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15 Gestures Women Make That Are Better Than Saying ‘I Love You’

“She doesn’t say ‘I love you’ like a normal person. Instead, she’ll laugh, shake her head, give you a little smile, and say… ‘You’re an idiot’. If she tells you you’re an idiot, you are a lucky man.”

A lot of us grew up watching How I Met Your Mother and remember how sappy we all got when we saw the season finale. My heart starts pounding every time I hear those three golden words spoken on screen. However, sometimes I find myself sitting alone and analyzing if those words truly mean everything that they are supposed to. What is the point of saying I love you to someone if your actions do not live up to your words?

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Sometimes in relationships, actions speak much louder than words. I have seen many women in serious relationships that have mastered the art of cute gestures and subtle conversations over cliché proclamations in order to express their affection for their partners. So, to all of the men out there who have been clueless and blind to these signals thus far: here is a guide to spotting if your girl has been saying I love you all along. Sometimes the sign is in her eyes and the vibration is in her mind. All you need to do is feel the pulse that connects her heart to yours.

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1. She texts you all the time

woman texting

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Every time your phone chimes, you see her name pop on your screen. Heck, she doesn’t even care if you have replied back or not. This is a sure sign that she loves you. Maybe she hasn’t said the golden words out loud, but if she takes out time from her haywire schedule just to text you, you need to know she belongs to you.

2. ‘Are you busy, dear?’ No, not for you!

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*You’re never busy, it is always about priorities.*

I am a firm believer of this statement and so I honestly believe that when someone loves you, they will never be too busy for you. We all have the same number of hours in a day, but somehow we make time for the ones we love. If she is ready to be by your side even if her schedule is a bit too tight, that’s showing affection in itself. Do you still need an affirmation of her love by listening to those three big words?

3. She asks you to hang out with your bro

friends having a drink

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If she asks you to hang out with your mates even when she knows that she could tag along or you two could sneak in a good time, it just shows that she cares. I have seen a lot of girls who are too clingy, which is sometimes just an awkward manifestation of love. But bro, if you have a girl who is willing to let you have your own sweet time, you really can’t get any luckier.

4. Let us go family shopping

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Think of Christmas and Thanksgiving and how terrible shopping for family can be! If you have a girl who is willing to tag along and help you pick out the best gifts for your family, she is literally screaming that she is in love. Don’t be blind to your shine.

5. Sweaty? Still give me a hug

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Okay, I am not going to judge the girls who don’t hug their partners when they are sweaty, but if you have a girl who hugs you even if you are all covered in sweat, marry her! I mean, seriously. Is there any other better way of expressing your love?

6. I love your hoodie!

couple holding hands (10)

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Call me sappy, mushy, or whatever else, but I have a soft spot for girls who wear the oversized hoodies that belong to their boyfriends. If she is clinging on to your hoodies, you have got someone crushing on you. This is yet another way to say I love you. Don’t let the girl go, respect her and make her your own!

7. Snuggles in public

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Did you find someone who loves snuggling with you in public? It doesn’t have to be extremely passionate or even too close for comfort. Girls who don’t mind being spotted with you in public and who are willing to hold your hand or hug you hard don’t need to say I love you to express their love. Love happens, even with unsaid words.

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8. She looks at you like Leonardo DiCaprio looks at the Oscar

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Okay, that was a stinger for all the hunky DiCaprio fans out there. What I really mean is that if you find a girl who really looks at you like you put stars in her eyes, you have every reason to smile. We are not all so lucky in life and so if you have found someone who loves being seen with you, you should not let her slip away. Respect her and love her back because she has been too busy loving you for quite a long time now.

9. The daily ‘Good morning’ texts

woman texting

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

It doesn’t matter if you had a terrible fight the previous night or if you haven’t spoken to her for a while. If she texts you good morning every freaking day of the week, she still loves you. I have always believed that good morning is yet another way to tell someone that you love them. Trust me, I do this and it feels beautiful to wake up to a good morning text from the one person who is your everything. Someone hand me a tissue, the tears are just not stopping. Sigh, the romantic heart!

10. That’s so stupid, but I will do it

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We all come up with our fair share of crazy ideas from time to time. If, despite your outlandish ideas and day-to-day schemes, she still loves playing her part and even goes so far as to encourage you, she is madly in love with you. A girl will only encourage your stupid ideas if she sees the best in the wildest part of you. Isn’t this what true love truly is?

11. What’s your mood? The same as mine

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There are girls who sense mood changes the moment they find that their partners are not feeling well. If your girl’s mood is synchronized with yours, you have every reason to know that she is in love with you regardless of whether or not she has said the words out loud. Yes, I am saying this from experience, and no, I am never wrong. *adjusts her badge of experience*

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12. Aw, come here Bruno, take this treat

couple with a dog

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

If you are a dog or cat person and your girl loves spending time cuddling with your pet, it is a definite sign of her love. Yes, there are cat crazy ladies and dog obsessed women, but a girl will only truly love your pet when she loves you. If she pets your pet, she wants to pet you too—with love, of course!

13. Want to hang out? Yes! Why not?

couple on a walk (2)

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If she is always ready to hang out with you without pestering you with the constant questions; it is another screaming sign that she is in love with you. A woman has a lot of stuff to do, all the time. Going out would mean primping that beautiful hair, wearing the ridiculous heels which will tear her legs apart, and wearing too tight a spandex that may make it hard to breathe! She will do all of this with a smile because she loves you. Stupid enough to still doubt it?

14. Pizza nights? Heck yeah!

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This is the best way to know if a girl has been trying to tell you that she loves you. The pizza night is almost code for wanting to move in. If she loves to have those lazy pizza nights where you both simply kick back and relax, this is the girl you can plan your future with. She really doesn’t need to utter those three words to make you know this. Be happy with the gestures that are often louder than words.

15. Get your gaming console out. We are going to have a go

couple playing video games

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Do I even need to add to this? Guys all over the world are obsessed with gaming to some degree. If a cosmetic-obsessed girl is willing to play with you on your gaming console and uses her freshly manicured hands to use the remote control, you have just hit the jackpot.

Agree with me on these eye-openers? Do you still need her to say ‘I love you’? Did I just enlighten you with my wonderful knowledge of how women often end up saying I love you without actually uttering the three words? After you sound off in the comments below, go ahead and hug the girl and tell her you love her too. Of course, come back and share your love story with me. Nothing makes my day better.

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Saying I Love You: 20 Gestures Women Make That Are Better Than That
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