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12 Heartwarming Signs Your Long Time Partner Is Still Madly In Love With You

The beginning of a relationship is always exciting, but as time passes, the excitement turns into routine. You start worrying if you and your partner are on the same page. Your arguments turn too competitive and you hardly talk to one another afterwards. The fire that once burned brightly turns into diminishing sparks. Your love that was mad and wild in the beginning turns into a different version. Yet, you strongly believe things will turn out to be fine, sooner or later.

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Men are conspicuous in expressing their feelings, especially when it comes to their actions. To know, if after all these years, he is still in love with you, look for these signs.

1. You are his adviser

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It is against men’s ego to ask for help. They will find their own way instead of relying on advice or support or instructions from others. However, if your husband or your boyfriend opens up about his problems and heeds your advice, he is telling you ‘I love you and I trust your judgment.’ You must read between the lines. If he has come to you, feel honored that he is seeking your advice and placing his vulnerabilities in your hands because he is confident you will not abuse them.

2. He holds your hand publicly

Holding hands is the benchmark of affection. It is one of the truest forms of love. Remember how holding hands felt when your love was young? Sex does not always tell you how you feel about each other. It is the little things that matter most, that strengthen your bond, and that reignites the sparks of your love. So whether at home or in public, if he holds your hand, it is one of the signs he is in love with you – still.

3. He gives you little surprises

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Never take for granted the little surprises he gives you – a guaranteed sign of love and affection! He picks up a rose for you on his way home, he brings you your favorite chocolates, he comes home early to take you out on a date, he gives you little surprises from time to time. It may mean nothing to you, but for him, it is a way of expressing his love. Reminisce about the times when he made you happy with small gifts. All those times were him telling you how much he loves you.

4. He doesn’t complain when you complain

Women have a lot to complain about sometimes. In fact, sometimes, they repeat their complaints and tantrums and tell their husbands how irresponsible they are! If you are one of these women, and I am sure you can be, and if he is patiently listening to your unending rants, he still loves you. If, in addition to listening to your frustrations, he offers encouragement or advice, he is deeply, madly, badly in love with you. It’s a sure sign, don’t miss it.

5. He lets you choose

Men can be dominant when it comes to deciding the furniture you will be using, the color of the house, the car you are intending to buy, your next vacation destination, and other such major and minor life decisions. But if he is letting you make decisions, he is telling you how important you are to him. If he lets you choose, he is also letting you know how much you matter to him. So do not see him as your rival, rather see him as the man who is ready to compromise for you.

6. He asks after you

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Men will express their concerns for you by asking how you have been and what you have been doing all day. If your husband calls you during his lunch break to ask how you are and what you were doing and whether you have had your meal, he is clearly showing signs he is in love with you still. Not all women are clever enough to read the signs and signals of love. So be observant, pay attention to the details, and it will all come to you, in time.

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7. He respects your opinions

Let’s say you are supporting a cricket team, say Australia, and he is an ardent supporter of India. Although he will obviously have different views than you, he will not cut you off mid-sentence when you are speaking badly about the other team. If he respects your opinions and accepts your perspective, however opposing your beliefs are, he is a loving man.

8. He defends you

In face of adversity, do you turn against each other or does your bond become stronger? If you stick together during times of crisis, no matter how big or small its impact, then both of you are still rocking the cradle of a beautiful thing called love. Lovers risk their self-esteem, their welfare, and sometimes even their safety to protect their significant other. Instead of joining in the fray, if your partner defends you while someone else expresses a critical opinion of you, then surely, he still loves you.

9. He reminds you of the past

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Partners who reminisce about the romantic times they had spent together in their past have a healthy relationship. Your partner loves you when he starts the conversation with, “Honey, do you remember when we went to the beach..?” and he trails off with a lengthy story of how passionate the days were and how much in love both of you were. Join him in the conversation and relive the romantic days of your life with him. It will reignite the sparks in your relationship that have begun to fade.

10. He loves irritating you

He calls you by your pet name, teases you, and laughs at your silliness even though it gets under your skin sometimes. If your partner does these crazy things that are annoying you, it’s a telltale sign that he loves you. Even after all these years, if he is still calling you, baby, honey, sweetheart, and darling, you better know what his feelings really are!

11. He makes you feel happy about yourself

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Not every man is capable of keeping his woman confident. However, if your partner is willing to boost your self-esteem and help you grow into your own identity, he is indirectly showering his love on you. Making someone happy is a difficult thing, but if he is doing it, he is certainly making sure his love for you has not diminished.

12. He always has time for you

Suppose you are not feeling very well one day and you want your partner by your side. You give him one ring and he comes to your side in a jiffy. If this is the case, then you shouldn’t doubt your partner’s love for you. He still loves you and the only thing you need to do is change your perception about him!

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Do not let his lack of words discourage you from loving him. Always notice the signs that are staring you right in the eye. Think about the deeper meaning of his actions and how much effort he is actually putting into them.

If you think he is losing interest in you and your love is not blossoming the way you expected it to, then he will stop making the effort. He won’t be there for you when you need him the most and he will avoid going out with you. As I mentioned earlier, sex does not say it all. It’s affection, conversation, and concern that tell you how much he still loves you and wants you to be happy. If he does not stand by these 3 attributes, then you have the freedom to worry about your life.

When your husband is helping you out with groceries, shopping etc., listening to your daylong tantrums and nevertheless loving you for who you are, it’s time you stop frowning and start appreciating him. Find pleasures in the little things because they are the ones that hold a relationship together. And as someone rightly said, “When someone makes you the happiest person and the saddest person at the same time, that’s when it’s real. That’s when it’s worth something.”

So has your husband been sending you these signs he is in love with you still? Do you feel equipped to see these signs clearly now?

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12 Sure Signs He Is In Love With You Even After All These Years
So how to know if he's still in love with you or not? Here are 12 signs he is in love with you, despite being together for several years.
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