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Can True Love Happen Twice?

Hey you,

Feeling the blues after a really bad breakup? Do you really think that nothing will ever work out again? Are you skeptical of what tomorrow will look like without the one guy who had always been by your side?

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I know there are too many tears in those glistening eyes at the moment, and you must be wondering nothing will ever feel right again.

I understand where you’re coming from, but I disagree with it.

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Not too long ago, I was exactly where you are right now. I felt like giving up, but I didn’t. And now, as I woke up this morning and wrote all of this, do you know what I am wearing? A SMILE. A beautiful and happy smile sits on my lips because I am with someone I truly love.

Never let someone make you feel that you do not deserve to be happy, because you do. There are so many things that can light up the flame of happiness in your life. I remember breaking up with the only boyfriend I had. I always harbored the belief that you never get over your first love because it is meant to stay with you.

When he left me, I felt like I was a walking skeleton with no more feelings inside me.

I asked myself a series of questions: Can love happen twice? Will I ever smile again? Why on earth did he leave me when I gave him everything I had?

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My heart used to hurt and I thought that I would never be able to love someone again, but boy, was I wrong!

Can love happen twice? Yes, love can happen twice. When your heart chooses someone, it doesn’t matter how many times you have been in love before. I know someone who has fallen in and out of love too many times, but that doesn’t make his love any less real.

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The strength of love lies in the way it can mend your scars and allow them to blossom again. I was going through a very rough patch in my life when I stumbled upon someone. He didn’t force his love, because we began as friends.

Friendship is often the most amazing relationship to help you nurse a broken heart. I was initially reluctant to let anyone in, even if it was just a friend, but I am glad that I did. Even when I continuously blocked all doors and shut every possible way, I found him waiting patiently for me to open up to him. He had gone through the pain of heartbreak himself and so he could easily identify with what I was going through.

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He had spent too many sleepless nights to be ignorant of my pain and he came true on his test of friendship. I slowly started opening up to him and he was the first person that I poured my heart too. I cried in his arms, I shrieked and screamed as I confided in him about how devastated I was, I let him see all my unseen scars, my nightmares and insecurities, and I told him how I was scared that I would never again let my fragile heart feel anything.

He didn’t give me long lectures or roll his eyes. He didn’t judge me for being so despairing. He didn’t shout at my lameness. He didn’t rebuke me for still hoping that one day my ex would return. He was just there for me. In such junctures, when your heart hurts terribly from everything that has happened, we really need another soul to call our own.

This is exactly what my heart was looking for. I trusted him when I thought that there was no one I would open up to again. I told him all the tales that were once the reason for my smile. For a long time, we kept talking and bonded fiercely.

That day was just an ordinary one, when I finally realized that I was once again looking to feel the bliss of love. As I stood outside the coffee shop waiting for him to join me, I found myself enjoying a tingling feeling and the realization dawned upon me. This is love.

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I asked him if it was a date and a long silence followed. My heart once again skipped a beat as I wasn’t sure what to say. That was perhaps one of the longest silences of my life — time felt like it was stretching to infinity. I asked myself, ‘can love happen twice?’ and my heart nodded yes, though I was definitely scared.

For me, love wasn’t just another fling. It was never meant to be one summer long. I craved for the kind of love that would span all summers, cover my winters, and ultimately last longer than the blossoming seasons of my life. I wanted love to last forever because I was still old school.

He looked in my eyes and I saw the truth reflect in his. He was in love with me too, but afraid of how I would react. Seeing me utter the golden words had left him speechless; it was as if his dream had come true. This time, he didn’t need to say a yes or express what he felt. I could read everything in his eyes. I know it is a stereotype, but if you have known true love, you will know that it really doesn’t need words.

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You can feel love in the tiny gestures, the way he texts you in the morning when he has barely woken up, or the way he texts you good night even though he is too tired to type. Love is the way he thinks of you when he finds a couple walking on the road. You can sense his love in the way he holds your hand a little tighter in crowded streets. The way he introduces you to his friends circle. Every single gesture speaks of love, and sitting with him in the coffee shop, I realized I was in love. And quite frankly, I had never been happier before.

So, if you feel like your life is in shambles and you are down, do not give up so soon. Stand and wait because the true love of your life will eventually come along. We all have a certain someone who infuses joy into our life and gives a face to the silly love poems. It is all about waiting for the right time to meet Mr. Right. Some of us are lucky to find him in the first instant and some of us need to wait much longer. But love happens. Not just once, but too many times, over and over again.

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As long as you haven’t gotten your happy ever after, be prepared to fall in love. Don’t be scared of getting your heart broken. Do you know why? Because it is a sign that you can still feel, and this in itself is a big blessing. There are so many of us who are not even capable of feeling anything. So, rather than living a life where you don’t even know what love feels like, isn’t it better to have loved, lost, and loved again?

I am happy that I chose to believe in love even when it almost killed me. It is love and love alone that can drive out the absence of love. So, all you beautiful princesses out there… don’t let someone ruin the expensive mascara of yours. Dry your tears, paint a smile, and wait for the right guy to come along because believe me, he will come. And when your ex sees you in the arms of the person you love with all your heart, he will know how wrong he was to let you let go.

Stay strong because life is beautiful and love can happen twice, thrice, four times or even more. Sometimes it’s with the same person and sometimes with another guy, but it’s always possible. So, how do you now answer the question – can love happen twice? Yes, it can!

With love,

A happy lover

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Can Love Happen Twice? I Think, Yes...
Do you think everyone just has one true love in their lives? Can love happen twice? This young woman seems to think so...
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