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Happn Dating App Based On Real Life Interactions

Did you see a cute guy on your coffee run this morning who gave you a flirty smile, but you didn’t have time for anything other than returning that smile? Are you still thinking about the attractive brunette you came across while on your morning run? In the fleeting moment when your eyes met, you felt an instant ‘connection’ with that other person. But before you could act on your impulse and do something about it, you watch that person disappear into the unknown. You spend the rest of the day thinking wistfully about the missed connection.

But you don’t have to worry about missed connections who might even be the potential love of your life anymore. For there is a dating app to ensure that you don’t miss out on any more future romantic opportunities – Happn dating app. Happn, with its tagline, ‘find the people you’ve crossed paths with,’ does exactly that.

happn dating app home page

Happn dating app home page

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Here’s how it works.

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Much like any other dating app there is out there, you need to sign up to Happn using your Facebook account, from which the app pulls information like your bio, pictures, work history, age, gender, et al. Plus, the app promises to never publish anything to your page or even let anybody know that you’re on Happn. Since everything is pretty much auto-filled from your FB account, you just need to select the gender you’re interested in dating and choose the age range you’re comfortable with. Then, you’re set.

happn dating app page showing a grid view of profiles a user has crossed paths with

Happn dating app page showing a grid view of profiles a user has crossed paths with

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Happn dating app uses GPS tracking to cough up profiles of people near you. Not just that, but it also tells you if you’ve crossed paths with that person, and if so, where and how often. Happn basically gives you a map of the location where you’ve crossed paths with them, along with their pictures, name, age, and profession. But this GPS tracking works only for a limited distance – 250 m or 275 yard radius.

If you’re interested in acting on the suggestions of the app, you hit the heart to signal your ‘like.’ When there is mutual ‘like,’ that is when you can start a conversation with them. There are something called ‘charms’ on the app, that you can send to someone who you like and that which they will definitely see. But if you don’t see a ‘crush’ even after a charm, then it’s safe to assume that that user isn’t interested.

Every user has 10 free charms that they can use. And if you need more, you can purchase them for $1.99.

happn dating app page showing the 'charm' and 'like' features

Happn dating app page showing the ‘charm’ and ‘like’ features

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The Happn website explains its intentions:

‘He would have liked to meet you, you would have liked to talked to him. Find each other again.’

Then, it goes on to encourage you with:

‘With Happn, discover the people you’ve crossed paths with, the people you like, the people you’d like to find again!’

happn dating app page showing a user's profile

Happn dating app page showing a user’s profile

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Happn is the brainchild of three Parisians – Fabien Cohen, a legal hacker, Didier Rappaport, CEO and former COO of Dailymotion, and Antony Cohen, a computer engineer. The app, which was first introduced in France, has spread across European cities like London, Berlin, Barcelona, and across the pond in cities like New York City, San Francisco, and other cities across the US. It also has presence in Sydney, Australia too. In total, the app boasts 2.5 million users worldwide.

Speaking about the app, CEO and co-founder Rappaport said,

“The app tells you the story of your life through your movements. The newsfeed personalization is really important. It’s based on real life and this is key. It could be people you’ve crossed paths with and that you really wanted to see on Happn, it could also be someone you came across 44 times because you live in the same area.”

happn dating app page showing where another user has crossed paths with lara

Happn dating app page showing where another user has crossed paths with Lara

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Unlike Tinder, where you need to make a decision on one profile before you get to see another, Happn offers a grid view of the people you’ve crossed paths with. You don’t need to make snap judgments but take your time and then decide if you wish to connect. On the other hand, if you feel that there’s no spark with one of your matches, you can pass on a profile without them coming to know about it or you coming across the same profile ever again.

And if you encounter a creep or a pervert on Happn, you can block that profile with clicking ‘report’ on the person’s profile.

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Another promise that Happn makes to its users is safety of users and privacy of data. Although the app uses your position to show you where you’ve crossed paths with someone, that data is not visible to other members. Just the location where two people have passed each other is recorded.

Well, this is a nifty new dating app that will ensure you’ll never miss out on a potential romantic opportunity. Try it out and let us know what you thought of it in the comments.

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Happn Dating App Saves You From Missed Connections
Happn dating app, a French innovation, is taking the dating world by storm. It saves you from missed connections. Here's how it works!
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