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Mother’s Day Special: Dear Mom, I LOVE YOU

Happy Mother’s Day Letter From Daughter!!

Dear Mom,

I don’t say this often and it is just as pathetic that I have to resort to this one day out of the 365 during which you never fail to prove how much you love me to say this – but here it is – I love you! I really really do. Even through the times I keep typing away furiously on the keyboard whilst you dole out lectures on why this guy isn’t really good enough for me, even when a particularly stingy sentence in the advice makes me look up and shoot glare-and-grunt-darts in your direction or even when you calm me whilst I don the crazed-psychotic-b**ch avatar, hurling vitriolic comments at the very guy you’d warned me against. I know, then, that you are secretly gulping down the ‘I told you so’ words and I love you for that too! I love you for countless things and can never ever stop

mother and daughter

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

I am fully aware that I haven’t really been the easiest daughter to raise. How could I be when I went all out to have my heart crumpled and trashed by the very hand you’d warned me not to put it in. But you were there, holding me whilst I cried and mumbled incomprehensible burble about how I wished the lightning killed me then! And you were there until I wished the lightning struck him dead and even when you helped me rid myself of the resentment and taught me to love the heartbreak coz someone better was in store! And I, then, wished that the lightning showed me the face of someone better – yep, that’s me – the crazy daughter you have raised ohh-so-lovingly! And I love you for that!

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But I love you for more – so much more! I wonder if my feeble attempt to tell you why I love you can even begin to encapsulate the infinite range of reasons why I do … but I will still try. I love you because you put up with my cranky, fussy self when I, myself, didn’t have the patience to. I remember being extremely naughty – running about, refusing to eat! And then hogging on a few favorites for weeks on end until you’d stock the house with a backlog of those – and lo, suddenly, I didn’t want to touch them again! I remember that parents’-teacher’s meet in kindergarten when I scored a two on fifty in drawing! And no, I am not sorry – I have a good laugh about it now – and I know you do too! How can I not love you for all of this, mom?

mother and daughter1

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

How can I not love you when I know that you were loving me even whilst I enjoyed making you frown when I swore or pulled the pigtails of other girls at school! Of course, you taught me that it was wrong – and I mend my ways – but I can’t help but look back and realize just how terrible a ‘deal’ I was to put up with! I would grow interested in one thing one day, pursue it to the point of the absence of all else and then, drop it at a whim when you had gifted me all the supplies I needed to fulfill that fancy! Oh mom, aren’t you just the epitome of patience? I mean it would have taken you a billionty ounces of patience and understanding to merely pull off just a quarter of what you did for me!

I wonder if I’d ever be able to do this – all of this – for MY kids?? I hope I do – I wish to – coz deep within, I want to be you – I want to be the cool, glam YOU who looks so adorable to my friends, I want to be the ‘best’ mom (and that’s YOU) in the world who never fails to show grace even when I don’t deserve it, I want to be the YOU who has always believed in her child and encouraged her to aim for the stars and go and get’em, I want to be the YOU who has taught me to love myself for no real LOVE is ever possible without it, I want to be the YOU who has taught me all I know, I want to be the YOU who has grown from the mom who fed me cereal, burped me, stuffed green monkeys under my arms or even gave Tylenol to a feverish me, staying awake, covering up chilly toes and being there forever into the best friend, confidant, teacher and guide I cannot imagine my life without – most of all, I want to be the YOU who has made me who I am – and I want to be the same for my children!

mother playing with her kid (2)

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

And trust me mom, I try – and I try so hard. And you have no clue just how difficult it is. Coz you are an amazing, confident, talented lady with far too many positives than I could list. You are kind and caring and giving and patient and love without bounds. And you know how I always need to get constant lessons in patience. I am working on it and shall (hopefully) get better at it – but as of now, I aspire – I aspire to get there. I do not know if it will ever be a complete process – I do not know if I shall ever be completely like you – but that’s okay – coz you have taught me to embrace my uniqueness and revel in it. You have taught me to own my imperfections and never lapse on being who I am. You have taught me to constantly strive to be a better version of me – and I am doing just that. And I think I am doing it well too.

It is okay if I make my own unique mistakes along the way because you have taught me to learn from them and forge ahead! And for that and so much more, I am and shall ever be grateful!

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And sure, we’ve had our bumps along the way, but I am so sure if I had a daughter half as difficult as myself, I’d have sent her to a distant boarding school with padded walls, and YOU, on the other hand, have been so amazing! I guess God fits moms with some magical wires. And don’t you worry – I won’t send my kid to boarding school now – I have grown older and wiser now- what, why are you laughing – I have, okay! Plus, I won’t do it, coz well, I know you’d KILL me if I did! 😉

And now with that pseudo-angry look you know so well adorning my face(you refused to admit I was wiser!!), I want to say this- for whatever li’l I could say in this letter, I just want to repeat what was my intent all along – I LOVE YOU MOM!

mother playing with her kid (3)

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

I love you – it doesn’t get said often – and I don’t even know why – but I do. I know it’s coming on Mother’s Day when it shouldn’t really need a particular day to be expressed- but hey, it’s your day mom- as are all the other days that it doesn’t get said enough! Coz really, through all those conversations, pinkie promises, fights and late night horror flicks too- I am loving you. I love you, for now and forever!

Lots of Love,

Your daughter

P.S. I want you to know that I am making this one live as a tribute this Mother’s Day to all amazing ‘moms’ like you who are just the best at motherhood. A big big thank you to all ‘moms’ who have…well…birthed and brought up amazing kids like me! Just kidding – you ladies are amazing. Happy Mother’s Day! I thought that this was the best present I could give you- coz it was you who taught me the eternal appeal of the ‘written word.’

Love you mom

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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Happy Mother's Day: A Letter To My Dear Mom - I Love You
A mother lets you know that she loves you, and unconditionally so- in countless ways, everyday. We should tell her how much we love her too- more often!
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