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If Girlfriends Were Honest On Whatsapp

WhatsApp has become such a big part of how we connect these days that without it we would probably become dysfunctional (though I really hope we are smarter than that)!

However WhatsApp can be a cryptic jungle at times… ever wondered if couples were honest (like brutally honest) on it… I don’t think any relationship could take that. No, seriously- imagine boyfriends and girlfriends spelling out EVERYTHING they really think when the phone buzzes…

… coz if they did what would that even sound like?

Here’s how honest girlfriends take to WhatsApp:

1. “I said I am fine.”

1 honest girlfriends

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Well, I am anything but fine. I am angry and in the mood to vent but unless you ask me at least ten times I will not really let you inside my head.

2. “Do what you like, I don’t care!”

2 honest girlfriends

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Oh I care! I care very much. But if I go ahead and tell you not to do it, it will make you want to do this even more (the baby that you are). Also you will make me look like the nag then and I can’t have that.

3. “I will be ready in five”

 honest girlfriends

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I haven’t even showered yet. I still have my dress to pick. My hair to do. Then there is the make­up. And finally the 50 odd selfies. You might want to find something to do because we aren’t going anywhere for the next couple of hours.

4. “Listen, we need to talk”

honest girlfriends

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I need to talk. Or vent. Or bitch. Or just PMS. You will be mostly (read only) listening!

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5. “Nothing (‘s the matter)”

honest girlfriends

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You are the Goddamn matter and you are what is wrong. And you have the audacity to pretend you don’t know what it is.

6. “I am so glad you hit it off so well with my best ­friend”

honest girlfriends

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I can’t say anything to her but you, you moron are you fielding for a break­up already. And just so you know, now every time you ask about her, she is going to be very very busy!

7. “How was the party last night?”

honest girlfriends

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How many girls did you ogle at? Why didn’t you call me after you got home? Why did you go without me in the first place.

8. “I’m not mad!”

honest girlfriends

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That’s right, I am NOT mad. I am fiery, furious and fuming. And you are going to be on the receiving end, God save you now!

Smiling now, are you? 😛

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If Girlfriends Were Honest On Whatsapp
After AIB did quite some 'honest' digging, we thought we'd give you a sneak peek into what honest girlfriends would be like on WhatsApp!
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Sejal Parikh

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