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10 Easy-to-avoid Wedding Mistakes Brides Need To Be Careful About

Your wedding day is no doubt the most important day of your life, and you want it to go as smoothly as possible, without any kind of hassles or obstacles. As a bride, your responsibility is even greater as not only do you have a thousand things to plan and keep track of, but you will also have to make a stunning and flawless appearance on the big day itself. We all make mistakes, and wedding planning is no easy task, so it is only expected that you could miss a few things here and there.

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We are here to make your job a lot easier with advice and suggestions from our relationship experts and brides who have already walked down the aisle and know all about the nuances of how to make a wedding work flawlessly. To make your day as perfect as possible, here is some invaluable advice that will prevent you from committing any major blunders.

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1. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes

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Don’t focus too much on insignificant details that you forget what your guests would actually want. Make it as much a memorable day for your guests as it is for you. Although you are putting in a lot of effort to make sure that the color of your flowers in the wedding would be red and not yellow, that is not something that your guests would really take note of. Instead, we suggest that you pay attention to whether your guests will be comfortable with the seating arrangements and that they would have as much fun as you would!

If you really mean to take care of them and have their best interests in mind, place yourself in your guests’ shoes and think from their point of view. For instance, if your wedding is being held on a hot and sunny day, we suggest that you arrange fresh and cool drinks for your guests so they can beat the heat. They will really be grateful to you for having been so mindful of their needs.

2. Choose the wedding planner in time


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There’s no point in choosing your wedding planner when you have already planned and arranged everything for your wedding. After all, you will be spending a lot of money on your planner, and it will be a waste of cash if your planner will do nothing but add a few finishing touches.

We suggest that you hire your planner as early as possible. Planners can be pretty helpful and it is their job to educate you, guide you, and help you out in difficult situations. Moreover, as wedding planners are already in the business of arranging weddings, they will know the market rates for wedding related items.

Without a planner, you might make many wedding mistakes like cashing in all your money on a dreamlike venue and then having nothing left for arranging food or entertainment. Let them give you suggestions for wedding venues and deal with all the suppliers.

3. Don’t let the wedding planner’s progress worry the heck out of you

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You have hired that expensive wedding planner for a reason. They are supposed to make the wedding planning process a lot easier instead of having you stress about whether the job is being done properly. These people are experts and have been trained to manage events of massive scale and responsibility. So leave them to the job and go relax with your friends and family members.

At the same time, do not forget to take their opinion when you are going to make wedding preparations by yourself. If you skip consulting with them and directly talk to the party concerned, then this will offend your planner. This will render the planning engagement to be useless and make your job much more difficult. So if you ever face any problems, consult your planner; and if you can’t think of any solution to the issue, let your planner sort it out. After all, wedding planning is their area of expertise, and rest assured, they are going to find out a great alternative.

4. Set a boundary that your parents wouldn’t overstep

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Brides often complain that their parents interfere too much in wedding preparations. To avoid this, you should talk to your parents before making wedding arrangements to make sure that they don’t get involved in more than what is necessary. Your approach shouldn’t come off as rude and as bad wedding etiquette – be polite, and as an alternative you can give them easy jobs so that they would feel included but at the same time not totally take over.

5. Don’t rely fully on wedding blogs

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We all know how cute all the endless photographs on Pinterest and Tumblr look, and we do always wish that our weddings would look similarly picture perfect. We also understand how tempting it is to keep Googling wedding photos. Take as much inspiration as you want from these webpages, let your wedding ideas be based on them. But we strongly suggest that you keep it at that. Don’t have extreme expectations about duplicating the looks of Pinterest wedding images. Those images are usually heavily photoshopped and edited, and most people in the pictures are models who get paid for posing. You can’t really expect your wedding to turn out so flawlessly. Embrace the flaws and make it all look perfect despite them.

At the end of the day, it is your turn to implement these ideas in your wedding. There are millions of ideas on the internet that sound fun to try out, but you can’t just take up all these ideas and use them as your wedding theme. Choose one idea very carefully, one that will reflect the person you are. One that your guests will like as much your partner-to-be will.

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6. Don’t overlook the time factor for the sake of DIY projects

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It is true that by undertaking DIY projects, you can save a lot of money and cut down on the unnecessarily bills that a wedding could cost you otherwise. DIY details are great, but make sure you do only as much as you can handle. You have to make a lot of arrangements for DIY wedding preparations, so make sure you start them way before your wedding day. If you fall short of time, then you will eventually realize that you had to spend more money than regular weddings to get everything done within the short span of time available.

7. Save time for makeup and styling hair

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This is one of the most important wedding mistakes, which we see in 6 out of every 10 weddings we attend. Speak to your makeup artist beforehand so you can set aside a good amount of time for your makeup and styling. Moreover, make sure that all the bridesmaids are tended to first, so that your makeup artist can style you in a relaxed state mind.

8. Don’t forget your makeup emergency bag on the wedding day

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It is a must for you to carry this spare kit around. You can’t expect your makeup to stay intact throughout the day, so the only solution is carrying a spare makeup bag. If you can touch up every now and then, you will look fresh and gorgeous for the duration of the wedding.

9. Remember to get photographed with all the important people

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On the wedding day itself, you must make a mental note of all the people that you want to be photographed with. If possible, ask your photographer beforehand to take a picture of you whenever you are with that person.

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10. Don’t let the little things get to you and spoil your fun


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Your wedding day is your day, and you are supposed to have the most fun on your wedding. If you do make a few tiny slip-ups, don’t let it all get to you and ruin your mood. Mistakes do happen, and it is your job to let it pass and focus on the tasks at hand rather than mope about what is already done. For all you know, such minor wedding mistakes won’t even go noticed. Instead, feel great for how wonderfully things are actually going your way. Cheer up at the thought of how your guests are having a great time. All this will make you feel that your wedding is one magnificent affair rather than a morbid and unsuccessful one.

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10 Easy-to-avoid Wedding Mistakes Brides Need To Take Care
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