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From One Overthinker To Another!

So you are a binge thinker? Your brain is a b*tch, a sadist who loves torturing you? It’s a death trap, right?

If you are thinking (read: overthinking) whether you should waste your time reading this post, here are a few signs, which if you subscribe to, this post is indeed about you!

  • You try to find a meaning to everything, especially your life?
  • Let it go? Like how? Like why?
  • I want to have a glass of Cappuccino. What did I just say? Oh! Hell! They are going to judge me all my life for this!
  • But did they hear me?
  • Your ex just texted you. *Calls up everyone on the planet to find out what this means.
  • Social media is your minefield.
  • ‘Why’ is your favorite word!

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So a “yes” to all of that? Babe, there are definitely a few things you need to stop worrying about.


Image source: spoilthedead

Let’s have a look at the 30 below for starters!

  1. Why are my boobs so big?
  2. Can’t I just transfer some of that fat to my ass?
  3. This mini hurricane just raped the hairdo that I took almost 3 hours to get right!
  4.  *Logs into Facebook* every f*cking one is getting engaged or married?!!!
  5. Or going off on a vacation and getting wasted!
  6. Is the cast of ZNMD jinxed? Well, all of them have broken off!
  7. And yet neither of them are dating me!
  8. How does this DIY thingy work?
  9. Jon Snow shouldn’t have died!
  10. That guy just complimented me… He wants to get into my pants!
  11. That guy didn’t compliment me?!! I am surely looking like my cat coughed up!
  12. Should I type “K” or copy paste a Wordsworth stanza? But I don’t want to get Wordsworth-zoned.
  13. Only 98 likes on my profile pic? Where did I go wrong?
  14. Why am I a creep magnet?
  15. What do I order? Now that I am going last, everyone’s gonna hear me out loud! *Shudders behind the menu*
  16. What the f*ck is this? #InstantFoodRegret. I should have let them order for me!
  17. My head aches… Cancer! The universe has been plotting this for a while now!
  18. Okay I am getting chest pains… heart attack? No wait! Definitely cancer!
  19. Scorpio Horoscope: Break up! *Worries, though single AF!*
  20. *Thinks of a tweet. Recomposes it for an hour to not look lame!*
  21. No comments yet? *Deletes it immediately because can’t you see it is lame!*
  22. When a friend is 3 minutes late! *Thinks of 500 ways in which she must have died on the way*
  23. Okay, I just lost a follower on Tumblr! *Spends entire evening trying to figure out what went wrong!*
  24. I have been working out for 2 hours and the weighing scale reads the same!! FTW!
  25. *Just finished watching the reruns of Friends for the fifth time!* And then the horror: What do I do with my life now?
  26. All that happens on Bigg Boss is a gimmick?
  27. Will I ever get married? Do I want to get married? No, but I want that ceremony bit…
  28. What if I never want kids? What if I am forced to have them? What if I hate them? What if they hate me?
  29. He hasn’t replied to my last text which was like 15 seconds back. Our relationship is reaching its shelf life! We need to talk…
  30. Do I overthink? No I don’t. But I do…*Overthinking within an overthought!*

Did you know: The more you overthink the less you will understand? Oops! What have I done?! Sorry! 😉

Featured image source: kouhl

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30 Things You Are Definitely Overthinking
Are you overthinking? Hit pause. NOW!
Ruth Russell

Ruth Russell

‘To be or not to be’ if that’s the question, I would always want to be who I am – a lover, who binges on ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ every Christmas; that is, if she decides not to wallow in bed with ‘Wuthering Heights’! The other thing that I absolutely love is weddings! Well, who doesn’t like being in a room full of love stories, eh?!