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12 Types Of Colleagues We All HAVE To Deal With

You spend almost all your waking time at your workplace and eventually the office ends up being your home. You eat there, you get entertained, you make friends who become family, maybe more like a dysfunctional family but still… 😀

Just like any modern family with its quirks and eccentricities, your office is filled with colleagues who are of a bunch of seasoned spicing. You love some of them and you wish some of them never even existed! If you know what I’m getting at, here are 12 types of colleagues you will surely identify –

1. A*s-kisser 


Image source: Tumblr

This type is definitely the most annoying. You can identify them easily, usually hanging around the boss, be it at an office party or at a meeting. Laughing at the boss’s PJs, complimenting the useless strategies, telling him how awesome he is (when he is not)-  it gets tiresome really soon. You can bet that even the boss doesn’t care much for this person!

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2. Late comer

‘Oh hey I am almost there,’ ‘Sorry yaar, got stuck in traffic,’ ‘The alarm didn’t go off’- this colleague is never running out of excuses for getting late. It could be an important client presentation and you can be sure she is late, most often leaving you making excuses for her!

3. Complaint box


Image source: worldofbuzz

If Mondays don’t drag you down enough, this colleague will ensure you remember why you hate coming to office. Right from the insensitive management to the sugarless coffee machine, he will remind you of everything wrong with your workplace. He is always updating his resume to jump the ship as soon as he can.

4. PJ King

‘Ek cheenti ne doosre cheenti se kya bola?’ the moment you hear this you know the PJ king is around. Cracking the same joke for the umpteenth time and not understanding where to draw the line is his problem. After a while everyone ceases to humor him, because one good laugh at his PJ will turn him unstoppable again.

5. Casanova


Image source: jokingree

‘Nayi recruit single hai kya?’ he is the guy who does a better job of researching new recruits than the HR department! He is out there checking out all the female employees, trying to make sure they are comfortable and generally, ending up on the wrong side making everyone uncomfortable! Also, he is forever single.

6. Hard working

Oh you hate these hard working types- they make the bell curve a punishment come appraisal time. You wonder if they don’t have a social life or even a home to go to, considering they burn the midnight oil either at the office or send emails from home till wee hours of the morning.

7. Hardly working 


Image source: topyaps

But you wonder about these hardly working types too. They seem to be the luckiest ones on board, sailing through with their charm. They never seem to get their part of the work done and yet, get away as easy. You are usually left hankering making the presentation, while they swoop in with a smile and impress with a speech!

8. Gossip gang


Image source: thestorypedia

Yes, these people are likely to work in twos or threes, after all you need someone to encourage and support this totally useless pursuit of gossip. Who is sleeping with whom and how did they get that promotion, ‘sabse taza khabar’ is their domain. You might wonder if it’s a good idea to be in their good books, but don’t fret they don’t have a book, everyone is an open target.

9. The lech

You want to ignore this person but he is always around commenting on the women and basically, being a jerk. Those traditional days when all the ladies come out in their finest, this a-hole is measuring them up indecently and you control yourself with all your might to not punch his face.

10. Tall tales 


Image source: Tumblr

“You know what happened to me last night?’ it is usually about how her life has panned out and all the not so ‘interesting’ events. She definitely has a tale to tell for every situation in the conversation, and it doesn’t stop at an anecdote it ends up in a lengthy tale at the end of which you are left wondering if it even happened!

11. Social butterfly

This colleague knows everyone in the office. You will find him high fiving at the cafeteria, at the smoke zone, in the parking lot and even at meetings. You end up wondering how someone can manage so much networking in a working day, when you barely manage to get some time for a coffee.

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12. Mother Teresa 


Image source: jokingree

There is one mummy in the group usually, she needn’t be an actual mummy to behave like one. Sometimes it’s nice, she brings you homemade food and checks on you if you reached home safe after an office party. However, it does tend to get annoying, when just like your mother, she ends up offering you unsolicited advice!

Identify your colleagues amongst these types? Tell us about the types we missed out!

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12 Types Of Colleagues We All HAVE To Deal With
At the workplace, your colleagues form your family- maybe, a dysfunctional one- but hey, you don't get to choose this one either! :P
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