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[Valentine’s Day Special] 50 Unique Ways You Can Spread The Love This V-Day

“For every little thing that you say or do,

Give a little bit of love and it will come back to you.”

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Have you ever wondered why the world is obsessed with the act of ‘giving’? Well, you’re about to find out. Love cannot exist in isolation. As human beings, we’re wired to look out for one another, to have each other’s back. It is true that the world has developed too many cracks over time, but this Valentine’s day, spread the love so far into those crannies that they never fall back into the darkness. You can, single-handedly, make the world a much better place. Here are 50 ways to help you get started:

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  1. Stand in front of the mirror and pat yourself. Remember all those times you thought you wouldn’t make it through? Well, look at yourself.
  1. Spend some time with your parents. Often, we become so engrossed in our lives and our 9 to 5 (nine?) schedules, we forget about almost any other aspect of our lives.


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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

  1. Check up on a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Ask them how they are, and let them know that you haven’t faded out of their lives.
  1. Remind an old friend of a childhood memory and watch as their face lights up with nostalgic happiness.
  1. Hug the first classmate you see today. Greeting somebody warmly opens up your own heart.
  1. Smile at a stranger. You will not believe the magnanimous effect that it has on an individual. You could have potentially made their day.
  1. Start a conversation with a stranger. We meet many on public transport or long lift-rides. Break the awkward silence and get chatting!
  1. Spend more time with your pet. We forget that while they are just a part of our lives, we are all of their’s.
  1. Spend an entire day choosing politeness over anger. You will notice how enormously different your day turned out to be. Kindness is very underrated.
  1. Pay for a “waiting coffee”, so that when someone who cannot afford it, enters the shop, you will have sent them your love from far away.
  1. Actually pay attention while eating dinner, and tell your mother everything you liked about it. They invests a lot of time and effort in cooking us dishes that we don’t even notice while scrolling through Facebook.
  1. Reply to those texts you’ve been meaning to. Yes, even if they are months old. It’s always better late than never.
  1. End an old fight. When you hold grudges, nobody wins, not even yourself. Let go of an old fight, not because they deserve it, but because it’ll bring you peace.
  1. Some restaurants let you tip the kitchen staff with a pack of beers. Do it. Being forever encumbered with steam and spices, a treat will do wonders for them.
  1. Blaze through those song/movie suggestions that your BFFs sent you, and let them know how you feel. A worse feeling than being ignored, is watching your fandom being disrespected.
  1. If you have a dog/cat, walk them out and stop by pedestrians to let them pat the cuddly-*insert nonsensical affectionate term*. It feels therapeutic to be able to do that and not have the owner swear to burn my lineage to the ground.

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

  1. Get presents for the homeless. It’s best if you can get them food. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just warm.
  1. Have a conversation with anybody selling their wares on the street. They spend their days calling out to passers-by. Listen to their story.
  1. Find your city’s suicide helpline and volunteer for a day. It’s sad that a quality as basic as ‘listening’ is so rarely found.
  1. Invite your neighbor(s) over for tea. If we go by the generation-traits, chances are, you don’t even know what they’re like. Bond with them and you’ll see how much more fun your days get.
  1. Leave toffees in a bowl outside your door for kids passing by. Make sure you leave a sign saying, “Only one per kid. Santa is watching.”

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

  1. Spread Lily’s #GirlLove by complimenting a woman you’ve never met before. How many times have you seen an outfit and completely lost it inside your head? Let them know what they’ve got on fleek. It works wonders for one’s self esteem.
  1. Vacate your seat for somebody who needs it more. Often times I observe bag-less kids sprawling on the seats while older men/women with heavy laptop bags slouch against the door. Try giving up your privilege once, and you’ll see how good it feels.
  1. Sign any 10 petitions you believe in on They’re trying their best to change the world, one signature at a time.
  1. Treat your baby cousin as an adult. As a child, nothing made me happier than being taken seriously. Except, maybe, Pokémon and good food.

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  1. Go to an old age home and spend time with the occupants. In places like these, they’re mostly overcome with day-to-day activities, and don’t receive the kind of affection that families warrant. Change that for a day.
  1. Remind at least a few people you love that they are beautiful, and inspire you every step of the way. Often times, we take our best people for granted. Let’s not let that happen today.

