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Have You Committed These 7 Sins Before Saying ‘I do’?

One of world’s bitter truths is that life after marriage s*cks. No matter how much of a pampered princess you’d been, or how spoilt you had become as a result of being the quintessential ‘mamma’s boy,’ once you commit yourself to the everything that holy matrimony entails, you will start a life that is entirely different from the one you have led so far. You start a life of compromises and adjustments. Unlike how it was with your mum and dad, no longer will the pretty pout face get you anywhere with your new family. Your routine will undergo a huge transition, and to some extent so will your lifestyle. So before jumping into this uh-let’s-make-it-work saga, you must make it a point to enjoy some acts of extreme liberation- even if they go all the way into ‘sinful’ lanes! 


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Some of these might not be the usual kind of dope you’d be high on but with your marriage just a few days away, these’d make for a perfect sin-a-licious start for life after D-day:

1. Travel secretly with your soon-to-be spouse

woman traveling (6)

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You know you two love each other and you are probably already envisioning a brilliant future together, in that dreamy manner that makes people around go awww. But there’s a reason they say that the thrill of doing something adventurous and secretive is a hangover like no other! Go out for a weekend together, while giving separate excuses to your respective parents. Not only will you feel liberated, it will also take the pressure of marriage off of you for a while.

2. Do it and ditch it

woman at peace

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Get too drunk to differentiate your ring finger from your pinkie, sleep with the wrong person, maybe even trust the wrong person and then, let go with no regrets. Life is all about growing and this sin shall make you grow beautiful and strong- like you’d never imagined before!

3. Live all by yourself for a while

woman outdoors

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Because autonomy is just incredible! Get out of your previous space, leave the company of your parents or your roommates and try living as independently as possible. In fact, try to go all out and leave for the beach or the mountains (or whatever-the-f*ck is your dope) and cut off all contact from the world. Meet random strangers, strike up conversations with them, about them and simply, go about spreading smiles and giving hugs! Random? Do random- it feels so GOOD!

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4. Go for a teeny tiny romance

friends with benefits1

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When you know you are going to get married, go on and have a small fling. Make it clear that it shall be a no-strings-attached affair but simply a romance where you get to know each other for a week or a day and that’s that! You wouldn’t believe how magical measured moments can get! Trust me!

5. Do that (any/every)thing that you have always wanted to do


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This could be getting drunk with your girlfriends, wearing a certain dress that you thought was too OTT, going to a club with your buds and making complete fools of yourselves, or maybe, simply downing a few shots and drunk-dialing an ex (although this has its own risks)! Committing these sins before marriage will make you embark on your new journey with no lingering and nagging feeling of what-ifs!

6. Pursue the wrong long-term plan

friends having a drink

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Be it for a relationship or for work, try going for the option that you know, deep down, is all wrong for you! Whether personal or professional, this one sin shall make you realize and cherish the ‘right’ that comes right after all the more. It isn’t without reason that they say you get to know much more about something when you know about everything it isn’t…

7. Take a trip into YOU

woman thinking

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Now that you have gone p*ss drunk, maybe peed your pants laughing, slept and ditched the weirdo you thought looked cute in a dungaree, pursued a magical fling and said goodbye, traveled solo, had a taste of life’s ups and downs, known pleasure and pain, failure and gain- check to be doubly sure you want what is coming next. Coz after the sins, you WILL know. This is confession time to yourself!

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Good luck, lovelies!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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7 Sins You MUST Commit Before Marriage
There are a few sins you must DO before you say 'I do.'
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