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12 Realistic Relationship Expectations That Are Normal To Have

There are like a million unrealistic relationship expectations, but that will be a different (much longer!) piece, because no one on this planet finds it difficult to expect too much out of a relationship! It’s a gift that we were all born with!

The more difficult thing to do, however, is to have relationship expectations that are achievable. A happily ever after becomes a possibility when you invest your efforts in the right direction. All you require to brew a strong relationship are some ingredients that we will be quickly running you through before discussing the 12 realistic relationship expectations.

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Though these ingredients are the same for every relationship, remember to season it to your own taste since each connection is different from the other, which makes them beautiful!

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A cup of honesty

Honesty is the birthplace of a real relationship. It is not just a virtue but it acts as the glue which holds every relationship, romantic or otherwise, together. You should never run out of this one! Trust is something that is very easy to lose and excruciatingly difficult to rebuild!

A dash of romance

Too much of it will turn it bitter! Overdoing anything ruins the charm and the appeal. However, for an impassioned relationship, you will have to find ways to keep the romance alive!

To keep the romance alive, you need to be creative and put in some real work! Faking it? You can do better than that! Romance should come naturally to you. It doesn’t mean you have to woo your lover each day, but just sprinkle small doses over a lifetime!

A tablespoon of forgiveness

Relationships are complex. They involve so many decisions and usually, we make those decisions in the spur of the moment, without realizing the consequences thereof. When one does make wrong decisions, we should be able to forgive them. Holding grudges will only rot your relationship.

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2 cups of true love

You know what ensures the survival of a relationship? It is an irreplaceable ingredient on our list. It is love that is true. One’s actions cannot always be wise and logical, but they must be motivated by love. When you love and care for someone, the relationship will always be worth fixing!

A sprinkle of attention

Not too much of it, though. It is not relationships that are difficult but people themselves who complicate things. If you are not attentive to the needs of your partner, problems between the two of you are bound to arise. However, don’t smother your S.O. with excess attention. It will only suffocate them and prompt them to run!

Two tablespoons of playfulness

Relationships usually fail because the people involved get bored of each other! You need to keep the playful and silly bits alive, though you may be striving for a mature relationship. There is always room for some light-hearted fun!

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A bowl of laughter

If you are looking for a long-lasting relationship with your partner, laughter cannot be done away with! When you involve happiness in your bond, you will have no space to let resentment grow. Laughter keeps the relationship healthy.

A pound and a half of wisdom

Consider wisdom as the butter in whatever it is that you are cooking. It is an amalgamation of knowing and understanding. When you try to understand your partner better, your relationship is bound to last a lifetime.

Keep heating it at medium or high flame for an epoch!

Everyone deserves a happy relationship, one that is healthy. However, these are subjective terms. Different people desire different things from their partner, things which they believe represent a strong partnership. However, there are 12 expectations that are very normal to have from your partner.

1. They should make your birthday feel special!

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Is this silly? Really? C’mon! Birthdays are important. You may want it to be a hush-hush affair, and expect no acknowledgement from people, but you would always want your man or woman to make a big deal about it. And trust me, it is legit! Your birthday is all about you. It is about cherishing your life and raising a toast to it! Your partner must understand that.

2. They should text you back!

No, not an over-texting maniac. Just someone who answers your texts and sends in goodnight messages! You need not be glued to your cellphone when the two of you are not together! Also, when you are with your friends or they are with theirs, you should give each other space, but hey! An “Everything okay? I miss you!” text does not hurt!

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3. They should shower you with genuine compliments!

Who does not like it when someone says something nice about them? Especially, when that someone is your partner! Nothing can make the butterflies in your stomach flutter a little harder than being looked in the eye and being told, “You are the best thing that happened to me. I could not be luckier!” However, that should be true!

4. They should notice when there is something different about you!

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Even if it is something as trivial as a new hairdo, because it means a lot to you! You may not be wearing a new outfit or dressing your hair a certain way to impress the world, but yourself. However, when your partner notices and compliments, it is ought to make you feel good. It is a sign that they actually notice things about you, though the two of you have been together for like a lifetime!

5. They make time to chill with your friends!

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Though you need space and want to be able to go out with your friends without your partner and want them to do the same at times, there are days when you want them to accompany you and get to know your pals better. Maybe watching a movie together or going to a game as a team, or just beer bingeing on the weekend. If they have fun with you and your friends you are doing great as a couple!

6. They should care about your safety!

If you are leaving your partner in the night, they should ask you to call or text when you get back home, unless they are dropping you themselves. No matter how late it gets, no matter how tired they are, they will want to make certain that you are okay.

7. They should understand the necessity of a date night!

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Dating can be quite expensive, I agree. But Netflix and chilling (in the real sense!!), or going out for a stroll or a drive, that does not sound pocket-pinching! Also, occasionally, going for a real date is not too much to ask for. It will fill your bond with new vigor and energy. The dressing up to look good bit or the favorite fancy meal or a glass of champagne in a lovely restaurant and not the same old cosy couch, feels good and is an expectation normal to have!

8. They should put up with your weird family!

Don’t we all have annoying, weird yet lovable bunch of retards as family? Well, everyone deserves a partner who is willing to go to the family parties and vacations once in a while regardless of whether the zany Uncle George gets way too smashed at these dos!

9. They should know our coffee order by heart!

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And, I am not kiddin’! When they really care for you, they will bother remembering how morning caffeine is your elixir! They may even take it a notch up and keep it ready before you wake up in the morning. It is not about being subservient, but only a simple expression of love!

10. They should respect the traditions that you hold close to your heart!

Whether it is about Christmas, a hearty Sunday brunch or something as lame as the annual MLB game; all that makes you happy, unless it is at the cost of another person, should be respected by your S.O.

11. They should support your hobbies!

They may not quite understand your hobbies, say your flair for fashion or your love for ACDC, or whatever it is that you are into! What matters is that they show a genuine interest in trying to find out more about it and supporting your passions. Everybody deserves a relationship in which each partner appreciates the other’s hobbies, knowing how much it makes them happy!

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12. They must acknowledge the little things!

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Because it is the little things that make the big difference. You toil hard and create a lovely DIY gift for your mate and they don’t appreciate it? Well, they most certainly do not deserve you then!

A relationship involves two people. Both are bound to have expectations from each other and expectations from the relationship itself. It is very important that you discuss the same with your partner. There are bound to be some aspirations that are contradictory, but you both need to find a middle ground and work at it. That is what a relationship is all about, right? Everything becomes realistic if both of you want it to be!

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12 Realistic Relationship Expectations That Are Reasonable To Have
While it isn't right to have unrealistic expectations from a relationship, these 12 relationship expectations are perfectly reasonable to have.
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