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10 Ideas To Make Your Wedding Ceremony More Memorable

The typical wedding can get as generic and predictable as Aunt Anne’s frequent reminders of how quickly you have grown into the most gorgeous bride ever <yes, this is tear-works inclusive>!! And since we do not want your most special day to be like any other cookie-cutter wedding, we want to dish out the choicest of wedding ceremony ideas to involve your guests in the sentiment and process of the day. And no, these aren’t about the mocktails or the cake or even the photo booth, these wedding ceremony ideas are the ones that shall get your pop, mom as well as the par-tay pals up and kicking. Don’t believe me? Check out our heart-picked list of wedding ceremony ideas that shall not only make your big day a standout celebration, but an occasion that shall make it etched in hearts for years to come:

1. A surprise choreographed dance

surprise wedding dance

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Kick up the standard waltz by a notch or more by shaking your hips to a sultry tango routine or the bold bachata. For an even bigger surprise, get your dad or even your grandpa in on the act. Imagine the looks on your guests’ faces when you and your pops break into a hip-hop routine mid-father-daughter dance.

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2. Piece-it-together guest book

wedding guest book puzzle

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Create a jigsaw puzzle of you and put up as many pieces on each table as the number of people seated. Let them sign each piece, instead of leaving behind messages on a typical guest book and dart off to the table where the pieces have to be put together for the ‘big picture.’ A game and a guest book rolled into one! Could it get any better? 😉

3. Are you game?

shoe game at a wedding

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

While it is always a good idea to include a crayon-station or bounce-house for the tiny tots at the wedding, why limit the fun? They say, there’s a kid inside each one of us, no matter how many candles adorn our birthday cake! So, plan some fun games for the party after the ceremony. Have the bride’s father arm wrestle the groom’s pop or have the bridesmaid and the best man team play musical chairs. Add more innovative games to the set and include Uncle Leo’s whacky dance moves or Aunt Mary’s crazy capability of downing lemonade glasses by the minute! So much fun – people will remember your wedding for all the right reasons! You could have a personal game between yourself and the groom too! For example, have the ‘who has more surprise elements in their ensemble’ game – you could have the ‘no trespassing’ or ‘keep out’ sign above your wedding garter while your groom may surprise you with socks that read ‘just in case’ and ‘if you get cold feet’ – haha!!

4. Allover lighting

creative lighting

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Revolutionize the weddingscape by adding creative lighting patterns to your whole wedding venue. You could choose to project autumnal leaves over a beige wall to add that special drama or use snowfall to give the whole setting an ethereal look. You could even go for funky geometric patterns or your own personal monogram. This outdoor wedding ceremony idea will make it hard for your guests to stop staring, and that is a good thing!! 😀

5. Take them in style

horse driven carriage

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

No, no, this is not what you think. If you have to shuttle your guests from the wedding venue to the reception, choose a hot-air balloon ride or a trolley ride or a wagon or a horse-driven carriage! Even better, if you can scoot them together in a big yellow school bus for a screening of your childhood memories! Fun and nostalgia clubbed in one – I know, I know, I rock! 😉

6. Coz The Reception Is A Love Tour

Have your reception tables decked with a special memory of your love story. You will not be able to believe in the impact of the same unless you watch it for yourself. So, go ahead and try!

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7. Clinks with words alright, albeit musically

guests singing at wedding

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Forget the clinking glasses and ringing bells – but if you are intent on using them, make sure you let it be known that what should follow is not a speech but a song! Let the guests sing to you of their feelings and best wishes. Of course, you can give them a heads-up to prepare the re-lyricized versions of songs to rephrase their speech! It shall be a surefire way to have your guests entranced, smiling, chuckling, laughing (even falling all over), coupled with the inevitable tearing up as the emotions ride on high notes. This is one of those small wedding ceremony ideas, which will work in your favor.

8. Alcoholic ice pops

alcoholic ice pops

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

A fun and of course, COOL idea that I had reserved for my own wedding but couldn’t help sharing with you! Try these and see people relieve the fun of their childhood. Coz it’s ice, ice baby! Aha!

9. Food with soul

wedding reception food

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Have your wedding buffet be a choicest spread of food items that are also assorted in terms of some of the close family and friends’ favorites. Have the buffet spread read that out in special cake pop cards or engraved martini glasses that double up as favors and include special anecdotes like how the killer midnight snacks like the crinkle French fries or chocolate chip cookies and milk shooters are best when mom makes them. Include a note that speaks volumes about how the waffle truck people have actually pestered your mom-in-law for her waffle expertise! 😉

10. A hip after-party

patio bar

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

After your reception, add in a post-wedding bash for you and your hardest-partying guests. Pick a space that has a completely different vibe from that of your wedding venue like a relaxed patio bar or a karaoke club, and let the party continue!!

Hopefully these got those wedding ceremony ideas’ wheels turning! Of course, you could have more like a Polaroid photo booth and a consequent photo tree or a truck bar where you can down your favorite tipple- but we only wanted to serve the most unique, best-of-the-best wedding ceremony ideas! So, let us know what you think about the NLT list, there’s a comments section made exclusively for you. :)

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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How To Make Your Wedding Ceremony Memorable
Every bride dreams of a wedding day that will be talked about for days, if not years to come. Here's how you can make your wedding ceremony memorable.
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