder, and salt in a bowl and deep fry the chicken after a through dip. Coat again, and let it cook again in the oven. That’s it.

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9. Gin punch with Aperol 

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Image source: seriouseats

Mix some gin and Aperol with chartreuse, and lime, grapefruit, and orange juice. Add ice, stir thoroughly and top it with sparkling wine and more ice before serving with fresh orange wedges.

10. Grilled steak with chili dipping sauce 

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Image source: seriouseats

Marinade the steak with a mix of vegetable oil, soy and oyster sauce, and sugar. Grill the steaks on freshly burnt charcoal and they’re ready to be served with your favorite chili dipping sauce.

11. Brownie perfection 

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Image source: bakingmad

Start by melting chocolate and butter, and whisk a mix of sugar with eggs, salt, and vanilla into a light batter, sift flour and cocoa separately, and stir and combined them all together. Bake them topped with walnuts.

12. The classic pecan pie  

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Image source: foodnetwork

Prepare your pie try neatly with the dough, whisk eggs with honey, brown sugar, melted butter, vanilla, and salt and pour it on the tray, over the layer or chopped pecans and top it with the whole ones before baking – tada!

With these picnic recipes, you’re all set for an amazing picnic. If you didn’t plan one, I am guessing NOW you will. Yum!

Featured image source: foodnetwork

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12 Easy-To-Carry Picnic Recipes For The Lazy Summer Evenings
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