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18 Intoxicating Benefits Of Red Wine For Your Skin, Hair, And Health

Be it a social gathering or a celebration of some sort or even a romantic candlelit dinner with your special one where you are about to pop the question, red wine, over time, has been an integral part of merry making of any kind. It is the ultimate symbol of joy, love, and bonding that, with its mesmerizing taste brings loved ones closer. However, despite being known for its unique flavor, red wine, unknown to most of us, also contains various properties that make it a healthy drink. In fact, during ancient times, red wine was known for its various medicinal values, and hence was used in the production of medicines as well.

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Benefits of red wine for skin

Among the various benefits of red wine, it is also known for being a particularly useful solution for many kinds of skin problems. Here’s a list of skin issues that can be addressed by red wine:

1. It works as a toner

Red wine can be used as an excellent toner. In fact, it is one of the best toners out there and people who have used red wine as a toner vouch readily for its effectiveness. To use red wine as a toner, all that you need to do is dip a cotton ball in red wine and wipe it gently over your face. Leaving it on your face for at least twenty minutes will give you an instantaneous glow.

2. Prevents acne and scars

The AHAs present in red wine prevents acne and also opens up the pores of your skin. So if you apply red wine regularly on your face, it will help in fighting pimples and also declog your pores. The reason for this is that red wine is very rich in antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. It gives clear skin

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There is a high amount of polyphenols in red wine that can save you from cell oxidation. In other words, usage of red wine can eliminate all traces of dullness from your skin and leave you with a healthy glow. For best results, you can mix oatmeal and red wine together and then leave the paste on your face for a while before washing it off with cool water. This process will give you clear skin in no time.

4. Repairs damage caused to skin

If you are prone to get tanned easily, you can use red wine in order to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Red wine has a high amount of amino acids and this helps in the renewal of skin. There are antioxidants in red wine that act as a barrier on your skin and thus can prevent all the damage that could be caused by harmful sun rays.

5. Red wine prevents aging

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If you are looking for something that would prevent untimely aging of your skin, then red wine is going to be your best friend. Red wine contains a high amount of several antioxidants. These antioxidants include tannins, flavonoids, and resveratrol, and these are excellent for the health of your skin.

6. Can be used to massage face

If you did not know this already, then this might come as a surprise to you. There are various salons and spas that use red wine in their facial massages, resulting in the glow that it brings to your face. So to get the salon-like effect from a home face massage, just add some red wine to your regular face pack. This will give you an enviable glow to your face that will also be very long lasting.

7. Red wine can cure skin pigmentation

Experts have discovered that organic red wine contains several kinds of antioxidants that can even make skin pigmentation go away. The reason for this is that the antioxidants present in red wine fight all the free radicals present in the skin.

8. It is one of the best exfoliants for your body

All kinds of beauty therapies today are seen to be using red wine, and scrubs are no exception. You can make your own body scrub using red wine. All you need to do is mix together some pulp of pip and the skin of grapes crushed to a fine paste. To this mixture, add some red wine and then use this amazingly soothing mixture all over your body as a scrub. Applying this scrub will help in removing all the dead skin from your body and face, and thus exfoliate your skin thoroughly. Moreover it will also improve circulation of blood all over your body.

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9. Make your own wine facial

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Wine facial not only gives you a glow but it even removes all kinds of scars and blemishes from your face. To make this red wine facial, you will have to mix several herbs such as rosehips, and fruits like a few grapes and strawberries, and stonecrops. To this paste, also add some essential oil. After cleansing your face thoroughly, massage this mix all over your face for at least ten minutes and then wash it all off with cold water. Doing this will leave you with much healthier and refreshing skin.

10. For that natural blush

If you are looking for a natural ingredient to add some blush like glow to your face, just take a few drops of red wine and rub them gently over your cheeks. Doing this will give you glowing blushing cheeks in no time!

11. Prevents skin aging

By applying red wine on your face, you can prevent skin aging by giving back the skin all the collagen and fibers it is missing. Thus the red wine removes the wrinkles from your face and also boosts the untimely sagging of your skin. Experts say that the topical application of red wine on your face can drastically reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines that are a result of aging skin.

Benefits of red wine for hair

Red wine also has great benefits for your hair. Read on to know more:

12. Red wine for instant silky hair

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If you want your hair to look extremely smooth and lustrous, then red wine could come to your aid. To use red wine as a means to get silky hair all you need to do is first shampoo and then condition your hair and then rub a few drops of red wine all over your hair. This will automatically give you silky tangle-free strands of hair in a jiffy.

13. Red wine cures dandruff

Even the consumption of red wine can save your hair from lots of disasters. According to experts, if you drink a little red wine every day, it will increase the circulation of blood in your scalp and thus cure any itchiness that you have. Problems of dandruff and flakiness will also go away.

14. It prevents hair fall

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If you suffer from alarming rates of hair fall, and if your hair is thinning like it’s going out of business, then red wine could help you out. Red wine contains a huge amount of resveratrol, a chemical that can completely prevent hair fall. Red wine will even prevent the immature death of cells on your scalp and will also stop inflammation. Moreover, applying red wine to your roots will also make your hair grow by leaps and bounds.

Health benefits of red wine

You’d be completely wrong to believe that the benefits of red wine are reaped just by your hair and skin. Red wine is equally beneficial for your health, if imbibed moderately:

15. Helps you sleep peacefully

An ingredient called melatonin is present in a large quantity in red wine, and it is this melatonin that helps in controlling your body clock, thereby keeping you healthy. If you are experiencing difficulty in sleeping, then all that you need to do is drink a glass of red wine before sleeping. This will ensure that you sleep really sound.

16. Protects the heart

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As said before, red wine contains a high amount of antioxidants, and these protect you from the storage of unwanted fat within the arteries. By doing this, it saves you from heart attacks and even strokes. Experts unequivocally agree on the fact that this is the most important benefit of drinking red wine.

17. Keeps cold at bay

If it is a wintry day and you are looking for something to keep you warm from within, then red wine could be your best friend. Like any other wine, red wine too helps in warming you up. In fact, red wine is the most effective of all wines in this regard. If your nose feels blocked and head feels heavy with cold, just sip on some red wine and your cold will subside instantaneously.

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18. Prevents increase in cholesterol

A study shows that the French people, despite being consummate food lovers, consuming fatty foods like cheese on a regular basis, tend to have a very healthy metabolism. The reason for this is that they also love their red wine! As red wine can drastically reduce the content of cholesterol in your body, it creates a perfect balance, and thus completely prevents the storage of unhealthy unsaturated fat in your body.

Enjoy the multiple blessings of red wine!

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18 Intoxicating Benefits Of Red Wine For Your Skin, Hair, And Health
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