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[Valentine’s Day special] 21 Valentine’s Day gifts to buy online that he would actually love

Men think buying women Valentine’s Day gifts is very difficult, but buying for men isn’t easy either! And especially since they aren’t good at dropping hints like women! This Valentine’s Day, skip the boring shirt-belt-wallet routine and get him something that’ll leave him grinning from ear to ear! Here are 21 wacky Valentine’s Day gifts for him:

1. Guy Time Comforter

guy time comforter

Guy time comforter

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There are some things that only guys will understand the value of; get this comforter that lists them out!

Happiness Is Single Comforter, Rs. 2,399.00/- Buy it here.

2. Golf in the Loo

golf in the loo

Golf in the loo

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Sometimes, you really have no option but to multitask; help him use up valuable toilet time with Valentine’s Day gifts that save time!

TGS Toilet Golf Green, Rs. 503.00/- Buy it here.

3. Be a brave ‘fart’ man

fart extinguisher

Fart extinguisher

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Speaking of toilets, there are times when one of his guy friends lets one out that is absolutely toxic. Let him be the brave one and extinguish it!

Fart Extinguisher, Rs. 599.00/- Buy it here.

4. Blast away!

fart fanfare

Fart fanfare

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No, we aren’t done with farts yet. Let him have a blast with his friends using this fart machine that gives out fart sounds in various tones! Fart Fanfare, Rs. 900.00/- Buy it here.

5. Spongebob Square’boxers’

spongebob squarepants boxers

Spongebob Squarepants boxers

Image source:

Every man has a little boy inside; one who secretly watches Nickelodeon! Celebrate Spongebob Squarepants with these bright boxers!

Spongebob Design Funny Boxers, Rs. 416.00/- Buy it here.

6. Go Goa

goa bike heavy metal sign

Goa bike heavy metal sign

Image source:

Goa. Bikes. Enough said.

Goa Bike Heavy Metal Sign, Rs. 350/- Buy it here.

7. E = (U +I)2

einstein iphone back cover

Einstein iPhone back cover

Image source:

If your nerdy boyfriend is always serious, here’s the perfect way to remind him to lighten up once in a while!

Einstein Back Cover for iPhone 5S, Rs. 1,499.00/- Buy it here.

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21 wacky Valentine's Day gifts for him
This weekend, gift your man something wacky from among these 15 wacky Valentine's Day gifts for him to put a smile on his face.
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Fabida Abdulla

Fabida Abdulla

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