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14 Things Only Women Who Cry Easily Will Understand

A lot of people are under the impression that saying “aww” a couple of times and shedding a tear or two makes them emotional beings. For those of us who have spent 60% of our lives crying for some reason or the other, we can safely vouchsafe for the fact that the incredible ability to cry all the time gives new meaning to the word emotional.

Here are 14 things only women who cry way too often for their own good, will understand:

1. You have categories for your tears


Image source: Tumblr

“Tears of sadness” are also the tears of amateurs and the cold hearted. For people who cry most of the time, there are happy tears, emotional tears, tears of sympathy, tears of empathy, tears of anger, tears of confusion, tears of contentment…the list goes on and on.

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2. All your makeup is smudge-proof  


Image source: Tumblr

It is important to be on your guard at all times because you never know what you might encounter outdoors. However, outdoors also means makeup, which has to be smudge proof so that you don’t end up looking like a distressed raccoon.

3. Being around cute children and baby animals gets to you

Whether they are playing with each other, or being cute or even taking a nap, you are likely to tear up around God’s little creatures. Even thinking about them makes you misty-eyed.

4. God help you during a sad movie


Image source: Tumblr

It doesn’t matter if someone you liked is dying on screen, or someone is getting reunited, or even if you have seen the same movie a 100 times before, the flood gates are bound to open.

5. You feel like your tear ducts have a mind of their own

Which is why sometimes, you don’t even realize that the dam has broken and your face is covered with ugly tears, before it is too late.

6. No one takes your tears seriously anymore

Everyone sees you crying on most occasions, and they expect it now, which is why they don’t take it seriously anymore. Which is another reason to cry, tbh.

7. PMS is a nightmare for the people around you


Image source: mtv

People who cry are weepy by nature anyway. When you add PMS to the equation, it becomes an emotional nightmare for anyone who is around you, because duh uh, hormones!

8. It is impossible to have a fight or argument without tears

One of your greatest weaknesses is that if you are having a heated conversation, or if you are angry, or hurt, you cannot help but shed some tears. Plus, it also makes the other person feel very uncomfortable.

9. Crying in public is no big deal for you


Image source: theglow

A lot of people tend to get self-conscious, but nope, not you. Often times, people have caught you dabbing away at your face in public, without trying to be discreet about it.

10. Sad songs have a whole new meaning for you

You hear them from a whole new perspective because while listening to the sadness in the music, you are also trying to not drown in your own tears.

11. You have imaginary allergies to a lot of things

…depending on where you are, and who you are with. Sometimes, it is embarrassing when you spontaneously break down, so you have to either be cutting onions, or get a mysterious injury, or pretend to have an allergy to pollen or something.

12. You have lost count of the number of times people have said you were over reacting


Image source: gurl

Except, you are not over-reacting. *spontaneously sings Born This Way*

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13. ‘Stay calm’ and ‘be cool’ mean nothing to you

Because the normal reaction to any emotionally challenging situation is howling and trying to cope, of course.

14. The cathartic feeling at the end of a good crying session


Image source: Tumblr

No matter how many times people call you crazy and dramatic, no one else will ever be able to understand the peace and satisfaction you get after you have had a good crying session.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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14 Things Only Women Who Cry Easily Will Understand
Women who cry easily can start the waterworks at the drop of a hat! Even something as simple as a cute puppy will start them going!
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