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Oye Chashmish: 14 REAL Struggles Of All Women Who Wear Glasses

You progressed from wearing fat glasses to sleek ‘eyewear’ but those specs are still your companion all day long. You endured being teased as ‘chashmish’ and having fingers waved in your face just to check your eyesight. :-/ Until you contemplate on that Lasik surgery to make you completely specs-free, these are the 14 real struggles you have to face –

1. Eye makeup, what is that?

The dazzling eye shadows, the luscious mascara and the pretty eye liner, you are bereft of the stunning makeover that these products can bring, because after all your beautiful eyes are covered by those specs! Even wearing regular makeup is a pain, you just can’t see what you are doing until the clear glasses come on and you realize you messed up.

women with glasses_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

2. Second base is nerve wracking

You are on a date with that cute crush you have been eyeing all semester. The date is progressing quite well and you are back in your car, the butterflies in your stomach are in full force. Just when you think this is the moment and he leans in to kiss you, bam! Your glasses poke him!  :/

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3. Rainy days dampen the spirits

As if the humidity wasn’t bad enough for your hair, the rain messes up with your specs too. If you haven’t been prepared with an umbrella, those raindrops can make you lose your way pretty soon. Ugh, what happened to that kickstarter project ‘wiper blades for glasses’?!

women with glasses_New_Love_Times

Image source: layzeebee

4. Steam is your enemy

You can’t enjoy reading a book with a hot steaming cup of coffee because hey, it’s fogging up your glasses • This ridiculous thing happens in your sauna too, you sit back and enjoy only to open up to a foggy wonderland and if you remove them, you are bound to step into someone for sure!

5. No, it’s not a fashion accessory

Everyone seems to get fashion specs nowadays, to attain that cool look. Hey, no! These specs are not fashion; I desperately need them for my vision. You cannot get over those friends who keep telling you how ‘in’ your look is.

women with glasses_New_Love_Times

Image source: madamenoire

6. Smudges here, smudges there, smudges everywhere

You may have left carrying a handkerchief in school but you are constantly carrying specs cleaner. Everything right from that mayonnaise touched finger to the sweaty palm messes up the specs and you never have the clear glass you first bought!

7. Shopping for new glasses is not a joy

As it is your fashion quotient goes down a notch with specs, add the agony of buying cool glasses to it! It’s not like your bank account allows you to buy a set of specs for everyday of the week with some thrown in for special occasions.

women with glasses_New_Love_Times

Image source: clubnarwhalblog

8. Showers do not relax you

Showers are the best way to relax after a tough day, but not for you, they only stress you more. You end up using the conditioner instead of the shampoo. Shaving in the shower is another trial, you can’t use glasses because it will fog up and you end up with unevenly shaven legs!

9. Sunglasses, to wear or not to wear

You either cannot wear sunglasses or if you choose to, you cannot see anything. Is that even a bargain you can make? :-/ And for sure, you cannot afford to make prescription sunglasses for wearing only a few months in the year. The same travail happens during a 3D movie. ☹

women with glasses_New_Love_Times

Image source: Giphy

10. Crying is a hassle

You create mini dams whenever you cry! You instinctively want to shield your eyes but have to go through the agony of taking your glasses off, putting them away properly, and THEN crying. Uff! Crying was supposed to be a ‘drop of the hat’ kind of situation. :/

11. You look weird without glasses

“Ooh you look beautiful without the glasses”, “You look weird without the glasses”, you are bound to get one of these reactions whenever you venture out with your contacts. This doesn’t make it easier, because you will go back to the comfort of your glasses pretty soon!

12. Skin breakouts are constant

There is this obnoxious thing always on the top of your nose, plasticky, irritating and always there. Whatever the weather it might, the irritation continues, add the summer weather to it and the sweat and grime will lead to breakouts and no amount of ‘neem yukt’ face wash can avoid them!

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13. Photographs can be damning

You have made peace with how you look and your friends think you look great too, until someone comes out with a camera! The flash can be your worst enemy, glossing over your specs to leave you looking techno in all your photographs.

women with glasses_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

14. Geeky is not who you are

Whenever you wear glasses, you end up looking the geeky gal and there is no way you are getting away from it. You might as well make peace with it! ☺

Featured image source: wantable

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14 REAL Struggles Of All Women Who Wear Glasses
Because only women who wear glasses know that it isn't the IT-thing!
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