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12 Types Of Co-workers Who Make Showing To Work Thrice As Difficult

At office, co-workers are the people you spend most time with, sometimes, even more time than you spend with your fiancé or your family. Some of them turn out to be great friends, but some of them are a real pain in the a*s and you cannot help but breathe a sigh of relief every time you see their cubicle empty. So who are these co-workers that make you dread showing up to work each day?

Let’s find out all types of co-workers, shall we?

1. The clingy one

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This person simply assumes that he or she is your best friend and never leaves you alone. They appear every time you are having a conversation with someone else, they appear every time you open your tiffin and they appear every time you take a washroom break too.

2. The cryer

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Always have a bunch of tissues ready if this person is in the next cubicle. No, not for them, for you to stuff your ears with. This person always has complaints about everything – the boss did not approve his/her 2 week leave, he/she has SO much work to do, he/she just broke up-  in short, life is one big complaint and you the complaint log!

3. The selfie-lover

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This person wants to take a selfie with you each day (Oh see I wore new lipstick, let’s take a selfie!). It’s alright for a few days but when it becomes an everyday phenomenon, it will make you tear your hair off.

4. The gossip brewer

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“Do you know Asher’s sister got divorced?!”

Who the eff is Asher?

5. The over-enthusiastic one

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“Hey, I completed 4 assignments today! What about you?”

Um, complete mine too?

6. Unwanted agony aunt/uncle

Whenever you are in a fix (or not), they will be there to offer you free ka advice. Doesn’t matter if you need it or not. Doesn’t matter if you want it or not. YOU. ARE. GOING. TO. GET. IT.

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7. The boss’ pet

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‘Yes Sir/Ma’am’ is all you’ll ever hear them say to the boss. They take all the credit for the team work and sit back. They never miss an opportunity to impress the boss. Too bad if you work under them… Goodbye holidays… goodbye life…

8. The angry rat

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“How dare you accuse me? I know how to do my job, please f*ck off” is what you will hear if you ever tell them, ever so politely, about something done wrong! Best thing to do is send them a passive aggressive email and wait for an angry reply (if they get it, that is)!

9. The victim

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Nothing ever goes their way and they make sure you know about it. They are ALWAYS whining and comparing their life to others’.

10. The control freak

annoying coworkers_New_Love_Times

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They have an opinion about every damn thing in life.

‘Why is your coffee so strong? You know, that’s not good for you!’

‘I hate the new frame that they’ve put up there, doesn’t go at all!’

‘Tch! Why are you using online Word! It sucks!’


11. The magician

This person disappears whenever you have any work for them – but you always spot them at office parties and at lunch break. God save you if you have one of these on your team.

12. The TMI person

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They tell you everything about their life ranging from what they had yesterday for dinner to their sex life to their family issues. They don’t know when to stop. And you don’t know what to do to make them.

Then there is you… who is just perfect. 😉

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12 Types Of Co-workers Who Make Showing To Work Thrice As Difficult
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