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Weirdly Specific Dating Sites That Are Perfect For Picky Singles

It has been amply established that dating is tough. The whole point is to have a good time, and in the process if you find someone you truly vibe with, then you can stop serial dating, and “settle down” with that one special someone. To accelerate this process in the modern world, we have dating apps, which helps you choose from a wider pool of people, and also helps you meet people you would never have met otherwise. Now there are a lot of popular dating apps such as Tinder and OK Cupid and Bumble.

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However, if you have more specific tastes, then also exists for you niche-specific dating sites, which only contains a very specific type of people. These sites usually contain people who like one very specific thing, and I am not talking about large groups of people like men who like men or women who like food. I am talking about a more specific place, where you swipe and match with people, all of whom share the exact same likes and interest, or like and inertest as you do.

Here are some popular dating apps and sites, which are also hyper niche-bound.

  1. Soul Geek

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We all have that one friend who is super passionate about their comics or their anime. Finding someone who is equally obsessed with fictional characters in a fictional world can be tough, which is why there exists a dating site just for you! Soul Geek is a website that was created by Dino Andrade, only for nerds.

Whether you are hyper obsessed with Batman, or if you are into cosplay full-time, or you live, eat, sleep, breathe Star Trek, you can meet people who are obsessed with the same thing as you are, and make actual friends, and geek out together over your common obsession and maybe even find the love of your life!

  1. Bristlr


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We have all wistfully stared after that bearded hipster on the street with a mane that could put an actual lion and a hair model to shame simultaneously. If you have had withdrawals afterwards and gone on dating sites to find someone with half as fascinating a beard and been disappointed, then I have good news for you.

Bristlr is a dating app designed specifically for people who have a beard and for people who are looking to date people who have a beard. When you try to join, they ask you one question only- whether you have a beard or not. It is available on Android and iOS and it is perfect for finding the bearded love of your life.

  1. Sizzl


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Believe it or not, there is a whole section of the world’s population who are more obsessed with bacon than they are with anything else, so much so that they feel their love life could be affected by their love for bacon. I mean, it’s okay if you are one of those people who would do anything for bacon. Love is love, no matter who (or what) it is directed at.

Lucky for you, there is a dating app which could get you in touch with people who are as obsessed with bacon as you are. You can decide how you like your bacon, and find likeminded people. You can press the heart icon to show them how much you like them before matching, and you could be on your way to a perfect bacon union.

  1. Hater


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For all you bitter, sad, nihilistic little aggressive potatoes out there, there is a dating site for you too. If you have gone on normie dating apps and sites like Tinder and OkC, then you might have nauseated by the sheer positivity and enthusiasm that people on there have. Talking about the things you hate, which more of than not trumps the things you love can be a difficult subject to broach.

You don’t have to wait any longer, because you can bond with the people who hate the same stuff as you, and the fact that this is such a niche dating site, you can actually meet people that you vibe with for real, instead of those fake enthu cutlets on Tinder. This is the one I am rooting for.

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  1. Tindog


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Do you get triggered when you see a pupper on the streets? Are you tired of your dates ghosting on you because they couldn’t handle your screeching when you saw a smol doggo look at you? Do you want someone who will not only love you, but also your pup? Then delete Tinder, and get Tindog instead, which, frankly, is a revolutionary dating app which everyone should have (if you like dogs that is).

Not only can you get play dates for your pupper, but you can also find a potential play date for yourself (huehue). Bonus points for this one, because everyone on this app has a dog, which means you get to meet a gazillion new fluffers all the time.

  1. Gluten Free Singles

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The world is divided into two kinds of people- people who eat bread, and people who don’t. If you belong to the latter group, then finding someone with the same ideologies can be difficult. After all, not everyone can understand how ardently you avoid gluten.

Your food habits are a very important part of your existence, and you need someone that you can eat in peace with, so why not filter out the options from the start. I mean God knows you must be tired of explaining to plebs why you don’t eat gluten. I guarantee it is going to be awesome having a conversation about something other than your choice/decision not eat gluten.

  1. SaladMatch

 salad match_new_love_times

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Like I said, your eating habits are a very important part of your lifestyle, and unless you can find someone that you can eat with in peace, you are not going to be truly happy in life are you? One of the hardest parts about dating is deciding where to go and finding something to eat that you both love. Imagine a dating app that could solve all of the above problems.

In fact, there is no need to imagine. SaladMatch, created by Just Salads is a dating app that allows people to get in touch with other people who have the same salad eating habits as them. After all, salads are some super personal food, and it is different for everyone, so when you find someone with the same taste in salads as you, you know you have something special there.

  1. Tall Friends

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Tall Friends is a wonderfully specific and strangely popular dating app, where you can date people based on their height. Even on normal dating sites like Tinder and Ok Cupid, height seems to be an issue a lot of people have a problem with. If you have been on dating sites as long as I have, you will have seen every other bio mention something about height and the height requirements of their potential partners.

There is no reason to engage in this controversy at all when you have a dating site like Tall Friends to help you out. It helps you pick out the perfect partner, who is as tall as you want them to be. Frankly, this is super beneficial for super tall women who are tired of going out with men who are smaller than them.

  1. Yeezy Dating

 yeezy dating_new_love_times

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To be honest, this is the one that inspired this entire list. Kanye West is a very interesting personality. However, the body of people who are fans of his work are as interesting if not more. They share a few common traits, such as believing that Kanye West is an actual God on earth, no music is better or more meta than his music, and they are also passive aggressive as hell.

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All these are very specific characteristic traits which might cause slight problems with other people, who aren’t as passionate about the life and work of Kanye West. For such people, there is now launching a dating app called Yeezy Dating, which was started by a fan after crowd-funding the resources for this app. Believe it or not, Kanye himself didn’t make this one, which is surprising considering how obsessed he is with himself. Nonetheless, if you are a Kanye fan, looking to freak out over Kanye with other Kanye fans and find love at the same time, this is where you should be at.

While the success rate of popular dating apps and dating sites like Tinder are ever-increasing, the number of people on these niche-specific sites is also increasing, and people are finding new, more channelized ways of meeting and dating new people. We can’t wait to see what the world of online dating has in store for us next!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

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9 Super Niche But Popular Dating Apps And Sites
Whether you are a Kanye worshipper, or you hate gluten, there is a dating app for you. Check out these 9 popular dating apps and sites, that are also weirdly specific.
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