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  1. Say “thank you” to the smallest acts of kindness. When somebody holds the door open for you, when the shopkeeper packs your things, and/or when the office staff member brings you your coffee, smile at them, thank them, and mean it all the way.
  1. Publicize something you love or believe in. Producers of content can really do with every single viewer they get. Even half a member counts. So, this Valentine’s day, spread the love and get your favorite Youtuber some revenue.
  1. Become a RAKtivist, or a ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ activist. It’s an organization that gathers warriors of kindness, going on monthly raids across the world, in their battle against cynicism.
  1. Join ‘The World Needs More Love Letters’. It is a global campaign where people all over the world write kind letters to strangers. There motto happens to be: “Make love famous”, and I couldn’t agree more.

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

  1. Lower your smoking habits. When you smoke not only do you harm yourself, but also those around you (yes, passive smoking happens to be a thing). Lower or quit smoking and gift the world a cleaner environment.
  1. Say sorry for that fight you had too much ego for. Sometimes, we fail to apologize even though we’re clearly in the wrong, because it wrongly assume that it lowers our esteem. People who own up to their mistakes have commanded way more respect in my heart.
  1. Take your pet to the salon. Yes, that overly furry ball that used to be Mittens, make them look human (animal?) again.
  1. Bake something for your neighbors. Cookies, or perhaps cake? Because let’s be real, there’s nothing that says ‘love’ louder than free food.
  1. Slip a chocolate into our boss’ office. Yes, they’re cranky. Yes, it always seems like they were born to take your case. And yes, I know you’d much rather rub that chocolate elsewhere. But they’re only human. And mostly, their job profile requires them to remain detached from the “subordinates”. (I’m making you hate them more, aren’t I?) It’s really not their fault!
  1. Buy your colleagues a round of shots post work hours. Lay back, get to know each other’s weird sides, and realize how the quietest Techie in the team has the best taste in music.
  1. We read scores of articles online but never stop to see who’s written it. Next time you come across an article that has shaken you to the roots, stalk the author on social media, and send them a message appreciating their work. It often makes their day.
  1. Help out random people everywhere. If somebody’s handkerchief is on the ground, don’t just walk past it. If somebody has dropped their books, don’t pretend like your eyes filter out reading material. Stop, take a moment, and help them out.
  1. Play with a random child on the road. Speak to them, make them laugh, cuddle their tiny cute faces, and give them all the love you could possibly harbor.
  1. Our closets are all breaking at the seam. Sort out the clothes you no longer need or haven’t worn in ages. Make a separate pile of them and distribute them to people who need it more. Because, honestly, I’d rather see a homeless man be able to give his daughter that expensive t-shirt than watch you wear that once in 284939 years.
  1. Be kind to a salesperson. Don’t just bang the door on their face. Irrespective of what most people believe, they aren’t doing this because it’s fun to travel from door to door, explaining the same monologue 10 times over, and sometimes not even getting to complete it. It’s their job, and like you, they deserve respect for it. Listen to what they have to say, and if you must decline, do so politely.
  1. Offer a door-to-door salesperson water, a cold beverage, or some food. They’re on the road for long periods of time, and sometimes skip lunch if there are no nearby food-stalls, all in the pursuit of a inhuman target.
  1. Don’t hang up on a Telecaller. They strain their backs in those uncomfortable chairs, for that one memorized monologue. At least let them get to the end of it.
  1. Be consciously non-judgmental. She’s wearing a short dress? He’s wearing a pink shirt? Her left ear is slightly bigger than the right? Who cares? Live, and let live.


Image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

  1. Buy your sibling their favorite food to compensate for always eating off their plate. It goes without saying that this time, you don’t get a Jupiter-sized bite of their burger.
  1. ‘The Wee Happiness Project’ let’s you nominate a person who has been through trying times. Depending on the number of nominations, they could get a surprise in their mail.
  1. Almost like Alice (in Wonderland), think of five positive things that happened to you during the day.
  1. Every morning, take some time out and remind yourself of all the things you are grateful for. You will realize you have a lot to thank the stars for.
  1. Love yourself. Always treat yourself right, and remember to make yourself your number one priority. You’re the best friend you could have.

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This Valentine’s Day spread the love to the farthest corners of the earth through your actions, because:

“We are the ones who make a brighter day,

So let’s start giving.”

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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50 Unique Ways You Can Spread The Love This Valentine's Day
You can single-handedly spread the love and make the world a much better place. Here are 50 ways to get started!
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