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The 7 CrossFit Workouts That Anybody Can Do Anytime, Anywhere

For all the folks who are into building the fitness of their bodies, CrossFit is the new trend. What makes it stand out from other workout routines is the effortlessness with which it gives you a brilliant package of simple exercises including weight lifting, aerobics, flexibility, and body resistance. Its mix match of exercise routines keeps your interest and the best part is you can mold the routines and workout whenever you want to, however you want.

So, here are seven of the many great CrossFit workouts that you can benefit from at your convenience, enjoy!

1. The burpee minute game by Gamboa


Image source: boxlifemagazine

A routine that promises you a pro-like cardiovascular conditioning only in ten minutes. Just start by setting your timer to a minute and go on like –

1st minute = one burpee
2nd minute = two burpees
3rd minute = three burpees and so on!

Keep pushing and find out what is the maximum number you can touch.

2. The crazy 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 countdown


Image source: crossfittalem

You have to do this fun workout with the dumbbell thrust and the kettle bag swings.

Dumbbell thrust – squat down, holding the dumbbell with both your hands in front of your chest and stand right back up holding it in place and lifting it overhead as you rise.

Kettlebell Swings –
Start with 10 reps, then 9, then 8, and continue till only 1 rep remains.

3. Flieri’s full-body countdown


Image source: braveangel

The circuit repeats three exercises, with the reps decreasing as you move forward.

Dumbbell thrusters

The full body countdown repeats each circuit with ten reps in the first to just one when you finish it up. All you need is to try and complete the sets as quickly as you can.

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4.  The 10 minute 3 exercise routine from Kelly O Fluharty


Image source: livestrong

With your timer set to 10, you’re going to push yourself to complete as many rounds as you can!

Kettlebell swings – 10
Box jumps – 10
place a 20 to 24 inch high box in front and jump on it from standing position, making sure that you’re standing on top of it (and shoot again!)
Ring dips – 10
With a ring in each of your hands, you lower till you hit the underarms and then push back right up to the point where your arms are straight.

5. The classic CrossFit Cindy


Image source: emaze

It’s a combination of three exercises in a round:

pull-ups – 5
push ups – 10
squats – 15

You start with a pull up bar, pull your chest up till the chip crosses and lower back to the starting position. Follow up with pushups on all four and finish the routine with the classic squats.

6. The two CrossFit moves in one! (From Ethan Goetz – the AMRAP burpee box jumps)


Image source: dailyburn

You just have to push yourself to perform as many rounds of the two exercise combo as you can

Burpee box jumps – 8 (and its burpees and box jumps combined!)
Finish the burpee and jump on top of the 20-24 inch high box in front of you (to the very top) and repeat
Kettlebell swings – 16

7. The 21-15-9 deadlifts and burpees from JJ Christopher


Image source: theathelticbuild

This routine asks you to start with 21 reps, then reduce to 15 reps, and finish with 9 reps of both exercises.

Deadlifts – without about 95 to 135 pounds to start with
Burpees – place your hands on the floor while you’re standing up, jump a feet back, follow up with a push up, and finish by jumping back to the standing position.

When you have great CrossFit routines like these on your tips, there’s absolutely no room left for any excuse as to why you cannot continue your fitness regime. Now that have seven of these amazing CrossFit workouts all lined up for the seven days to come, it’s an anywhere and anytime fitness session for you.

I guess you’re ready to sweat it off the fittest way this week, cheers!

Featured image source: dailyburn

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7 CrossFit Workouts That Anybody Can Do Anytime, Anywhere
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