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10 Easy And Unique DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is all about giving and receiving tokens of love, but more about giving to be honest. You can’t have V-day without giving that someone special, something special. It’s true that Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday that was created by card companies and gift companies so that you could spend money for your love on a day dedicated to love. However, Valentine’s Day has turned into much more than a Capitalist holiday, and now, it is all about DIY Valentine’s Day gifts.

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If you want to give something truly special for your Valentine, then there is no better option than to make something yourself, with your own hands. However, there is one problem. Not everyone is born with a creative flair, and it can get difficult coming up with something that you can make, which is also unique. Worry not, for we have compiled for you a list of some of the best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that are not only super easy to make, but also super creative and stuff that your Valentine might actually appreciate.

1. Chalk frames

Picture frames are a classic idea when you are trying to figure out what to give your Valentine for Valentine’s Day. However, the generic frames that you get in stores are so boring, so why not just make your own.

A great idea would be to surround a standard plain frame with a sheet of chalk, or plaster or cardboard and spray paint it with chalk-board paint, so that you can write whatever you want around it. If you aren’t into calligraphy, then you can also stick to simple, cute designs that will make for the perfect gift, when the right picture is inserted into it.

2. Potted plants

Isn’t it cute when your DIY V-Day present comes with an even cuter message? Plants are such an underrated gift. It is an entire living organism that you can grow and nurture and take care of, without any effort at all. A potted plant makes for a great gift on Valentine’s Day, and it is hella easy to arrange for as well.

To emphasize the fact that you are giving this plant to indicate that you want to let your love grow, you can spice up your plant as well. Replace the top layer of soil with pink and other colorful pieces of gravel from an aquarium. You can even spray paint the pots and write cute messages on them.

3. Bath bombs

You don’t have to dish out a bunch of money at Lush in order to get your loved ones an excellent, unique, one-of-a-kind bath bomb. Bath bombs are all the rage right now and you could actually make one yourself. There are a gazillion tutorials on YouTube that you can check out, and with a few simple ingredients, a little food coloring, scent and a heart-shaped mould, you could make one of the cutest DIY Valentine’s Day present ever.

If you have stencils, then you can also print cute messages on them, like it is shown in the picture. However, if you don’t have stencils, or heart shaped moulds, then you can just take regular bath bomb moulds and make 10 or so bath bombs, and arrange them in a heart shape, which would be as cute, tbh.

4. Valentine’s slime

In an age of fidget spinners and kinetic sand, people are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to keep themselves engaged and entertained. Of these things, one of the most popular fad is of course, slime. Whether they tell you or not, everyone wants a little slime of their own, and you could actually make your own slime too!

You can customize your slam to be a Valentine’s special batch, with a number of variations. You could make bright red slime and stuff it in a heart-shaped box. You could add heart-shaped glitter to your slime. You can even add sequins and basically just go nuts and watch your Valentine’s weep with excitement when you present them with slime. Sounds weird? Trust me, we’re millennials. Nothing’s weird.

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5. Heart-shaped flower bouquet

No matter how much people harp about the fact that flowers are a cliché during Valentine’s they never really get old do they. You don’t have to buy flowers of a vendor and give it to your valentines. You can actually make it super special, by arranging them in a gorgeous heart shaped structure, and you can even use various different kinds of flowers to spice things up.

All you need is a little wire, and a lot of stiff paper that you have to shape into a heart and a bunch of your bae’s fav flowers. It’s unique, it’s innovating, there is an element of DIY in it and it is totally Insta-worthy.

6. Scratch cards

Scratch cards, like lotto tickets are always an exciting thing. You can make this experience even more special by making our own custom lotto tickets for Valentine’s Day, where no one loses anything, but is in fact, spoilt for choice. You can insert options like places to go, or things to do or food to eat, or gifts you win on your custom lotto tickets.

Making these is also super easy. All you need is some wax, acrylic paint and a bunch of dish soap and you are good to go. This is a wonderfully simple, but amazingly creative DIY that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

7. Love letters on food

Food is an excellent present for any special day, whether it is a birthday or Valentine’s Day. Making food is also super easy, if you are equipped with the right recipe. But how do you make this experience an extra special one for Valentine’s Day? By writing on it of course!

Now if you were a professional baker, I would ask you to get hold of a piping bag and pipe out your message with icing, but that is likely going to end in disaster. Thankfully, all you need for this amazingly ingenious DIY Valentine’s Day present, is an edible marker! These are found in abundance, and contain food safe ink, so you can make whatever dessert your bae loves, and write out your love for them, in your signature handwriting, and make it an unforgettable present.

8. Tea bags

When trying to figure out what to give their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, a lot of people resorted to coffee mugs with personal pictures and messages printed on them. However, you can take it a step further, and make heart-shaped tea bags for the person you love, so that every time they get their morning cuppa, they are reminded of you!

Making them is super easy. All you need is filter paper, a few strings, a needle and thread for sewing it shut and tea leaves. Apart from this, your Valentine also has to like tea for this gift to be actually special, and if they do, this is going to be a wonderful surprise for them!

9. Coasters

Coasters are a practical, non-clichéd Valentine’s present that you can customize in a million different ways. Making coasters from scratch might sound super complicated, but they are actually really easy. You just need something super sharp to cut with.

You can either carve on your initials on the surface of the coaster, or you can even put a picture of you and your partner on the thing to make it an extra special way to document your photos. If you don’t want to put initials on all of them and you don’t have as many fancy photos that you would like to preserve on your coasters, then you can also write out cute messages on your coasters, which should make for a special set, then your Valentine is likely to keep forever.

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10. Sewed-on sweaters

I don’t know why more people don’t give each other socks and sweaters and presents, because tbh, I would be stoked of people gave me sweaters, not only for Valentine’s Day, but for my birthday, Christmas, and any other excuse that people have to get presents. Sweaters are like warm hugs that never end, and socks make you feel like you are constantly in bed.

If I have managed to convince you of the ingenuity of the gift that is sweaters, then you could customize them to make them a Valentine’s special gift. The nippy season is still there during February, and you can amp up any old sweater by sewing on heart-shaped elbow patches, which is super easy to do, and makes it look like high fashion, and is special and sentimental at the same time.

These were our super easy, super affordable and extra special DIY Valentine’s Day gifts. Let us know what you did for your Valentine in the comments section below!

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10 Easy and Unique DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
V-Day is just around the corner, and you can make it even more special this year with these easy, unique and affordable DIY Valentine's Day gifts.
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