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Does Seaweed Make You Look & Feel Younger? Benefits Of Seaweed In Detail

In the realm of beauty and cosmetology, seaweed treatment has shown some surprising results. From curing acne and dandruff, to averting hair fall and sagging of the breasts, the benefits of seaweed are manifold. Seaweed is also known to cure cellulitis, enhance slimming, and speed up the rejuvenation of the skin.


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The early Greeks referred to seaweed treatment as, ‘Thalassotherapia’, where Thalassa means the sea, while therapia is to cure. Seaweed was used as a treatment for goiter, lung disorders and even premature deliveries, back in the 16th century. In the 21st century, seaweed is popular because of its valuable properties in the domain of medicine, not only as a cure to ailments, but also as a natural herbal therapy in itself, the use of which can save us from the harmful effects of modern day drugs.

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What is seaweed?


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Seaweed is a vegetable that contains chlorophyll, has no roots or structure and is found in sea water. Seaweed is a living organism that is part of the plant kingdom. They are made of identical cells whose growth is influenced by osmosis from cell to cell. The reproduction in seaweeds take place annually, and through pores. As of today, there are over a thousand varieties of seaweeds in the world.

According to a research, there exist female phytohormones is seaweed, though their amount cannot be measured. Another noteworthy property of seaweed is that it can stay fresh for a prolonged period of time, and retains 95 per cent of its other valuable properties, if gathered and treated without being removed from its natural environment.

Benefits of seaweed

Seaweed contains certain elements that aid the skin to absorb phosphorous and calcium that stimulate the skin. As a result, the skin can resist infections better, gains the ability of preventing its own natural decadence, and can preserve itself in a much better way than before. Seaweed also has various active elements that are found in living cells, like, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Sulphur, Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium. Due to the existence of acrylic acid, seaweed also contains elemental bodies that are bacterial and antibiotic. For seaweed to be beneficial, it has to be gathered from deep sea waters, as shallow waters are mostly polluted, and so, the weeds found in shallow waters lose about 70 per cent of their therapeutic properties.

Consuming sea products make us less prone to many illnesses as marine water has very valuable minerals and elements. Marine plant life develops in areas that are rich in minerals. Fishes, clams, and oysters, rely on seaweed for their survival. They absorb and retain all minerals from the seaweed, which makes them so valuable themselves. As a result, we see that seaweeds constitute about 25 per cent of the Japanese diet, and is popular in many sea-bound countries.

Some elements that we find in seaweed is seen in the human organism too. These are:

  1. Sodium chloride, which maintains balance of acids;
  2. Iodine, which is important for the thyroid gland and the blood arteries to function properly. It also helps in controlling the ageing process and fatigue;
  3. Potassium, which is necessary for stimulation during stress;
  4. Copper, zinc and manganese, which preserve the equilibrium of glands; and
  5. Magnesium, which strengthens the bodies defense mechanism.

Because of these minerals, seaweed is used as a treatment to cure insomnia, nervous disorders, glandular troubles, digestive problems, constipation, diarrhea, anemia, chronic rheumatism, depression, irregular menstrual cycles, circulatory problems of blood, and thyroid problems.

We all are aware of the fact that all these illnesses and irregularities lead to problems related to the skin, hair and beauty. Treating the former, will therefore, help in doing away with problems related to beauty. As a result, in the sphere of aesthetics and cosmetology, seaweed is used as a cure for obesity, ageing, broken nails, varicose veins, dermatosis, regeneration of cells and tissues, falling hair, and degradation of skin, among other things.

Seaweed for the skin


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A well-nourished skin that is free of toxins, and is well-balanced and well-maintained, is less prone to infections and illnesses. It also is in a good state to resist attacking elements. Seaweed is used as a cure for many bacterial skin diseases, particularly, acne. The chlorophyll in seaweed, on the other hand, helps in photosynthesis, which further helps in nourishing the skin cells.

