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12 Clear Indicators That He Misses You Like Crazy When You’re Not There

You obviously want to be around the one that you love, but seeing that how it’s not always possible, you at least hope that he misses you as much as you miss him. Your relationship status could be anything from just crushing on someone to committed, but the missing happens nevertheless. Maybe both of you are at work, or maybe one of you is traveling or living in a different city, but whatever the reason, you are bound to miss each other. When you fight with each other, you don’t know if he’s thinking about you.

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In fact, there are many times when you just want to know if he is missing you or not. These pointers will come handy in those times. Here are the signs he misses you.

1. Mundane conversations


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This will be easy to spot when you’re trying to figure things out. If you don’t message him for a day, he will text asking you random questions or just saying things to keep the conversation going. Communication is the key here. He is probably in a meeting or sitting through a class, but he just wants to talk to you. He is probably bringing up the weather or the movie he just watched. He might have nothing important or worthwhile to say, but he will make that effort to stay in constant touch with you, anyway.

2. Jealous much

He gets jealous a lot, and very easily at that. He is away from you and that creates a sense of insecurity in his mind. He has never had a problem with you spending time with other people but he has suddenly started to sound annoyed at the mention of anyone else. He wants to be the one spending time with you, and hence, can’t help himself when he realizes that he can’t be there with you. This is one of the main signs he misses you. So, stay on the lookout.

3. Stalker syndrome


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You’ve suddenly been running into him at your favorite coffee hangout, just way too often. Not only that, he has even been doing some expert stalking on social media. He knows where you are, likes all your pictures, and maybe even comments on them. He probably liked an Instagram picture of you, or the two of you from around three years ago, or gave you a zillion missed calls while you were asleep. That is a clear indication of him missing you. He just probably doesn’t have it in him to tell you that directly.

4. Drunken calls

Oh, we all know this one. You get a random misspelled text at 2:00 am in the morning, because at the end of the day, you’re the only thing that makes him happy. He might even call and proclaim his love for you and tell you how he can’t live without you. But proceed with caution, because drunken calls and texts are just exaggerated emotions but not necessarily the kind you need. If he really misses you, make sure you get some calls and texts when he is sober too.

5. Random anger bouts

He was talking to you all night but he’s suddenly mad at you for seemingly no reason at all. You will probably get mad too because well, who likes being screamed at without a valid reason, right? This anger is because he can’t spend as much time as he wants with you. So, technically, you get yelled at because he is missing you too much and there is nothing he can do about it. It makes no sense, but he’ll do it anyway. So watch out for this.

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6. Responds immediately

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It doesn’t matter what time it is or where he is, if he has a text or a call from you, he will respond immediately or at least as soon as possible. You’ve probably even barely sent a message when he’s already typing or picking up on the first ring. This just shows that he’s been waiting for you to contact him very eagerly. This is definitely a sign that he is missing you quite a bit. After all, who has enough time these days to be at someone’s beck and call?

7. Nostalgia stricken

He is suddenly posting pictures or checking into places that you both visited when you were together. And, he does all of this only when he’s sure that you’ll notice them. He is probably even talking to you about the first time you met or that time when you made out at his place. Whatever the memories maybe, he’s bringing them up and reminiscing all the good times you both have shared. This boy definitely has you on his mind.

8. Less social

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People and mutual friends are saying that they haven’t seen him in a while or maybe you heard that he is posting lonely quotes and pictures on his social media. If this is happening, he’s mostly sitting by himself and reflecting on your time together. He doesn’t seem to get out much and chooses to stay in even on the weekends. He is pulling away from everyone else because he’s got only you on his mind. That sounds like missing to me.

9. You are being questioned

If you’ve broken up or if he is crushing on you, then chances are that his friends or your mutual friends will start asking you all sorts of questions and checking up on you from time to time. They might try to pry into your current dating life to know if you’re seeing someone else. This isn’t exactly a good thing if you don’t want to reciprocate his feelings. But if you’ve been missing him as well, then this is definitely good news!

10. Plans too much

Maybe a tad bit too much? He gets too excited while he’s making plans of when he’ll be seeing you next, especially if you’re in a long distance relationship at the moment. He might make big plans for a holiday away, or the movie marathons and the places you both have to try. All of this just means that he can’t wait to see you again. This takes a lot of effort and he won’t do it just for fun. He really does want to see you because he’s missing you that much.

11. He’s happy when he sees you

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It doesn’t matter how and when, he’s just so happy to see you that he can’t get that grin off his face. You might have just run into each other while you were shopping or maybe he is seeing you after he finally got back to the country, whatever the reason maybe, his face lights up the second he spots you. Someone just sees you and can’t stop gushing about it, does that sound like someone was missing you? Oh, yes, it definitely does.

12. He admits it

Well, this definitely takes a lot of guts to do. It is difficult to admit to someone that you miss them, especially if you’re not dating at the moment. If this is your ex or a crush that we are talking about, then he really made an effort to let you know that he misses having you around. Also, telling someone that you miss them is more difficult than telling someone that you love them. So chances are that if he’s admitting to it, he probably is missing you like crazy.

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Now, when you go wondering about it, keep a look out for these signs he misses you. There might be plenty of instances where he might not say much and you just won’t know how he feels about you. When this happens, try not to jump to conclusions. You can tell a lot by how he behaves. You will know if he’s all in or was just fooling around because he got to spend some fun time with you. If you guys just broke up, then you’ll be at a stage where this will be a constant question that you’ll face.

So, just give him some time. If he misses you and doesn’t say it out loud and clear, his actions will do the talking for him. And then, you’ll know. It doesn’t sound that difficult now, does it? Here’s to hoping that he is missing you and that you get the ending that you deserve!

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12 Clear Signs He Misses You Like Crazy When You're Away
Do you often wonder if your man misses you when you're not around? These clear signs he misses you will put your mind at ease!
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