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12 Reasons Why People Who Love Reading Are The Best

Give them a book and they’d ask for nothing else. They are readers who love to live the world they hold in their books, travel alongside of characters they can feel pulsating with life right by their side and take their journey with them! But this does not mean that they are just that! Neither are these people anti-social nor boring. Far from it!  

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Here are 12 reasons why people who love reading are the absolute best:

1. Full of wisdom

This one does not even merit a qualifying remark, does it?

2. Respect the opinions of others

Book lovers know what it is like to live in a messy world- a world not clearly captured in simple blacks and whites. And hence, they will always be empathetic and understand the greys of a situation. They have learnt to perceive and not judge- coz they read and relate!

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3. Access to other souls

woman reading a book

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Because of their reading habit they are able to vicariously live lives hithertofore inaccessible to them. In this way they have an access to other souls.

4. Talk sense

And this one is a huge plus in a world flooded with mah lyf, mah rulezzz, right?

5. Wise beyond their age

Books open avenues to knowledge that transcends the fetters of time and space. And hence, age!


woman reading

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You will never see them turning an argument on its head without a recourse to this ONE much-needed quality.

7. Vocabulary plus

Reading improves your vocabulary- you have heard this a million times, now, haven’t you?

8. They are good listeners

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Book lovers never judge a book by its cover and hence, aren’t going to respond or react unless you have finished saying all there is to say!

9. Brilliant observers

Coz let’s admit it folks, how else does one pick up the finer nuances of a dense work as Joyce’s Ulysses without having a keen eye for observation?

10. Unmatched imagination

Call book lovers for some imagination based task or work that requires creativity for its successful completion. With lots of fiction stories running in their veins, they are sure to offer you an imaginative or a creative solution that could successfully aid you in completion of your work.

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11. Sharp memory

Yeah, this one has been scientifically proved too. No two-ways about it!

12. Build a positive aura around you

Books soothe frayed nerves and hence, keep these people forever-lovely to be around.  

The bottom line…

woman reading a book

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They experience someone else’s life through their abstract eyes. People who love reading are acquainted with what it’s like to leave their own bodies and perceive the world through other frames of reference. If you’re looking for some great buds, look for these rare breed that’s dying out. You will find them in parks, subways and coffee shops. You can see them with shoulder bags, backpacks and totes. And they will all be carrying books in them. Neatly pinned with a bookmark- ready to engage in conversation when you wear a smile and talk to them!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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12 Reasons People Who Love Reading are The Best
People who love reading are the best because there's no greater pleasure than the joy to be found in between the pages of a book!
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