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20 Things All Lazy Couples Will Relate To

They say that love is all you need, but it’s only lazy couples like you who give the phrase its right meaning. So quit the lazy for a while and keep scrolling down – coz it’s going to be worth it- here’s the zany list of LOVE-ly things all you lazy couples in love will love reading and nodding your head to…okay, you will stop after a few coz it’d be given and it’s too much work to nod! 😛

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1. Who needs to go out for dreamy dates? When you have your lazy creative on, you can bring the date-romance home!

2. Bed could have a magnetic appeal for more than ‘the one’ thing and for more hours than you can possibly count…eating- yes, reading- yes, watching movies- yes, sleeping- yes, working- yes, counting eggs- yes, farting- yes……anything else?

3. Napping in daytime could be the next best ‘You+Me’ time after the every-now-and-then cuddling, sleeping in all night, and weekend, and more…

4. Who knew that the best romantic pastime could be setting new records for your favorite TV series!

5. Nothing tastes better than the food brought right to your doorsteps without any of you having to cook #DeliciousMagic

6. If working together, you can be the power couple no one can beat in making excuses for not showing up for the celebrations!

7. You have a secret agent style in watching each other’s back in protecting your lies, even if you don’t know about it (that’s where your lazy energy comes from!)

8. Pajamas can be the perfect outfit for your celebrations – especially when you’re color coordinating your laziness #LikeABoss

9. There’s nothing wrong with staying in the same PJs (and bed) the whole weekend in the spirit of your lazy love for each other.

10. You both are so important for each other, how can there be any room for doing ANYthing else (Yup, keep telling yourself that!)

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11. True love doesn’t need you to ask ‘what should we do?’ you can just go on loving each other doing practically NOTHING together.

12. All you have to care about is (ordering) lunch and dinner coz none of you is off the bed before noon…

13. That reminds me – your lazy relationship doesn’t hang on the everyday recital of  sweet ‘Good mornings’, because your days start with the warmth of the noon sun over your head! Good Afternoon to you too, love…

14. It’s almost astonishing how you end up developing a secret language of your own..too lazy to talk out loud, hmm. I love it when you get me- like, totally!

15. You’re so in love that you can’t help but stay in touch all day. But what you can help is not tax yourself with the lengthy texts. So, you short hand your messages and end up with your threads marked with self-explanatory emojis. Your bae totally gets it. Life’s pretty awesome for you peeps, eh? 😉

16. Deeper the laziness, deeper your romance. So, it’s only better when you don’t text at all! Voice messages are what you connect with! Helloooo…

17. It’s so much easier to save the wads that’d otherwise be spent on romantic holidays overseas, the lavish dinners celebrating anniversaries, and the tiresome efforts of finding the perfect gift for each other…

18. When it’s time for something that just needs to get done (like the laundry after a month, the dishes after a week, and cleaning the table (filled with the leftovers of the order-ins), you can both spend an eternity with a stare-off to decide who’s up for it this time… 😛

19. It’s only the two of you who can give each other the competition for the laziest one in town. Like when both of you wait for the alarm to go off in the morning and the person outside the door gets tired of ringing the bell, just waiting for someone to get up – simply exquisite! 😉

20. You sometimes wish upon the evening star if only one of you was a little less lazy than the other, but then the beauty of your relationship shoots back in and everything gets back to the perfection everyone envies…


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20 Things All Lazy Couples Will Relate To
Lazy couples do love the lazy way- and it's pretty awesome!
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