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30 Thoughts Every Girl Has At The Gym

It’s gym time ladies! Yes, it’s a brand new year and you are (at least for now) all charged up to hop onto the treadmill and keep running to shed those pounds you hate and while you are at it, the voices in your head seem to be all charged up too ! Here are some of the things they have to say:


Image source: quickmeme

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  1. Ok there’s no turning back now! I have to fit into that dress! I just have to!
  2. Ok come on hold on a little longer! You can do it!
  4. Ok I need to stop now… wait what?!!!! It’s just been five mins!!!! Dammmmm!! Must keep going!
  5. Thank God, it’s almost over now!
  7. Ouch ouch ouch!!  Cramp! Cramp!
  8. Get off the machine already, you fattie, it’s my turn now, I’m tired of waiting!
  9. Oh God, now that I’m finally on it I look like an idiot!
  10. Why can’t I look like that while working out?!! <ogles at a supermodel like girl>
  11. I look like sh*t!
  12. Wow, just look at her body! Am I ever going to get there?
  13. Look at the a*s on her! I can’t believe I’ve been reduced to this… checking women out!
  14. If I was as thin as her, I wouldn’t even bother wasting my time here! Okay, I need to stop staring at her!
  15. Okay, just look the other way! <looking at the other side> I’m definitely thinner than her, right? Okay, I will be…
  16. Hmmm, this chick seems to be running at a faster speed than me; Is she trying to have a race? I gotta catch up!
  17. I should plug in my IPod to give me motivation! Ugh, I hate this music!
  18. Wait, should I take my earphones off to see if I’m grunting too loudly?
  19. Oh no, I think the hook on my bra just opened! I have to stop and fix it!
  20. Yuck, I stink! Forget it, take a break and look around!
  21. That trainer is so cute!
  22. OMG look who just walked in; he’s so hot! And he’s going to see me looking like a sweaty mess!
  23. Oooo lala look at those biceps!
  24. Wait, is he checking me out? Hope I don’t have pit stains!!
  25. Can he see my tummy fat from there?  I hope not!
  26. Ok break over! Let’s do some freehand exercises now. Damn, every time I jump my chest seems to bounce higher than me! I hope no one’s noticing! Should have bought a tighter sports bra!
  27. Stop focusing on that, think of what to have for dinner today.
  28. Hmmm… tomorrow’s the weekend I can cut myself some slack and gorge on junk food… right?
  29. I’m so BORED!
  30. You know what?! Screw this! I’m gonna go get hammered right now!

And next day gym- repeat! (or NOT) 😛

Featured image source: Quickmeme

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30 Thoughts Every Girl Has At The Gym
Because when at the gym, your mind's in overdrive too!
Ria Dutta

Ria Dutta

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