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9 Truths You MUST Be Aware Of Before Dating A Cancer

Whatever you do, the stars have a say in it, or so they say. It is true, at least to a certain extent. And we Cancers aren’t any different. Cancers have a reputation for being sensitive, emotional, and trustworthy. This trust has come back to bite us in the rear more times than you could count, though. But no matter, c’est la vie, eh?

We are super selective about the people we keep close, and with that trust thing I mentioned above, can you blame us? Being water signs, it’s hardly a surprise that our moods fluctuate and is all over the place. Plus, we’re one of those people who go all or nothing, in whatever we do. It’s either love or hate, boring or interesting, put you on a pedestal or dump you in the pits – there’s just no in-between for us.

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So what’s it really like dating a Cancer? Be prepared for a heck of a ride! And if you’re one of the braver people who is in a relationship or contemplating getting into one with a Cancer, then you’d better know these things.

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1. We tend to over-analyze things – a wee bit more than is called for!

Whether it’s a date with that guy you’ve been dying to go out with, or an offhand comment from your boss/sister/friend/colleague, we can’t help but over-analyze things. We can be really attentive when we want to be, but when this attention gets to the point of analyzing every little emoticon he sent with his message, then you’ll know you’re dating a Cancer!

2. We are sensitive – sometimes overly so

You won’t find more loving, more loyal human beings than us Cancers. We are guilty of wearing our hearts on our sleeves, which is why we feel everything … too damned much. Being betrayed or disappointed in someone or something, will lead us to shut down emotionally. Or, it could also be that we come out swinging! So you’d better learn how to handle us tender-hearted Cancers. All we want is for someone to understand us. If you get that right, the you’ll be a keeper!

3. We love our family – too much!

Family is very important to us Cancers. And if someone tries to mess with anyone who we consider family, you’re going to have to deal with us! We treat our close friends as family too, and if you manage to impress this family of ours, then you’re in, my friend!

4. We will stand by you, no matter what

Once we give our hearts to someone, we’ll be there, come hell or high water. Sure, we have our mood swings and over-analysis of every little gesture, but when it matters the most, we’re there with you. We are dependable, loyal, consistent, and reliable to those we hold close to our heart. No matter what, we’ll always have your back.

5. We are stubborn as hell

One of the things you need to keep in mind while dating a Cancer is that you need to know how stubborn we can be. We are strong-willed and persistent. Once we make up our minds about something, we don’t change it that easily, or without good reason. Plus, this is backed up by our heightened sense of intuition. You bet your behind that we trust our instincts always, and it’s right – always (well, 95% of the time anyway)!

6. We are passionate creatures

When we love something, we give it our all – be it art, writing, reading, or relationships. You better brace yourselves for intensity from us – in any aspect of our lives. When we find kindredness with another soul, we are not afraid to pour our everything into them. As passionate as we are, you’d better believe in our dreams and encourage us to achieve them.

7. We love with ALL of our heart

When we find love, we will be more loving than any other Zodiac sign imaginable. In short, our love is ocean-deep. We are devoted lovers, who can be fiercely protective of you. And our weak spots – your romantic gestures! Yes, you can have us in the palm of your hands with your sweet and genuine romantic gestures.

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8. We are faithful and loyal, and expect nothing less from you

As mentioned above, we go all of nothing, and it’s true of relationships as well. When we make a commitment, we stick by it through thick and thin; our loyalty is stronger than an oak! However, one caveat though – you need to be loyal in return too. Because once you break a Cancer’s faith in you, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

9. We go above and beyond to make you happy

Since Cancers are all or nothing, when we fall in love, it’s as described in romance novels – it’s all-consuming. We feel it in our very bones. Sometimes, wearing our hearts on our sleeves will come to bite us in the end, but it’ll have been worth it because those painful experiences led us to you.

So know this – if a Cancer falls in love with you, they’re in it for the long haul, all in, are loyal to a fault and expect the same from you, while doing everything in their power to make you happy. Still brave enough to be dating a Cancer? 😉

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9 Truths You MUST Be Aware Of Before Dating A Cancer
Are you attracted to a Cancer? Before taking the plunge and dating a Cancer, know these truths about them. You'll be grateful to us!
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