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12 Unmistakable Signs He Wants A Relationship With You

When you start seeing someone, not always do you think of settling down and having children with the person, at least not in the first few months. Or even if you are thinking along those lines, there isn’t any guarantee that the other person is also thinking the same. That happens because you are unsure, and you might think it’s too early to think about “what’s next”. Sometimes you want to just go with the flow and the relationship seems perfect without the whole commitment-engagement-marriage tag! But, as time passes by and when you see that it’s not too bad after all, you patiently wait for him to either tell you or pop that question! But how would you know if he also wants a relationship with you?

I have seen couples date for as long as 4 months before they tie the knot, and, I have also seen couples taking their own sweet time (as long as even a decade!) before they commit and settle down. So, again, how can you tell if he too feels the same and is serious about you? You may have to look for some signs he wants a relationship with you.

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You see, the thing about men and relationships is that they would hesitate if they have even a little doubt in their mind about you. On the other hand, they may show signs if not say it explicitly that he wants a relationship with you.

Here are 12 signs he wants a serious relationship with you:

1. He spends quality time with you

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If a man spends more time with you outside the bed, he surely is a keeper. Spending quality time with each other could mean just lazing on the couch watching a movie, cooking a meal together, long drives, and most importantly, it’s the conversations during this time. If you notice that your guy makes every effort to spend his free time with you and has a blast while doing it, then he surely is investing in you.

2. Including you in his plans

Whether the plans are long term or short, if he has mentally considered you in on any of them, then he surely wants more than just dating you. Take note when he talks about his career or other plans he has in life. Has he ever mentioned that he wants to go on a holiday with you to a place of your choice? Buy a beautiful house and make a walk-in closet for you? These are some signs he wants a relationship with you.

3. He worries about your well-being

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When you are sick or traveling alone at night or just going for an interview, this guy will constantly check on you to see if you are doing fine. Men do this only when they genuinely care about someone, and if he does this to you, it means that you made it to his list of favorite people. However, I think if he does it, you mean more than just a favorite person to him.

4. He occasionally talks about having kids or buying a house

Well, yes! While you may think it’s too early to be even thinking about such things, when you are dating someone it’s a given that when men mention kids or a house they sure as hell mean they want to settle down with you. Typically, men avoid such conversations because that makes them come across as someone who is eager to commit while they like to flaunt their “non-committal” attitude. Don’t let him fool you; if he has ever mentioned having kids with you, he sure has imagined a future which includes you!

5. You are his priority

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Have you ever felt like this guy has left everything he has on his to-do list to attend to you? For instance, when you call him and are on call waiting, he calls back almost immediately. Or, he prefers a quiet dinner with you than drinking with his bros. Over a period of time, you can tell if you are his priority or not.

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6. He listens, advises you, and sometimes takes advice from you as well

This trait is probably describing your best friend. But hey! A guy who listens to your every rant and rambling, and who has sound advice to offer you is more than a mere boyfriend. The very fact that he pays attention to your stories is proof that he wants a serious relationship. Better still, if he discusses his problems with you, seeking your opinion on some matters, means he considers you important and what you think matters to him. This also means you are somebody he trusts; it’s hard to get men to open up, but if he easily opens up to you, then we bet this is more than just a random on and off relationship.

7. He does things he dislikes only for you

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A couple shopping

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I married the last guy who came shopping with me! It’s true! :) When a man accommodates you by doing things for you that he absolutely detests, it means he could go to any lengths to make you happy and win you over. No man would take pains to ensure his woman is happy unless he wants more out of the relationship. So, don’t discount his efforts and recognize these signs he wants a relationship with you.

8. Meet the parents

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This is a well-known fact; if you have met his folks, then it means something. Something serious, something real, and something that says he wants more than just a relationship. Guys who want to take their relationship a notch up would consider introducing their ladies to the family. If a guy is serious about you, he is going to bring the two of you together (you and his family), maybe a casual meeting or a planned meal. Also, he will ensure that he plays the mediator and gets both parties to like each other. He’d do the balancing act on your behalf and on behalf of his folks.

9. He is a different person around you

No matter how he comes across to the whole world, he could be just the opposite when he is with you. If he has shown you his other side (obviously the good one!), then he doesn’t fear being judged by you and has really opened up with you. Men find that hard to do; on most occasions, they like to portray stereotypes (serious, mysterious, macho, and dominating) but they could be completely different people and won’t hesitate to show their softer side to the ones they love and care for.

10. You have met all his friends

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Men have close-knit relationships with their guy friends just like we girls have our girlfriends! They value their friends and their opinions as well, so if he makes it a point to introduce you to his pals, then he’s onto something that’s more than just casual dating. Also, he may want you to get along with his pals because the two of you are equally important to him.

11. He has altered his habits

Although expecting someone to totally change his habits is a little far-fetched, but if a guy is willing to alter some of his habits for you, then he sure is interested in you a little more than you might think. Take note of how he has perhaps given up something you detest. It may not be the regular vices but could be little things like the way he dresses, getting himself organized (if he wasn’t earlier!), etc.,

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12. The magic lies in the details

When I first began dating my boyfriend (my now-husband), he would often remember the tiniest things that I would say or do. Well, that is cute and shows that he pays attention to the little details which I think is a sign that says he wants more out of the relationship. Also, when I say details, I don’t necessarily mean that he must remember your birthday, the date when you first met him or kissed him and such other things! That could be borderline creepy if he actually remembers all of those details. 😉

What you need to keep in mind is that sometimes he could fail at showing all these signs, yet you know that he has a keen interest in you. In times like these, go with your gut. Women are known to have some great instincts, so trust yourself! But, if you are still in doubt, you may want to compare notes with whatever has been written above! Always remember, neither men nor women come with a manual, so you have to look out for these signs to be doubly sure that he is not an ordinary fling or someone who is wasting your time. When that happens, we suggest you take a U-turn and run as fast as you can! Such men could drain you off of your energy and time, and they aren’t worth it.

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12 Sure Signs He Wants A Relationship With You
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