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Ask Away: 8 Questions You Must Find Answers To Before Quitting Your Job

So, you’ve decided you are going to stop being miserable and take the BIG step. You are going to put down your papers and maybe, just maybe, tell off that terrible boss to f*ck off! Or maybe, you will simply walk out of his office with immense pride and dream about showing him the finger, when back at your desk.

Either way, quitting your job is a huge step and mustn’t have been easy to decide upon. But have you gone through a logical process before deciding that quitting your job is the ONLY way forward?

If you aren’t so sure, here are 8 questions you must ask yourself:

1. What is making me quit the job?

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Yes, leaving your hard-earned job is not that easy and there’s no reason to take such a big step without a solid concrete reason. Ask yourself why do you want to quit and why now! What is to be blamed for – is it the work? The type of work? The stress? Your relationships in the workspace – or just you? Once you know what the real and exact trouble is, we can decide if it is something that can be fixed, remedied or simply, drive you to the end.

2. Have I tried my best to make things right?

If it is something that can be worked upon, have you tried to fix it? I hope so (but why do I have an inkling that maybe not!). Even if you have, I suggest you try again. If it’s related to you – it’s not a problem, but just a phase (very much fixable!). But, if it is related to the work, then you definitely need to dig deeper. Is the work not your passion? Is the workload too much? The first one goes down the path of quitting- the second one, not until it’s affecting your sanity or health!

Put on your thinking cap and find out.

3. Why am I in the job I am right now?

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

When on the verge of a breakup – always go back to how the relationship started. Was it your dream job then (if so, what changed)? Were you in need of those paychecks then (but can do without them now)? Was this job just a settlement? Find the answers and then, make your move.

4. Am I ready to take care of my life without this job (for at least a year)?

Financial security is a must in life (and sadly, our paths to pursue our passions also need some, if not much, wads of green). So, peek through your accounts and then forward your resignation!

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5. What particularly do I not like about this job?

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

The work? The opportunity? The status it got you? The exposure? The experience? The environment? The craze to be in a job? Financial necessity? What? This step will give you the very impetus to stay or leave.

6. What changes am I looking for in my current job position?

Okay, if you don’t like your current work, then, ask yourself what is it that you want to change in your job. The working hours? The workload? The kind of work you do? The people you work with? Or the salary you work for? If you find what you’re looking for – you’ll find the right career and work goal for you.

7. If not here, where do I want to be?

Now that we’re coming close to deciding if you should really kiss your job a goodbye, you need to be very clear on where you want to be and what job you want to land. Do you want to continue in service or switch to a business enterprise (or maybe even try to give your passions a try!). Make a thought-through thorough decision.

8. What is my next step?

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Image source: Shutterstock

Because knowing where you are headed gives you all the conviction to follow the ‘miles to go before I sleep’ path.

Good luck!

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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8 Questions You MUST Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job
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