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12 Toxic Expectations That Kill Relationships

There is nothing wrong with expectations. Often, when we are in a relationship, we expect a few things from our significant other every now and then. But then there are a few unrealistic relationship expectations that can damage your relationships as well. I love fantasies too, but then there are times when I need to give myself a reality check in order to save my relationship. The next time you are having these toxic relationship expectations, try to move ahead and be as mature as you can about them.

1. They will understand every emotion of yours

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Too often, we think that our significant other will understand what we are feeling. We are not supposed to say it out loud because they will understand our silence, but it doesn’t always happen according to our expectations. Instead of staying quiet and expecting them to read your mind, try to have a conversation and express your feelings.

2. We are never going to pick a fight

Everyone fights and you two can’t be an exception. Just remember that it is just a stupid fight and can never be more important than your relationship.

3. They will stay the same

Your partner can never be the same with the passage of time. Change is the only constant thing and you need to evolve your relationship with every passing day. It is both exciting and romantic to fall in love with the same person all over again.

4. We should always be together

Just because you two are committed to each other doesn’t mean that you will always be together. Give them some time and maintain your own space as well.

5. They will always pick you before everyone else

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There would be times when they would pick their career or their family before you. You need to understand the gravity of every situation and help them make a choice if required.

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6. They will always make you happy

There would be days (or weeks) when you would be utterly sad because of them. You can’t expect them to always make you feel content. Instead of making them the reason for your happiness, try to find your happiness in you.

7. They will always be happy with you

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You can’t always please them, the same way they can’t always make you happy. If they are sad, give them some space and after when they are comfortable, try to surprise them and make them happy.

8. The sex will always be great!

You would have bad sex every once in awhile. Deal with it and think about all those good times instead.

9. They will do everything the right way

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They won’t. Whenever they are wrong, let them know how you are feeling. Walk a little extra mile and try to meet them halfway.

10. They would have the same beliefs as yours

From political differences to religious values, they can have just the opposite beliefs as yours. Try not to argue about the differences and enjoy what you have in common. Instead of picking up a fight, try to understand each other’s beliefs with an open perspective.

11. They will love you unconditionally

This might hurt the most, but there would be times when they will make you realize that love is not always as pretty as it looks in movies and books. You just have to deal with it, knowing that it would be worth it in the end.

12. It will be really easy from now on!

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No, it won’t be. Relationships are not that easy and life gets complicated at times. You can’t run away from it and can’t expect to have your happily ever after without fighting for it. Keep moving ahead with your partner. One day at a time.

Are any of these toxic expectations making their way into your relationship?

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12 Toxic Relationship Expectations That Kill Your Relationship
Check to see if these toxic relationship expectations are slowly poisoning your relationship.
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