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10 Highly Effective Home Remedies For Scalp Infection

A scalp infection is not as rare as you might think, because the causes of a scalp infection are very common. Fungus can develop on the skin, feet and of course the scalp. A fungal infection on your scalp can not only scar you physically, but also have an adverse emotional impact on you because it can lead to other harrowing physical problems like hair fall, dandruff and skin problems in other parts of your body.

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A scalp infection is a condition where the hair follicles that are present in the scalp get inflamed. This happens because of several reasons. Some of the most common reasons for scalp infection or scalp fungus are as follows:

  • Shaving your head with an infected razor
  • A chemical reaction from an unsuitable hair product
  • Wet hair that has been tied up
  • Diabetes
  • Ringworm attack
  • Poor hygiene
  • Lice attack
  • Injury
  • Contact with a bacteria or a carrier

If you see that you have developed scalp infection, worry not. You can get rid of the problem with these effective home remedies for scalp infection, without having to shave your head!

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1. Apple cider vinegar

For any fungal infection, apple cider vinegar is considered the best remedy because of its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Apple cider vinegar is also acidic in nature, without being harsh on the skin. The acidity helps get rid of the fungus, while at the same time, eliminating any other bacteria that might be causing the problem. It is also a great remedy for the symptoms that accompany scalp infection like hair fall and inflammation.

Simply mix one part apple cider with one part water and use this solution to rinse your hair. Do this two or three times a week before your shampoo you hair with a mild shampoo, to get rid of scalp infection.

2. Castor oil

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A great remedy for scalp infection is castor oil, which is a natural substance that is considered hugely beneficial for the hair and the scalp. The proteins and other compounds present in castor oil not only strengthens and thickens hair, but it also gets rid of infection that might develop in the scalp.

Take a generous amount of castor oil and apply it on the affected area. However, when you are applying, ensure that you don’t touch the infected area with your fingers, as that could aggravate the problem because of the bacteria on your hands. You also have to wash out the oil and dry your hair thoroughly to prevent the spread of the infection to other parts of the scalp.

3. Raw papaya

Chitinase is an anti-fungal substance that is found naturally in papaya. In fact, it is commercially extracted from papayas to treat a lot of fungal infections, and is used as a disinfectant in medicines. You can take advantage of this naturally occurring substance without resorting to chemical and medical products. Papayas help break down the walls of the fungal cells and restore health to your scalp, while at the same time, healing your scalp of any damage that might have occurred in the process.

You can mash an entire papaya and apply the pulp in the affected area. Use gloves while you are doing this, because the fructose and water-rich environment can make the condition worse if not handled with care. Wash out the papaya with water.

4. Drink natural juices

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Fruit juices are one of the best sources of vitamins which are essential for the treatment of localized infections. Natural juices also contain a high amount of anti-oxidants, which helps eliminate the bacteria and flush out the infection from all parts of your body. The nutrients present in these juices will help tackle your problem internally, and not just facilitate an external, localized treatment.

Drinking the juices of fresh fruits and vegetables like cucumber, kiwi, carrots, aloe vera, grapefruit, etc one a day, or even twice a day can help flush out the infection causing toxins from your body.

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5. Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are some of the most nutritious natural ingredients, especially when you are suffering from an infection in your scalp. These seeds contain high amounts of magnesium and selenium, which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Mustard seed oil can also help eliminate the fungus that might be growing and thriving in your scalp.

Before you start applying mustard seeds, wash your hair with water to remove the dust and dirt that has settled in your hair and scalp. Take a handful of mustard seeds and grind them up to make a paste which you can then apply to your scalp. Keep this raw mask on for 10 minutes before shampooing again.

6. Yogurt


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Sweet yogurt that has active cultures is one of the best home remedies for scalp infection. Yogurt is rich in probiotics and other good bacteria, which can help restrict the spread of infection or fungus on your scalp. The nutrients present in yogurt prevent the bacteria on your scalp from growing and multiplying and spreading to other parts of your scalp because it also contains lactic acid.

Apart from eating half a cup of yogurt every day as a part of your daily diet, you can also apply yogurt directly to the affected area. Dip a cotton ball in plain yogurt and apply it on the infection, and leave it on there for at least 30 minutes, after which you can wash it off. Repeat this process till you see the infection reduced or gone completely.

7. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a lesser known remedy for hair and scalp related problems. However, it is highly effective because it has strong anti-fungal properties. In fact, it is both anti-fungal and anti-septic, which is a two- fold remedy for the problem. It not only kills the fungus, but the anti-septic properties heal your skin and soothe the area after the infection is gone and prepares your skin in a way so that it doesn’t occur again.

Use a cotton ball to apply tea tree oil to the infected area. Leave the oil on for 30 minutes before you shampoo your hair, wash the oil away completely and dry your hair properly. The essential oil also makes your scalp healthy and your hair smell amazing.

8. Lime juice


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For any hair related problem, lime is a greatly effective home remedy. Its strong citrus properties make it naturally acidic in nature which eliminates the bacteria and fungus completely from your scalp, hence reducing any infection that might occur there. It also cleans your scalp thoroughly and when you wash your hair with lime juice, it leaves your hair soft, string and shiny.

You can take concentrated lime juice and apply it to your infection directly. This might sting a little, but this is the most effective way to apply. However, you can also mix 4-5 tablespoons of lime juice in your bath water, and after you have shampooed your hair, wash it with this lime and water solution. Do this for two weeks, till you start seeing visible changes in your infection.

9. Garlic and honey

Garlic and honey combined together makes a strong anti-infection pack which when applied to your scalp, gets rid of the problem within a week. Scalp infection might be caused by bacteria called candida. Garlic contains a compound called allicin which is specifically used to combat these particular bacteria, which is why it is one of the most effective home remedies. Honey has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which can help you take care of the scalp once the infection is cured.

Crush the cloves and let them rest for some time. After they have started to leak juices, add a tablespoon of honey. Apply this pack to your hair and scalp by massaging it gently, and let it sit for 15 minutes, before rinsing your hair with a mild shampoo.

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10. Tea

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Tea has some amazing astringent and anti-fungal properties which can help manage the symptoms of hair infection, and cure the problem from its root. Problems like itching, inflammation, burning sensation, dandruff, hair fall, etc. can be cured when you wash your hair with tea. The anti-inflammatory properties of tea because of the antioxidants that are present there also help in managing the problem effectively.

Soak 5 tea bags in water for 15 minutes and store the bags in the fridge till they are cool. Apply the cool tea bags to the affected area for an immediate soothing sensation. You can also wash your hair with the tea water before you shampoo, so that the benefits are reaped by your hair as well.

A hair infection is a problem that you should not ignore at any cost, because it can lead to long term effects like hair fall, hair thinning and dandruff. It can also harm the skin on your scalp. Use these simple, natural home remedies for scalp infection to handle the problem with care and efficiency.

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