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Am I Going To Be Single Forever: 11 Signs That Will Definitely Consolidate Your Fears

Whether you are 18 or 48, you might be under the impression that you are meant to end up alone, and you have caught yourself wondering out loud on more than one occasion, asking yourself, Am I going to be single forever? The thing is, there are just some people who are always unlucky in love, and never seem to find the forever kind. They never see things in slow motion, or feel their hearts thump out of their chest when they see someone, and these are some of the many signs that you are going to be forever alone.

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Sad as it may be, it is something you need to reflect upon, because no one wants to be alone when most of your friends are either lost or dead. Finding love may be difficult, but is also imperative, which means that you have to re-evaluate your behavior, and see whether you display any of the signs which are typical of a person who is going to fly solo for a while unless they change their ways.

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If you are currently not coochie-cooing with your soul mate, then you are probably asking yourself, Am I going to be single forever? Here are 11 signs that you probably are, unless you decide to change things up.

1. You are averse to cuddling

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If the picture above grosses you out, then there is something seriously wrong with you. People who are accustomed to being single will not want to share their bed or their personal space with anyone, unless they are having sex, which is why cuddling is such an unnatural occurrence to you. You are afraid of the intimacy and the awkwardness (even though there is none) that might be involved and you prefer sprawling out on the bed.

2. Your dating game is extreme

One of the most telling signs that you are going to be single forever is the fact that you either date too many people or none at all. When you go out with way too many people, you get confused about what you want, and you are so used to the process that the idea of staying with one of them for the rest of your life frightens the daylights out of you. Again, if you don’t date at all, then you have an aversion to “wasting” time on these things. Either way, it is a sign that you might be heading away from love.

3. Nothing really excites you

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The thing about soul mates is that they understand each other immediately, and they share the same interests and like the same things. Therefore, one of the ways in which you can meet your soul mate is by engaging in something you are passionate about in public- like going to the library, or hiking, or baking class. If you aren’t passionate about anything enough to do something about it, the chances of you meeting someone like-minded you could see yourself spending your life with becomes more difficult. Conclusion: you are going to end up forever alone.

4. You have unrealistic expectations

You have watched way too many movies and have read way too many books and now you have a certain level of expectation from your imaginary partner, which no one you meet in real life can satisfy. Because you are so averse to the idea of soul mates, you don’t even give the real life people a chance, before you reject them for not being perfect enough. This has been found to be the number one way of driving people away, which means you are not going to end up with anyone because of your unrealistic expectations.

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5. You think of everything with one person in mind- you

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Whether you are planning a holiday, or planning your retirement in another 100 years or making a meal, you seem to be thinking of all this only in terms of one person, which is you. You don’t understand the concept of sharing your life or your future with someone, and because of this inherent tendency to fly solo in everything you do, you don’t give love a chance. You know this can only mean one thing- you’ll end up being forever alone.

6. You have zero self-confidence

Self-confidence is key when you are trying to find someone you might have a decent relationship with. Flirting requires confidence. Dating requires confidence. Falling in love requires confidence. Every step of the way, your confidence and self-esteem have to be on point. If you see yourself shying away from proposals because you keep thinking, “Who could possibly like me?”, and don’t approach anyone because you keep thinking, “They probably think I am stupid and desperate,” then you might find yourself asking, Am I going to be single forever for the rest of your life.

7. You have too much self-confidence

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If you don’t have the lack of confidence and self-esteem problem, then you are probably the kind of person who is a little too self-obsessed. The thing is, self-obsessed people don’t like to admit that they are self-obsessed which is where the problem lies. You might have trouble admitting this, but if you are constantly thinking of yourself, saving things for yourself, and obsessing about everything about yourself, then you are a narcissistic. Unfortunately, this isn’t the attitude which is going to help you on your way to find love. If you don’t learn how to give and think of other people before others, you are probably going to end up with yourself once your prime time in life has passed.

8. The most exciting part of a wedding for you is the bachelor/bachelorette party

Most people enjoy the wedding, aka, the union of two people in holy matrimony, where they can legally love and honor each other throughout their lives, and have sex and have babies. They love the bride and the groom holding hands and kissing and dancing at the reception. If you are the person who likes the bachelor or bachelorette party better than any other part of the wedding, then you have a problem my friend. You think of marriage as a prison-like institution, which is why you would rather spend your entire life attending stag and hen parties.

9. You are listed on every dating site

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Don’t get me wrong, dating sites are a great way to find people you can date, and the number of success stories that Tinder is coming up with increases every year. However, your religious devotion to these sites could well be keeping you from finding love in real life, because you are so caught up in this online web of swiping and rejecting people based on face value. It also dehumanizes people, so when you actually meet someone nice, you wish you could read their bio before swiping right…uhh saying yes I mean.

10. You could take up third-wheeling as a full-time job

People usually have a lot of complaints of being third-wheels but you and your friends both know that you don’t really mind. You get to go have fun with your friends, even if they happen to be making out and holding hands in your presence while you tag along. Think of it this way- your friends literally have just taken for granted that you are not going to be busy, or be with someone, which is why they ask you for third wheeling and not for double dates. Even they know that you are going to be forever alone.

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11. It’s easier to talk to your pet, than with people

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Being in or out of love has nothing to do with the fact that you might or might not have a pet. This pet might or might not be a cat. If you are obsessed with your pet, and if you consider them a deal breaker (which frankly everyone should) and if you talk to them about your problems and your deepest secret, then you are in a long-term relationship with them, instead of a with a person. Even though there isn’t anything particularly wrong with this arrangement, it is nonetheless a little distressing when you spend your life talking to a pet who can’t talk back. Unless you learn how to talk to people, it is unlikely that you are going to get out of your singlehood anytime soon.

No matter how you feel currently, or how much you despise the idea of cuddling or being with someone, the ultimate truth remains that being forever alone isn’t the most desirable thing in the world. When you have someone to love and cherish, someone to hold and someone to laugh with, your life becomes infinitely better. If you have started to see the symptoms of eternal singlehood, it is recommended that you immediately change your ways.

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Am I Going To Be Single Forever: 11 Signs To Know For Sure
Being single is not as great as you think, and if you are wondering "am I going to be single forever?", these 11 signs will tell you for sure.
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