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17 Interior Design Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow For Major Décor Inspiration!

10. Lonny Magazine (@lonnymag)

This is a monthly magazine which has been featured in the likes of The New York Times and Vanity Fair magazine. It has some of the most swoon-worthy designs which will inspire you to create a home that is literally perfect. With regular uploads and insane variety in terms of space and budget, this is an account that you must not miss at any cost.

11. Suysel & Anne (@tiltonfenwick)

Ingenious use of bright colors, super organized designs and brilliant use of space- these are the things that you are likely to find when you scroll through this super colorful and satisfying account on Instagram. It has wonderful traditional aesthetics combined with modern techniques, which gives you the right kind if inspiration to create unique homes and living spaces.

12. Domino (@dominomag)

Who wouldn’t want to look at a feed full of stunning interiors and décor elements which make houses look like a million bucks? To add to the beauty of it all, there are also a few glamour shots of food (which is never a bad thing). It is a gorgeous mix of fun colors and chic designs, which makes for one satisfying scroll through their feed.

13. Jane Ledger (@janeledgerinteriors)

It is undeniably true that this is the age for neutral colors and muted tones inside the house. If you think that is boring and un-exciting, then you need to take a look at Jane Ledger’s interior design pictures, which showcase just how awesome and versatile neutral colors can be inside a house when you layer them just right. Incredible designs and clean lines characterize her feed, and you should definitely not miss out on it.

14. Paloma Contreras (@ladolcevitablog)

Her designs have been featured in publications like Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Ad, etc. She was also featured on Forbes’ list of Top Influencers. She has some of the most incredible designs that she posts on her blog and Instagram once every day. Do you still think that you don’t need to follow her? A combination of unique colors and satisfying aesthetics makes this one of the most sought after interior décor account ever.

15. Kristin Jackson (@hunted_interior)

If you are trying to figure out cool ways in which you can make your space feel and look cozy without looking cluttered, then you have come to the right place with this profile. The simple designs can inspire even the most gorgeous homes, even when you have budget constraints and cannot splurge on your décor. This profile is all about good vibes only, and if you are looking for serious home décor inspiration, then you should definitely check out Kristin Jackson’s profile!

16. Homestead Seattle (@homesteadseattle)

If you are looking for plant-based décor inspiration where you can incorporate indoor plants like never before in your home, then you should be following Homestead Seattle, which has radically new design ideas, which (unlike some other radically new designs ideas) are actually drop-dead gorgeous. They also sell some of their stuff on sale from Instagram itself, which basically makes this the most perfect design feed ever, in case you literally want to own what’s in the picture.

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17. Ashley (@biggerthanthethreeofus)

Sometimes, you need DIY and small-scale ideas which you can implement when you are revamping your existing house, to make it look even cooler and most comfortable than it already is. This is precisely what this delightful little account is doing. Ashley’s blog is all about recording the little renovations that she does to her house, and how you can achieve magnificent results with a small budget to get a house that looks like it came out of a magazine!

There are several more interior design Instagram accounts that you can follow, whether to get inspired to make your own home, or just to ogle at pretty rooms and houses because you are obsessed with them (I know I am). All in all, you can make the most of your Instagram feed by following some of the best accounts for interior designing out there, which I have listed above, and let us know what some of your favorite home décor trends are, in the comments section below!

Featured image source: Instagram

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