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Fight Or Flight: 12 Types Of People You Will Find At An Airport

There will always be exceptions, but don’t most of us love traveling? The “getting there” process, however, turns out to be a greater exploit than the real deal! Imagine the wide variety of people that you cross paths with, Every Single Time! Here are 12 sorts, you are bound to bump into in almost every airport, triggering your fight or flight response!

1. The ignorant traveler

people at airport_New_Love_Times

Image source: Giphy

Ignorance in this case is certainly not bliss! This person has no clue about what the hell’s going on. And you will always find yourself right behind this person at the security line. Who said anything about life being easy?!

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2. The pyjama party

C’mon! You are going to be entombed in a metal tube in the sky for like whatever number of hours. It makes complete sense to want to be all comfy. But some people take it to a different level altogether choosing pyjamas (preferably tied up and not elastic) or death!

3. The get-alongs

people at airport_New_Love_Times

Image source: Giphy

A happy-go-lucky person who will transform your journey into a delightful experience; you will have so much to talk to them about, yet they won’t be overbearing or come across too strong. You might even exchange numbers with them at the end of your voyage and become friends, marry them and get buried together in an apple orchard!

Disclaimer: Such people are a myth!

4. The enthusiastic cutlets!

The airport is there oyster! These are usually people who belong to a group that’s on vacation. This guy, in particular, thinks that the journey’s gonna change his life! Well, whatever!

5. The giant rucksack tramp

people at airport_New_Love_Times

Image source: kristenhead

Remember the joke that goes like, “Why don’t you take me with you? I will fit right inside your suitcase”? Well, this guy seems to have taken it way too seriously!

6. Dead or deferred squad

Don’t these people look like a bunch of zombies? People so desperate for the need to catch their forty winks that they are alacritous to hurl all prior poise and fall to the floor or the bench or wherever! If you spot someone like this anywhere else, I am sure you would alert the security guys. But at the airport, you will humbly jump over them and go about your business as usual!

7. The survivalist

people at airport_New_Love_Times

Image source: out-of-limit

This person is the Katniss Everdeen of the airport world! She will bring her own food, her own toilet paper, blah blah! At this very moment one person of this horde is washing his or her hankies in the terminal bathroom sink!

8. The enraged explorer

people at airport_New_Love_Times

Image source: rtvgames

No, don’t judge him! You have no clue what he’s been through! This person is generally seen adjusting his half undone tie and putting his shoes back on, as if he has just survived an apocalypse! I completely sympathize with these folks as the security course is nothing short of an apocalyptic nightmare!

9. The outlet hog

This guy take the lion’s share of all the charging outlets at your terminal. He needs to charge his I-phone (not just any other phone, okay?!); his I-pad; I-pod; Notepad; Notebook; Electric razor; toothbrush; a foot massager! Why? Because he can, okay?!

10. The elites

The class game is upped to a completely different level at the port, with the business and the executive class passengers having a little mental tussle for no good reason! The snooty calm seems to tick off the loud passengers and though they don’t say a word to each other, the loathing is real!

11. The baby

people at airport_New_Love_Times

Image source: classpass

Don’t get me wrong! They are a cute bundle of joy but with so many astonishing inventions, why don’t we have a baby silencing system as yet?! One thing is certain: After surviving a flight that has a screaming toddler, you will know for sure that you have no maternal instincts whatsoever, or they have been spent!

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12. The cell-phone-office slave

This person is typing fervently throughout his stay at the port and on the flight and on the airbus and the taxi to work! If you are looking for some people-watching feedstuff, this restless bunch is the worst!

So which category do you belong to, huh? C’mon, tell us about it in the comment section below!

Featured image source: ticklethewire

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Fight Or Flight: 12 Types Of People You Will Find At An Airport
Fight or flight? The airport is full of people who'd wish you'd skip the flight you'd booked and make one that you didn't think you'd need! :P
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