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[Valentine’s Day special] 21 Valentine’s Day gifts to buy online that he would actually love

8. Glow in my love

led ice cubes

LED ice cubes

Image source:

Innovative Valentine’s Day gifts are always fun! Make it a magical night by turning off the lights and serving his favorite drink with these glowing ice cubes!

LED Ice Cubes, Rs. 299.00/- Buy it here.

9. Hum hai Hindi

hindi pants

Hindi pyjamas

Image source:

Does he complain that Hindi doesn’t get the importance it deserves? Refresh the Hindi alphabet with these funky pyjamas!

Gabi Life Hindi Pyjamas for Men, Rs. 679.00/- Buy it here.

10. Play, boy

personalized playboy cover

Personalized Playboy cover

Image source:

It’s unlikely that your man hasn’t fantasized about the Playboy mansion; give him a little ego boost by putting him on the cover of Playboy magazine! Personalized Playboy Magazine Cover, Rs. 699.00/- Buy it here.

11. For your honey ’bun’

burger-shaped pen drive

Burger-shaped pen drive

Image source:

If your man’s a foodie, he’ll love this adorable burger-shaped pen drive; so cute you could eat it!

Burger-shaped 16 GB Pen Drive, Rs. 649.00/- Buy it here.

12. Kiss the cook

man cooking apron

Man cooking apron

Images source:

Encourage your man to cook up a storm in the kitchen, in his own style!

Man Cooking Apron, Rs. 1,375.00/- Buy it here.

13. All that glitters

bappi da sandaas

Bappi da sandaas

Image source:

Bappi Lahiri made gold the ‘in’ thing, and this little gift celebrates the man’s obsession with the yellow metal!

Bappi da Sandaas, Rs. 2,500.00/- Buy it here.

14. Wipe it

dollar tissue paper

Dollar tissue paper

Image source:

We’ll admit; we have quite a few toilet-themed Valentine’s Day gifts here today! Let your man feel rich as he goes about his ‘business’ every day!

Dollar Tissue Paper, Rs. 299.00/- Buy it here.

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21 wacky Valentine's Day gifts for him
This weekend, gift your man something wacky from among these 15 wacky Valentine's Day gifts for him to put a smile on his face.
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Fabida Abdulla

Fabida Abdulla

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