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If Girlfriends Were Really Honest While Arguing

Yes, I am a girl and I  know that we are one bunch of crazy people who can say something and mean the exact opposite. We can  forget what you just said to us but remember what you did some 135 days back at 3:33 PM. So, if you are tired of failing to decode what your we mean, I am just about to get my a*s kicked for breaking the code and getting you in on the secret. Being with too many girlfriends all the time, I now know what exactly they mean when they say the opposite. So, take a beer, put on your reading glasses and let us see how to crack the girl code- yes, you can thank me after the fight is averted! 

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1. Fear The *Fine* Factor

What she says: Okay, I am fine.

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What she means: Oh dear! Be very very clear that she is not fine. She is everything except fine, apologize right now!

2. Who Always Has An Upper Hand? Girls, Of Course!

What she says: I can’t argue anymore.

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What she means: When a girl makes a really sad face and tells you she can’t argue, the hint is clear. She has sealed the argument and of course she has won. Dare you think otherwise?

3. The Rhetorical Rambling

What she says: Do you still love me?

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What she means: Every time a girl asks this question, be scared – very, very scared. She really doesn’t believe that you love her the way you used to. Prove it or face the wrath.

4. The Case Of Ex Files

What she says: Your ex doesn’t bothers me.

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What she means: Why is your frigging ex always loitering around you? I could kill her and make you look like a murderer and not bat an eyelid!

5. Argument? Who, Me? Nooo!

What she says: So, do you really think I am at fault?

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What she means: Every time a girl asks you if she is at fault, what she really means is that there is no way you can thrust the blame on her. Know that in an argument, a girl is always right.  

6. Mom-Mania

What she says: I think your mom doesn’t likes me

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What she means: What is the problem with your mom? Why is she so hell bent on making me feel like she owns you? Could you tell her to simmer down?

7. Yes? No? Unsure!

What she says: Do you think it is working?

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What she means: This is really ominous. Girls really mean that this is FRIGGING NOT working and she is perilously close to breaking up.

8. Temper Tantrums

What she says: I am not angry at you. I am just tired.

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What she means: I can’t take any more of your sh*t. I have put on for so long and God knows for what! I would take a pet rather than a jerk like you.

9. Too Hot To Burn

What she says: Don’t I turn you on anymore?

9Image source

What she means: This is a TRAP! When she asks you this question, she really wants you to go and give her a description of how exactly she is the best thing to have happened to you!

10. Cut Me Some Slack

What she says: Why have you changed so much?

10Image source

What she means: Frankly I don’t even know who you are and why on earth am I dating you? Many girlfriends were right when they said you have always been a jerk. God help me now!

11. Vexing The Ex

What she says: John never behaved the way you do.

11Image source

What she means: She is perilously close to going back to her ex because she thinks all guys are jerks and sometimes pulling the ex card is a great way to straighten the boyfriend.

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12. K.I.S.S.

What she says: You’re a jerk, but boy I love you.

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What she means: Okay, she may be an emotional mess, sometimes manipulating and too often tiring for the brain but when she says this, she does love you and wishes you two work out. So, kiss her before she cries. Keep It Silly Simple!

Got the guide? Now, get the girl!

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If Your Girlfriend Was Honest While Arguing
Yes, at the risk of getting my a*s kicked, I bring to you the secrets of your girlfriend, especially when she is spitting fire!
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