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15 Ways To Make Your ‘I Love You’ The Most Special One

There are a thousand reasons behind people not saying I love you anymore. One being, how common it is to say that to someone, it’s almost like the weight and importance that the term carried is negligible now. There are a zillion ways to show someone what they mean to you, and saying I love you is just one. When you’ve been with someone for a long time, you’re very used to saying I love you right before you hang up or leave for work. There’s no awww or special element in it anymore. And then there are times when an ‘I love you’ seems woefully inadequate to actually convey your feelings.

In fact, this is fantastic for your relationship because often, you put in everything you feel in a simple I love you, instead of describing them individually and talking about them. This way, you will have to put in some effort to communicate with your partner and given how important communication is, nothing could get better than that, I feel.

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Here are a few different ways you can say I love you to your significant other without really having to say these three words.

1. You fill my life with things I’d never dreamt of having.

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It’s easier to feel a lot of affection towards someone, compared to feeling complete when you’re with your special person. Some people walk into your life and fill it with colors you didn’t even know existed. They add different elements to your life that you couldn’t even think of.

2. Home is where you are.

You know, home is probably a feeling and not a place. It’s the way you feel when people you love say your name. You feel at home only when you’re comfortable and saying “I feel at home with you” is way better and a lot more important than saying I love you because knowing that you’re so comfortable with them matters more than just knowing that you love their existence.

3. Forever is a long time, but I’d like to spend it with you!

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

‘I love you’ does not suffice when you want to explain how much you love your partner and that you want to be with them for as long as it’s humanly possible. Wouldn’t you prefer listening to “I want to spend my life with you” over an “I love you”?

4. I miss you the second you leave.

No amount of time is enough when you’re with the person you love. You’re bound to miss them the minute they leave, and this isn’t one of the things that dies down after the initial rosy period of the relationship. Telling your partner that you miss their presence mere seconds after they’re gone, means a lot to them.

5. I love the way you smell.

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Nothing smells better than the person you love, neither food nor coffee nor anything else in the world. I’m not talking about perfumes. Every person has a particular smell, and once you’ve been around someone enough, you can recognize it from a distance and sometimes you can even smell it out of the blue when there’s nothing that smells similar around you. At times like these, let them know that you can smell them and tell them how you smile when you catch a mere whiff of them.  It’s not for nothing that scientists have long associated smell with distinct memories.

6. You’re my best friend.

No matter what, it’s always an advantage to be friends with your partner. If you could talk to your partner the same way you talk to your friends, wouldn’t your relationship be so much stronger? No one is denying your love for them if you aren’t their best friend, but friendship is very important when you’re talking about forever. Becoming best friends with your lover might just be the best decision of your life.

7. You complete me.

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It’s not like you need someone to complete you, or that you’ve been waiting for them your whole life, but some people become a very big part of you the day you choose to love selflessly. Once you’ve spent a good amount of time with your partner, you start to notice that together, you’ll complete each other, like yin and yang. But don’t be disheartened if you aren’t someone who feels this way. Some people are just complete in themselves, and that’s a good thing too.

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8. You’re always on my mind.

It might be at the back of your mind, or the only thing on your mind, but your lover does play on your mind more often that you’d know. If you think you’re an exception, think deeper. Even the times when you’re pissed off at him, getting irritated with the things she does, you’re still thinking of them, aren’t you? :) Who wouldn’t want to hear that then?

9. You’re so weird!

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Image source: Shutterstock

Let’s accept it; normal is boring. We’re all weird in some way of the other, and you won’t know that until you meet someone who’s different than you or your friends bring it to your notice that you’re a weird person. When your lover is weird, there’s always something new for you to discover, to figure out, and it’s like a puzzle. Finding your partner weird when you’re in love with them, might actually be a good thing for you. So make sure you convey your feelings to them, instead of plain old mushy things, even if you don’t mean ‘weird’ as a compliment, make sure they know.

10. You’re the first thing that pops in my head when I’m looking for some peace.

I doubt there’s anything better you can say to your partner, than the fact that they are is the first thing you think of when you need some peace of mind. It’s about finding someone who helps you unwind by doing nothing and just being around you. And nothing feels better than to be that for someone you love. Say this to you partner instead of saying I love you the next time, and see the way they react. You’ll remember that smile forever.

11. You’re extremely hot!

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Sometimes just looking at you, my heart skips a beat, thinking of everything we’ve done and everything we’re going to do. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like listening to that. Everyone likes feeling desired, because it feels fabulous to know that you’re desired by someone, let alone the person you’re in love with. It’s equally important to tell your partner how hot they makes you, and it’s very important to say this often. This is what helps keep the spark alive in the relationship.

12. You’re one person I look forward to seeing every day.

Telling them how you feel is not that difficult when you have a thousand things like these you can say to them. Just be genuine in your words, and nothing will make your partner feel cherished than your genuineness. Do you like talking to her? Do you look forward to seeing them smile every day, irrespective of what you’re doing that day? You need to tell your partner that. They wouldn’t like anything more than to know that you think of them and you like talking to them this much.

13. Loving you was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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Tell your lover how important they are to you, if they make you this happy that they’re always on your mind. Every relationship has issues, and fights are a part and parcel of each and every relationship there is. But in spite of all of that, if you still feel that loving them was the best decision you’ve ever made in life, make sure you tell them that.

14. I feel safe with you.

This might sound very sexist, but I know for a fact that men love it when their partners say something like this to them. Men have a very protective nature and they treat it like their responsibility to take care of what’s theirs. If you feel safe with him, make sure you mention that to him. It’s going to make him feel that you trust him and you can let go and relax around him.

15. I don’t do this for people, but I’d do it for you.

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Let them know that you feel like doing certain things for them, which you never felt like doing for anybody else before. Make sure you tell your partner that you didn’t imagine someone would come to mean so much to you that you’d actually feel like doing these things for them, whether it’s something small like making them a sandwich or something big like opening up about your innermost thoughts.

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Every relationship needs nurturing and care, and what you say to your partner and how well you communicate is what makes your relationship last. While no relationship runs smoothly at all times, some effort needs to be put in while communicating with your partner to put forth your feelings well. Don’t get lazy just because they know you love them. Because sometimes, a simple ‘I love you’ just doesn’t suffice!

There are a zillion different ways to say I love you without even uttering those words, and I can assure you, the above statements are hold the same regard, if not more. For people who find it difficult to communicate, this is a good way to get to open up and start talking to your partner as well as leaving them cute compliments like these from time to time.

Happy loving!

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15 Statements That Better Than Saying I Love You
Saying I love you to your lover is passe; tell them how you really feel with these statements that hit the mark accurately!
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