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12 Dating Apps Other Than Tinder Which Aren’t A Total Waste Of Time

If you have caught yourself reading an article about dating apps other than Tinder, then you, like me, have been a victim of the Tinder craze, and then been thoroughly disappointed. However, once you are hooked to a dating app, it is tough to let go of that habit. It is like gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe- you can’t get rid of it even if you want to.

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To be honest, Tinder is murky waters that not many people are willing to wade into, precisely because there are ~too many~ people in it. Everyone seems to know about Tinder, and it is turning into another “send nudes” platform that frankly, I am getting really tired of.

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However, just because Tinder is getting closer to disappointment with every left swipe, doesn’t mean that your dating dreams have to meet a sad demise. When you live in a metropolitan city you seem to be surrounded by a million new faces every day, and your singlehood bears down on you. When Tinder isn’t an option anymore, or when you get tired of Tinder and want to search different seas for your fish, then you can check out dating apps other than Tinder, which according to my expert opinion, are actually better!

Here are all the other dating apps which are better and more creative than Tinder, and who knows, you might actually find love on there!

1. Bumble

The first inclusion on the list is the wonderful dating app called Bumble, which is predominantly used in America, but is available all over the world. Doesn’t a feminist version of Tinder sound perfect? Well, this is what Bumble essentially is. Even after you match with someone you like, the woman gets to send the message first and it is essentially all about respect and consent and general awesomeness and empowerment.

2. Miss Travel

Most of the bios on Tinder read “wanderlust” because people seem to be super fond of travelling. Here is a dating app, which is literally made for lovers of travel, so that you don’t have to use “wanderlust” as a disclaimer. People who travel alone can meet other travelers anywhere in the world and vibe and have an actual chance of meeting, dating and liking each other.

3. OK Cupid

If you want something exactly like Tinder, but not Tinder, then you can always check out OK Cupid, which claims to be the best dating site on earth, according to its official website.  The easy to use interface allows you to scroll through thousands of potential dates all over the world, and is in general, well-loved by a number of people, which is assurance of the fact that there are enough people on the app.

4. Happn

Here is an innovative concept for you, in the form of Happn. Have you ever walked down the street or bumped into some stranger and wished you knew their name because you found them cute? If both you and that person are registered on Happn, then the app will show it to you, and you can actually go out on a date! Apart from the slightly stalker-ish complex, it is a wonderful way to meet people who live near you, or you’ve met and liked.

5. Plenty of Fish

Another wonderful app, which is sort of like Tinder, is Plenty of Fish. The only difference is that it comes with a host of other options which can help you filter your matches and decide what to do with them in a more organized manner.

If you are interested to go out with them without any prior obligatory conversation, then you can hit the “meet them” button. You can check out people with who you would be an “ultra match” or check out the people in your neighborhood under the “locals” filter.

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6. How About We

Personally, this is my favorite because this app, which is called How About We, is completely normal, sweet, polite and efficient. This not only helps you match with non non-creepy strangers on the internet, but after you have had a decent enough conversation, it also selects a date place for you!

As a dating app expert, I can say with confidence that a lot of the time conversations die because you can’t find neutral grounds to meet. The app chooses a cute date place for you and your match and you can make some pretty decent friends on here.

7. Hinge

Like Tinder, Hinge also is centered around your Facebook profile and links you with people who have common interests and opinions. However, the options aren’t endless and overwhelming like it is on Tinder. It is only refers to your friends of your friends on Facebook, and reduces the risk of you matching with a serial killer.

The only downside of Hinge is that the number of potential dates you could find on here is reduced considerably. That being said, it is always better when you have mutual friends with the people you match with, so that there aren’t nasty surprises for you.

8. Bark n’ Borrow

If you read online guides about Tinder hacks, you will see that the percentage getting matches increases exponentially when you have a dog with you on your pictures. However, if you want to bypass the rest of the hazards of Tinder, check out Bark n’ Borrow, which is a dating app, made exclusively for people who love doggos.

You can plan dates with your furry buddies and bond over your love for doggies, and to be honest, I can’t think of anything more ideal.

9. Bristlr

Specialized dating apps are an actual thing, and with 7 billion people on earth, you won’t have trouble finding the one, no matter how specialized your dating app is. This one called Bristlr, exclusively features men who have beards and according to their website, “women who want to stroke them.”

However, the actual app isn’t as cringe-worthy as their tagline. You get to choose various different beards and the men that come with them. It’s as simple as that. If you have a match, then you can bond over your mutual love for beards.

10. Grindr

Grindr has become one of the most popular apps on the dating apps market because it is exclusively for bisexual, gay, lesbian or bi-curious people. It is a wonderful platform where you can meet people without judgment or fear or awkward conversations.

Grindr has as many users as Tinder, which is saying something because Tinder has a lot of followers. It is also available worldwide, and has a relatively good success rate and non-creepy rate, so you are good to go.

11. Pure

Pure is another wonderfully simple dating app, which is like Tinder, but better and for hipsters. You can be as cool and as pseudo-intellectual as you please when you are on Pure, and meet people from your locality.

This makes arranging dates infinitely easier, which is why more and more people are discovering the wonderful platform that is Pure. Another great feature about this app is that it automatically deletes the pictures and conversations that you share with people, so that there isn’t a privacy issue where people misuse the info you send or the pictures. Pure also lists the people who are ready to date immediately, and not those “looking for something non-serious” or whatever other synonym there is for causal hookups nowadays.

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12. The Inner Circle

Dating sites can be full of people who are there just to make your life difficult. The Inner Circle is a wonderful dating site/app which has an extensive screening process, which basically filters out everyone who is there to waste your time and make your miserable. You can meet people on there, talk to them, see what they are doing in real time if you match, along with a lot of other cool features.

The app also organizes singles’ parties, where you can meet like-minded singles in real life, even though it is through a dating site, which somehow makes the whole process seem more legit and real. All in all, it is a wonderful experience, with very few disadvantages.

When you are foraying into the world of dating apps and dating websites, it is normal to gravitate towards Tinder. However, when you have played on this ground for far too long, you know what a waste of time Tinder can be.

These specialized dating apps other than Tinder are a wonderful way to find love in a digital world where people barely look up from their smart phones. Using these apps might actually give you a chance to meet someone you genuinely like, and it would sound way cooler than telling your grandkids that you met on Tinder.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

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