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16 Struggles A True Book Lover Will Relate To

Are you a book lover? If you just nodded yes, let’s pinky swear and be the best-est of friends. I mean, that’s my only criteria for friendship. <aside- I can borrow all the books you have>

Anyway, since we are a team now and so are the countless others whose first love will always be a book, here’s a rundown of 17 things we all know to be oh-so-true:

1. Reading position

book lover_New_Love_Times

Image source: metro

On our back, on our stomach, on our side, sitting, standing, in the mobile light- there is no RIGHT position but who cares- just give me my book!

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2. The dark circles

book lover_New_Love_Times

Image source: collegecandy

Yes we could be nicknamed the dark lord courtesy our dark circles. But it’s 3 AM and am still reading.

3. Too many options

book lover_New_Love_Times

Image source: theodysseyonline

It’s an eternal tightspot- there are ten equally tempting book options sitting on my bookshelf and picking any one is like cheating on the others. Hey- I just noticed an eleventh potential peeking from the corner! Hi- damn!

4. The missed calls

No, not the phone but those books that everyone built up in your head, got you all riled up about and which, when you read from cover to cover (coz you have to- any that you pick), you felt like you could throw up! Why- why do bad books happen to true book lovers? Also, if you are calling us when we are reading, we won’t answer- so yeah- missed calls!

5. Books > People = Always!

We will take a book on the train, bus, metro or even stuffed in our bags to a date or a party! ou never know when the date or party may turn terribly boring. No worries- you are armed!

6. Stupid spoilers

book lover_New_Love_Times

Image source: metro

If your book is open, mouths should be closed. Seriously!

7. The teasers

Book teasers do to me what Access Hollywood does to a fancrazed Holly-maniac who eats, breathes and drinks Hollywood. No- seriously- I can’t miss even one and yet, when it’s out, I kick and curse on time for all the LONG days until the launch!

8. The eternal problems in the book-love-affair

The jury will always be out on whether or not one should fold a page, whether losing one’s place in the book and spotting a spoiler counts as blasphemy or if a bendy book spine just means you aren’t giving enough attention! Can there be a verdict, like ever?

9. The film kill

book lover_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Ever seen a movie based on a book with a person who hasn’t read it? Well, while you are secretly crying bucketfuls about the butchering that isn’t quite blatant to them, they are probably telling you why the movie is better! Umm, shut up and shut up, will you?

10. Dating non-readers – NO!

11. The end

book lover_New_Love_Times

Image source: genius

The end of every good book in the world feels like when you move from one home to another and see the emptied house for one last time- you had some great times here!

12. The book boyfriends

book lover_New_Love_Times

Image source: favim

We will always have one too many. We can’t help it.

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13. The tragedies

We feel too strongly about our book characters and God forbid they happen to die, we sob- uncontrollably! And if this happens when we are reading while taking a dump- okay (except no goof-up in using the toilet paper as tissues) but if it happens on the bus or the train, you gotta agree- it is odd!

14. Favorite?

All. Do you hear me? ALL OF THEM!

15. Gifts?

book lover_New_Love_Times

Image source: Giphy

Yes- BOOKS. Books, please? Book vouchers work as well!

16. Attempts to READ all the friggin’ time…

book lover_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Yep- while doing makeup, laundry, cooking, cleaning, even taking a dump. They don’t work as well- but a book lover’s gotta try!

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16 Struggles A True Book Lover Will Relate To
Because only a book lover lives out a magical love affair!
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