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13 Irritating Problems Only Tall Girls Understand

Short girls envy tall girls but ask a tall girl, how life a sucks! I mean the weather joke gets a tad bit too pathetic and sometimes, you feel too alone, up there (bad joke, I know).

If you are too tall, here is your whine diary as these are 13 tall girl problems that really are a pain:

1. The weather joke

tall girls_New_Love_Times

Image source: womanlogic

How’s the temperature ‘up there?’ This is one joke we hate the most. I am just 6 feet tall, damn it, get your geography correct for God’s sake. Sometimes jokes are repeated in such a loop, they don’t even seem funny anymore.

2. You long jump?

Just because I am tall doesn’t necessarily make me an athlete. No, I don’t even walk till the bathroom, why would I long jump? People would always assume that just because you are tall, you have been the runner/jumper/sports star/basketball winner are plain stupid!

3. You should try modeling

tall girls_New_Love_Times

Image source: theodysseyonline

To all those who think that all models need is a good height, guys you need a serious reality check! I mean, from where do you get your facts? Wiki-dumb-pedia? Modeling is a whole lot more than height. You should see my acne throwing its weekly bash on my face.

4. Bathtub? FML

Fancied lying in the bathtub and spreading your legs and putting some soulful music and just basking in the glory of that moment? We don’t get to live it because man the tub is just too short! Couldn’t they just give it a little more length?

5. Awkward boob hugs

tall girls_New_Love_Times

Image source: Giphy

Oh this one is embarrassing! Ever tried hugging the little guy who you thought was cute. Wham! His head is buried in your big boobs because heck, your head decided to sit higher than it should!

6. Welcome head injuries

You have been hit so many times on the head by either the door rim or those staircases designed for Snow White’s dwarves that your doctor is always on your speed dial # 1.

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7. Dating dilemma

tall girls_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

We all know how hard it is to find the right guy and then when you are monster tall, half your options are eliminated. Heck, short guys and tall girls – society sucks!

8. Maxi dresses? Got to be kidding

tall girls_New_Love_Times

Image source: livemaguk

Don’t you love maxi dresses and all those cocktail gowns? Unless you have one tailored specially for you, be all set to have those long floor grazing dresses revealing your ugly knee because hello! Height has never been so kind on you.

9. Heels? What are they?

Forget heels, they have not been made for you because you already have natural heels. Yeah and they look like toes!

10. Selfie king

As you are the tallest in the group, be all set to be the permanent selfie girl because hey you get the best angles. They totally do not mind you having to bend your legs or crash your hands.

11. Airplane seats

The less we say, the better it is. It could be a real pain in the a** to go on long flights. Your leg is so sore that you could take a handicap booking.

12. Good group selfies? Impossible!

tall girls_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Be all set to have your head chopped off in most group pictures because your head doesn’t belong where your friends are. So, hang in, sans the head.

13. Short girls envy

Be prepared to face the wrath of short girls as they would believe you are the devil who should never be seen in and around them. God bless if your crush is a tiny dwarf!

But, in the end, we love the sass we carry after all, tall and towering, eh?

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13 Irritating Tall Girl Problems That A Pain
Sigh! Tall girl problems really are a pain in the neck!
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