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8 Scandalously Erotic Novels You MUST Read Today

While most of you will hate to admit it- the forbidden fruit does taste the sweetest! After all, we are all here because of one!

Here are some choicest forbidden picks from the literary world that shall make your insides squirm (in a GOOD way) along with each turn of the page. Enjoy these scandalous erotic novels:

1. Juliette By Marquis de Sade


Image source: Goodreads

If the protagonist’s nymphomaniacal and murderous tendencies weren’t enough to disturb, the long raunchy romps wrapped in unthinkable violence, incest will hit you in the gut like no other! Plus add to it the cast of revolting pedophiles, murderers, cannibals and the happiness and success of our heroine- tadaa…we have a winner! What- didn’t I tell you- we are talking ‘scandalous!’

2. Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs

The Naked Lunch

Image source:

Burroughs’ book is famous for all the wrong..err..right (in this case!?!) reasons. Extremely graphic and violent descriptions of sodomy, sadism and more! Interlaced in cut-up sections like the cold, repugnant food that Burrough’s title suggests, the book is more or less a drugged ride in time- like the protagonist himself!

3. Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart

The Dice Man

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Think being caught in a nexus of orgies, murder, rape, prostitution and more! All of this because you are bored in life and start to make decisions on the roll of a dice! Hooked? We bet you are!

4. Asking For It by Lilah Pace

Asking For It

Image source: Goodreads

If the title didn’t just say it all, we will spell it out for you- consensual rape fantasy. And if that seems revolting, give the book a chance- you may actually be pushed to change sides!

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5. You By Caroline Kepnes


Image source: Goodreads

Imagine making your journey inside the labyrinthine corridors of the mind of a sociopath- and not only forging ahead but actually knocking on all doors, barging in if not let in and checking in on every dark secret he has tucked beneath pillows, inside closets and more! What’s more- you will enjoy it! Don’t believe me? Go on, I dare ya!

6. The Paper Swan by Leylah Attar

The Paper Swan

Image source: Goodreads

Stockholm syndrome, Mexican drug cartels, torture, murder, white-collar crime, inequality, missing fingers, origami and true love. Can’t think how these will co-exist? Go on, find out!

7. Priest By Sierra Simone


Image source: Goodreads

While we all have some deliciously dark forbidden fantasies tucked away in some remote corners of our mind, being a parishioner who has the hots for the hot priest sure calls for some confession- or does it? Ohh, there’s love too!

8. Tainted Black by Shanora Q Williams

Tainted Black

Image source: Goodreads

A smoking hot dad and his daughter’s impressionable best friend. Enough said!

What- we told you what we were UP to! 😉

Featured image source: Goodreads

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8 Scandalously Erotic Novels You MUST Read Today
Coz the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest! Read these erotic novels TODAY!
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