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Confessions Of A Woman Who Has Been Alone For 20 Years

A disheveled woman watching the TV with her pet cat, that’s how you are picturing me, right? Wrong! That is what the movies told you, I have been alone for 20 years now and I am more Carrie Bradshaw than the old lady with cats.

Do you want a peek into my life? Well here is something for you to chew on while I go live my fabulous life..

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  1. I can have desserts for breakfast and once I am finished eating an entire tub of sinful chocolate ice cream I didn’t have to share it with anyone, I can go shop! How awesome is that?!
  2. I’ve seen the sun rise up after staying up all night binge watching Empire, and then slept all day long. No one to answer to, just reveling in the bliss of sleep.
  3. I haven’t shaved my legs in the last few months. I tend to do that quite often- I mean who wants to really want go through the torture of waxing or the tediousness of shaving right?
  4. I love eating my idli with bananas! See how you are thinking that I am weird? I don’t deal with that in my home.. yay! I enjoy my own weirdness!
  5. I watch the Bhojpuri channel often, the songs are tacky but they are so catchy!! Don’t even make me start on the crazy videos, I don’t need any judgmental looks from anyone for doing that 😀
  6. Once I left a bread out too long that it started growing a garden of its own, a fungus garden!  Yeah maybe I was not the neatest person back in time..but nobody’s judging!
  7. But now I cannot stop obsessing over how things should be. I clean too often; I think I have morphed into Monica from Friends. I doubt anyone can handle this level of OCD.
  8. I slept naked a few times but it’s over rated! You start feeling sexy and then it’s just plain annoying till you put some clothes on.
  9. I hate to admit this but I love my neighbours, they are the sweetest people so much better than the nosy couple at my old place. I wouldn’t have connected with them if I were living with a family of my own.
  10. Sex is on your mind right? You either think I am a slut who brings random men home every other day or am just some virgin withering away in my bed. Neither! I enjoy some self love 😉
  11. I let my best friend’s daughter entertain her friends at my home. She is a strict mom and doesn’t like loud parties and I swoop in to be the cool aunt 😀 My friend doesn’t know about it!
  12. I lie to my friends because I just don’t have enough time to go spend with all of them! ☹
  13. I love picking up new hobbies and currently it is playing the violin and guess what I got no one to criticize it 😀
  14. I collect crazy stuff like empty ballpen refills, feathers, rocks and I think this is where the crazy lady rears her head 😛
  15. I bet this will interest you, only once did I have a one night stand. I wouldn’t say I regret it, it was good for whatever it was worth!
  16. I go to the movies alone, usually I go with friends but sometimes I really want to watch a noir movie without anyone jabbering in my ear and that’s something I CAN do!
  17. I love coming home to a silent home, after the constant buzz of the traffic and work! This is my sanctuary and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!
  18. Ofcourse I do miss someone to hug when I get back home or when I am really sad but that’s what friends are for..hello, friends!
  19. Or else I head home ☺ I travel to my hometown to my parents and right after a couple of days I realize why I live alone. 😛
  20. I genuinely enjoy the time I have to explore my strengths and hobbies, it helps me be a better friend, employee, sister and daughter ☺


Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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Confessions Of A Woman Who Has Been Alone For 20 Years
I am alone and I'm awesome!
Shilpa Kulkarni

Shilpa Kulkarni

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