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Marriage is the first step to love

Well, this one is a really biased topic for discussion. Your opinion will be completely different from a person sitting across from you at your workplace or on the bus. And your opinions are fairly based on your own experience or the experiences of the people you know. Now, I had an arranged marriage. And I am happily, over-the-top, and in cannot-live-without-you type of love with my darling husband. So, of course, in this entire article, I will be telling about why my “love after marriage” scenario is the best one.

Less Drama!

arranged marriage

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Let me start from the very beginning. In an arranged marriage, both families have already approved of each other and can get along just fine. The boy and the girl have been accepted as a couple, which gives them more time to focus on each other rather than tackling an unhappy parent. Also, when mums approve someone, then that person is worth taking rest of the effort.

The finish line!

For a couple in love before marriage, a race is on, and the goal is to get married. But, hey, if you are married to someone you haven’t loved yet, there is a lot of opportunity there. And you have limitless time to invest into this relationship. You can become good friends, with mutual respect for each other, and may fall in love. And that in itself is pretty exciting!



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You are living under the same roof with a stranger, or if you are in a joint family, then a bunch of strangers! And you know what, it is not scary or intimidating, it is actually an adventure. You get to know your partner a little day by day, and it is a very mysterious yet wonderful journey, that you both take together.

Know Each Other

When you find out something about your spouse, good or bad, you have your own time to either accept it, or find a way to deal with it. You know what, you cannot just walk out; you actually have to sit and deliberate and rationalize the whole thing. And the best part is that your partner will be there to present his/her side, which will help you look into each other a little deeper. When you are married before being in love, you see your partner through the eyes of your and his/her family and friends, and that only fuels your own feelings for them.

Then comes Love

arranged marriage

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When you have been with the person on a journey of growth, and have been responsible for some of the success, there is absolutely no way that you both won’t fall in love. It comes very naturally and with subtlety. There are big gestures and everyday small gestures, and you don’t even have to say it, you just see it in the way your spouse treats you. You grow together, from being two distinct individuals to being a good old couple, and that strengthens the bond.

There are still a million inexplicable things that happen in such scenarios, but when all ends in love, it is the best finale. A happy marriage is based on love for each other; it doesn’t matter when love happens, it just needs to happen.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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Marriage is the first step to love
First comes marriage or first comes love, is like a chicken and egg conundrum. Here's what one married young lady has to say about it.
Surobhi Banerjee

Surobhi Banerjee

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