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How To Tinder 101: Building The Perfect Profile

Tinder is not merely a dating app anymore. It has become a lifestyle. It is difficult to find single people who are not on Tinder, or haven’t tried Tinder out at least once in their lifetime. People have forged lifelong friendships on Tinder, even if they didn’t end up meeting their soul mate on there. However, all of these good news comes with a catch- you have to know how to Tinder.

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Building the right Tinder profile is imperative if you want to achieve any kind of success on this website. If you think uploading a couple of average pictures and a boring bio is enough to help you get everyone to swipe right on your profile at the speed of light, then you are wrong. A lot of people don’t know how to Tinder, and that is okay. That is what I am there for. I am going to tell you about some Tinder secrets to creating the perfect profile which will actually substantially increase the number of people who swipe right on you, and consequently, improve your chances of meeting the love of your life.

  1. Choose the right pictures

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Pictures are everything. When you are swiping through profiles, the first thing people notice is your pictures. If you choose a bad picture which is hazy or too close or too far or doesn’t show your face or is weird in general and not the best version of yourself people are going to swipe left without giving you a second thought. They aren’t going to wait to go through the rest of your profile.

Choose a picture which represents you in the best form. It is like showing people the best version of yourself. It is always better if you choose a picture where you are smiling. This should be your first picture. After that, you can go for pictures which show you engaging in various activities that you enjoy, but all of them should have a discernible representation of your face. No one wants to date shadows, silhouettes, sceneries and walls.

  1. Don’t come across as self-obsessed in your profile

Most people think the bio section is not important. Some ambitious individuals even think that they can forgo writing out a bio completely. Now that is a mistake if I ever saw one. Your bio is what can change a person’s decision to swipe left or right on you. Pictures after all, can be deceiving, and it is your bio which determines whether you are worth the effort of a conversation or not.

In your bio, make sure that what you write is at a 70 to 30 ratio. Like 70% of the bio should be about you, the stuff you like, the stuff you think people should know about you in order to like you, and 30% of the bio should be about the other person, telling them what you can offer them, and what you would like in return or what you are looking for. This allows for an inclusive space and also acts as a great conversation starter.

  1. Be funny

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I have been on Tinder since the day I was born (okay maybe that was a slight exaggeration), but I do know a lot about Tinder. One thing I can tell you for sure is that humor always works. There is no way in hell that someone will miss out on your profile or not do a double take, if you are genuinely funny.

I am not asking you to write dead baby jokes on your Tinder bio, but simple, quaint and witty one liners will make people fall in love with you instantly and actually make them want to engage in conversation with you. Now, if you don’t have a natural sense of humor, maybe ask a funny friend to help out, or simply stick to a descriptive bio written in proper grammar.

  1. Add something that will make you stand out from the crowd

Like I said, it is difficult to find a single person who is not on Tinder. Also, might I add, a huge chunk of the world’s population is single. So the simple math is- a lot of people are on Tinder. It is a literal see, teeming with fish looking for the same damn thing. In order to increase the rate at which people swipe right on your profile, you have to add something which makes you stand out from the rest of the people.

This could be a cool picture, it could also be a linked song from Spotify, it could be a super cool bio, it could be your Instagram, linked to your Tinder profile. These little things act as conversation starters and if there is someone who legit shares the same interests as you, then you might have a match!

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  1. You should look like you in all your pictures


Image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

The battle between how you look in the mirror and how you look in real life is a never-ending one. You always tend to take nice pictures, and those bomb selfies are obviously going to go on Tinder. However, make sure there is a uniformtity in all the pictures that you are uploading on Tinder. You know how it is- you look like a completely different person in some of your pictures, while I some others, you look like a more horrific version of mirror you.

If people see 5 pictures where you look completely different from the last one, then they will get confused and feel deceived even before knowing you. I am not lying, this is backed up psychology. Even if you have three pictures, have three really nice ones where you look relatively uniform, which will give the other person a fair idea about what you actually look like.

  1. Don’t put up group pictures

Honestly, I get so annoyed when I see people put pictures of them, along with 600 other people. I have even come across profiles which have only group pictures. I mean, which one is you? Is it the short red-headed girl? Is the boy in the background sleeping on the pavement? Is the car that you are leaning against? I am so confused!

When you are building your profile, you should put pictures where there is only you. Even if you are putting pictures with other people in it, make sure you are the center of attention, so that at least they know who you are. Someone would want to swipe right on you, and not your entire family and friend group. Get real. Be honest. Be sensible.

  1. Don’t use the words “fun-loving” and “sapiosexual” in your profile


Image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

Like I said, I have been on Tinder since before Tinder was created. There are certain things that just don’t work out. For example, in 90% of the profiles that I have come across, people have used words such as “fun-loving” and “sapiosexual”. The fact that you have to mention that you love fun is a cause for concern because WHO DOESN’T LOVE FUN?

Also, it is wonderful that you are attracted to intelligence, but the fact that you chose to be so verbose about it instead of playing it cool with a witty one-liner speaks volumes about how you are very from intelligence and subtlety yourself. Avoid using such banal words to describe yourself, and instead, figure out ways in which you can get creative.

  1. Don’t lie about yourself. Be genuine

If you are going to get people to swipe right on you based off the lies that you decided to pew on your profile, then let me tell you something right now- BAD IDEA. I mean, you are going to have tp have a conversation with them eventually, and there is no way that they are not going to find out that you were lying on your profile. How do you think it will go from there, huh?

Whether it is your picture or your bio, make sure that you don’t anything that isn’t really you on your profile. All the pictures should be you and not Daniel Craig. Your bio shouldn’t brag about things that you haven’t done, because no relationship can start based on lies.

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  1. Use the right elements in your pictures

 woman with her dog (6)

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License 

Because I am so obsessed with Tinder, I have gone through the blogs of a number of Tinder experts (yes, people like that actually exist, like professionally) and I have become somewhat of an expert myself now. I can safely say that there are some elements that get you extra brownie points when you are trying to build the perfect dating profile.

For example, women who wear red, smile a lot in their pictures, have good quality pictures and are doing some sort of activity in their pictures are more likely to get matches. Men on the other hand, get more right swipes if they show their kind, brave and sensitive side. Put up pictures with babies, animals, old people, etc. and you are likely to see more women swipe right without even thinking on your profile.

If you thought learning how to Tinder was a piece of cake, hopefully now you know that it is not. Online dating is an art that you have master, and hopefully these tips served as a useful first lesson.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

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How To Tinder 101: Building The Perfect Profile
In order to increase the chances of you meeting your soul mate online, you need to know how to Tinder. Here is a handy guide for starters., on how to build the perfect profile.
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