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8 surefire signs that you are more than just friends

So, I was fixing myself a veggie burger, and he comes in to check if I needed help. Now you must know I am the kind of person who’d not allow any person on the face of the earth to touch anything that goes into my veggie burger – I like ’em perfect and therefore, I make them! <smug> And yet, somehow, not only did he help me slice the onion rings and shred the cheese, but I also ended up sharing the burger with him. Meanwhile my mom was watching our playful wrestling with the chopping board and well, a lettuce leaf (poor guy! But I kinda liked I was winning! 😉 😛 ) and giving me the ‘you-don’t-allow-‘ME’-to-enter-the-kitchen-while-you-fix-your-favorite-burger- What’s-cookin!’ look! I tried hard to dodge the look and refrained from giving the ‘I-don’t-know-myself-yet’ look to her – an expression I am sure ALL mothers read as – so, here’s my future son-in-law! 😛

But after the burger was lost in the caverns of my tummy, my brain started to cook its very own dish about the yummy platter he and I’d be together! And I tried to shred the reasons to delve deeper into all the ‘signs’ that’d evince if there indeed was enough ‘between us’ to brew a romantic beverage to go with the ‘future burgers’ we may fix together.

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Here are the signs I thought counted to being the essential ingredients of the ‘more-than-friends’ dish:

1. The everyday every night calls and texts are a ritual!

text message

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I fall asleep to his voice and wake up to cute-sy ‘good morning’ messages. And if this is how your days go, coupled with numerous half-hourly messages sandwiched in between, it is a clear green signal to board the ‘more-than-friends’ express train!

2. He shares his dreams, hopes, aspirations, and even family with me!

stay with you

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Guys are pretty ‘closed’ when it comes to sharing their innermost thoughts. They’d rather be zipped and avert the possibility of being emotionally vulnerable than get attached. But if he shows otherwise, then it is a surefire way to know that he truly wants to be much more than a friend to you!

3. When I met his folks/friends, they already knew me, coz they heard ‘so much about me!’

need anything

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Okay, this is as sweeeeeeeeeeeet as it gets. Guys do not take random chicks home, not to meet their mothers anyway! So, if he takes you home to meet his folks and invites you over to party/hang out with his friends, it is a blatant indication that you are one special lady he wants to make ‘family.’ (And no, I don’t mean start making a family with, wait a second, maybe … I mean, why not! 😉 )

4. He tries ‘anything’ to ‘everything’ to make me laugh!

make you laugh

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If he deems your laughter is the sweetest sound ever, the guy is a keeper. The important thing is that he ‘tries’ to be the reason behind that heart-warming sound! Whether or not he has you in splits or makes you pee your pants, is a different ball game altogether but hey, cracking the type of jokes he sees you ‘like’ on Facebook or watching a funny video together – he ‘tries’ it all to make you laugh – ALWAYS! And when you do, he beams with pride at being the reason!

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5. He tells me ‘he is lucky to have me in his life.’


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This is the most direct he can get. Okay, it may be a tad bit misleading too but not when it comes along with the entire gamut of ‘signs.’ If he tells you that he feels blessed to have you by his side, involves you in his major decisions, shares his fears and hopes with you, and makes it known that he NEVER EVER wants to lose you, he surely has more than friendship on his mind.

6. He ‘puts’ me first!

lose you

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If he pushes behind that much-awaited night-out with his ‘bros,’ schedules his work around times that you are available to go out or talk and goes the extra mile to haul your books around the library or wire your house for high speed internet, he is thinking of taking the ‘friendship’ forward to a R-relationship (Switch off the dirty folks, it means ROMANTIC, the rest can come in later!) 😉

7. Our friends have begun to make the ‘obvious’ comments!


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If your friends have noticed the way you look at each other, talk of those tickling sessions that more or less equals dry humping (coz let’s admit it, there’s a palpable sexual tension between you two!) and have frequently teased you about your closeness to each other – it is a your cue to understand that the PDA is not part of ‘friendship’ alone! Or else wouldn’t you all be one huge pack of ‘tickling-eyeing-blushing’ idiots-in-love?!? 😛

8. He gets jealous of my other ‘guy’ friends!


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Usually this is a hyper normal reaction to my conversations or hangouts with other guys! And while most of it trickles in a sweet token of being possessive about me, I tend to maintain the thin line between being ‘possessive’ and being a ‘crazed jealous maniac.’ If you are possessive about each other and tend to get a tad bit uncomfy when your ‘special friend’ meets people of the opposite sex, you definitely are into him/her more than you care to admit. I mean you wouldn’t look up the party pictures of their new year bash with school buddies a hundred times over if you weren’t exactly looking to find if somebody had the cudgels to ask her out (before you made it to the end of your two-years-of-being-best-friend plan to do the same) and more so, if she responded!

Bonus sign – Most of all, he cares about your happiness!


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He cares about your happiness and wants the best for you! He tells you so and would do anything to turn your frowns upside down. He would fight the world to stop your tears and make sure you are always smiling!

Folks, it is a two way expressway and if all these signs are alive and kicking in your life, you can sure grab a ticket to board the ‘more-than-friends’ train!  (Remember, only if it is happening both ways!!!)

Coz, I mentally checked all of them in my head and thought – oh, he likes me and I do too! So, do I want to take it forward and say,


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or do I still want to wait for more signs and make him go through the


Image source

phase? Coz maybe, just maybe, he’s trying to date me for my veggie burgers! What, those burgers are a bomb!! 😉 😉 😉

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8 signs that you are more than just friends
If you're confused with your 'friendship' with that guy you pour your heart to, here are 8 signs to make it clear that you are more than just friends.
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