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13 Heartbreaking Signs Your One-sided Love Shall Never Turn Into Anything More

Being in an unrequited relationship can be hard. It makes you experience the darkest side of love all by yourself. You might feel trapped at times when your one-sided love is not able to turn into anything more. If you are going through the same phase, look for these signs to know if your unrequited love has a future or not.

1. Everything you do goes unnoticed

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They will never really acknowledge your efforts. Being selfless is a crucial part of an unrequited relationship, but it is always nice to get noticed every once in awhile. If they never appreciate you for your efforts, consider that your unrequited saga of love is about to be doomed.

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2. They are already seeing someone else

It is really as simple as that. If they are already in love with someone else, then why would they leave them and show even the least bit of interest in you.

3. If you never really had a thoughtful conversation

In order to fall in love, you need to know the other person. You might have an in-depth knowledge about them, but they can’t really be in love with you without even having a conversation with you.

4. When your problems are ignored

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If you are in trouble, and they are not around to help you, then consider it as a prominent sign. Being with them might mean a lot to you, but it could be nothing for them.

5. If they think of you as a friend

If they consider you just a friend, chances are that it might never turn into a serious relationship. You should stop hoping for a miracle to happen and try to let go of them.

6. When you have a feeling about it

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Because deep within, you will know if it would work or not. The way they look at you, call your name or how they make you feel when you two are together can sometimes make you realize if it is meant to be or not.

7. They have no idea about your existence

That’s the thing about unrequited love – it might happen just by looking at the one you love, without even speaking a word. Chances are that your love interest might not even know about you at all. In such a scenario, hoping for a relationship is quite impractical in itself.

8. When you are taken for granted

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If you think that your absence won’t have even the slightest of impact in their life, then aiming for a relationship is not your best chance.

9. If they prefer their friends over you

You know it’s not going to work out if they would like to spend time with their friends than being with you.

10. If you two are way too different

Because opposites might not always attract each other. You might like them with all their flaws, but they might have a different opinion of you.

11. You are not yourself around them

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In order to really fall in love, they need to know you inside out, which can’t really happen if you have no control over your mind when they are around.

12. They have no idea about your hobbies and interests

This would let you know if they are really interested in you or not. If they have no idea about your passion and are not keen to know your dreams, chances are that it will never be more than a one-sided love affair.

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13. When it’s just not meant to be!

Sometimes, you just know that your one-sided love is just not meant to turn into something special. You could have fallen in love with someone who is already married or have a different sexual orientation. There might be a significant age difference between the two of you, or there could be any other reason, letting you know that it is just not meant to be.

Too often, one-sided love can hurt you immensely. If you really fall for someone like this, make sure that you won’t raise your hopes and always be pragmatic about it to avoid any collateral damage.

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13 Heartbreaking Signs Your One-sided Love Shall Never Turn Into Anything More
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