The benefits of seaweed can be best made use of in the form of face masks. These face masks help in,

  1. Rehydrating the skin, and so, achieving skin balance;
  2. Providing the skin with Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, valuable mineral salts, and amino acids;
  3. Penetrating the skin via osmosis;
  4. Making the skin suppler, soft but firm;
  5. Closing the pores;
  6. Toning up the flabby tissues
  7. Curing wrinkles around the neck area and dark circles;
  8. Improving blood circulation by internally cleansing the body;
  9. Clearing up blemishes by controlling extra excretion of oil by sebaceous glands in oily skin; and
  10. Enhancing the epidermal life by conserving it.

Here’s how you can make a seaweed mask:

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Acne treatment by seaweed

Whenever there is an alteration in hormonal activities, such as puberty or menopause, acne is formed. It, normally, appears, on the forehead, chins, the back and the thorax area. Hands and legs aren’t, usually, affected by acne. Seborrhic skins are mainly affected, since the sebaceous glands are stimulated more than what’s required, by the male hormone. Grease accumulated in the pores get oxidized and cause blackheads. Acne is not a disease, but a disorder, that too, a generalized one.

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Acne can also be caused because of constipation or wrong diet or even imbalance of endocrine glands. The cure could be both internal and external, that is, internal metabolic treatments to cure the organism, and also through seaweed masks, respectively.

You should start the treatment on the 10th day since the commencement of your menstrual cycle. Use a decoction of seaweed on a daily basis. Also make sure you are drinking at least one and half liters of water on a daily basis. This will help you get rid of toxins, achieve skin equilibrium, and demineralize the skin.

Seaweed baths


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A hot seaweed bath is beneficial in a number of ways. The heat of the water helps in raising the body temperature, and as such, the body relaxes. The seaweed helps in ridding the body of any toxic element present, and through osmosis, transfers its valuable constituents into the skin. The increase in the body temperature helps quicken the chemical reaction. Most of our feminine beauty problems are associated with improper circulation of blood, which in turn, affects the necessary elimination of toxins.

Also, those who suffer from chronic fatigue, anemia, obesity, and problems linked with old age, should try indulging in a seaweed bath at least thrice a week. Only after a minimum of 20 to 25 baths, however, will you see a significant change in yourself.

Pro tip: To increase the properties of the seaweed bath, you can combine eucalyptus, arnica, menthol and camphor oil in your bath. This will help tone up your entire system and lend it vitality.

Seaweed for slimming

Seaweed baths apart from helping in eliminating toxins, also acts on fatty tissues since it is a catalytic agent. To get best results, do not begin the treatment when you are feeling bloated or have put on some wet right before menstruation. Seaweed baths gift you with a feeling of good health, relieving you of stress and fatigue. It impacts you, psychologically, which is, in turn, necessary for better results.

Seaweed for curing thyroid

The proper functioning of our thyroid gland depends on iodine. Seaweed is rich in iodine, which helps revitalize our entire metabolism through the thyroid gland. As early as in the 3000 B.C., Shen Nung, the Chinese Emperor, who was extremely interested in herbs, and extensively researched on them, said that the iodine in seaweed can help cure a number of ailments. Lack of iodine, on the contrary, can result in dryness of the skin, and cause the hair to become brittle and weak.

Dr Valnet, who has been encouraging the use of seaweed for a long time now, says that most of the doctors ignore the varied possibilities of seaweed, both medical and biological. Though in the East and Far East, we have seen people attach great importance to seaweed in their daily diet, in the Western civilization, however, the beneficial powers have been disregarded, and wrongly so.

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Eating seaweed:


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Here are 7 benefits of consuming seaweed internally:

  1. It improves digestive health, according to scientists at University of Newcastle;
  2. It is high in nutrients but low in calories, according to the British Journal of Nutrition;
  3. It can improve health of our heart by eliminating cardiovascular problems;
  4. It helps in detoxing the body and the mind, though you need to make sure your seaweed comes from a reliable source;
  5. It helps in regulating hormones;
  6. It promotes urination and helps avoid swelling, which make it an all-round health tonic; and
  7. It results in lustrous hair and healthier complexion.

These benefits that come from seaweed reminds me of the popular saying, “Life comes from the sea.” :) 

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