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Oh No, Monday Again: 12 Weekday Struggles We All Hate To Face

Damn the timing. It is Monday and trust me, it sucks and big time too.

Ever got that feeling when you woke up on a Monday morning and smiled? I know you did not and neither did I because hello! Monday is like that relative of yours who never brings good news.

Monday struggles_New_Love_Times

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So, if you would like to wash away your Monday blues and get some kick with some consolation of recounting what hellish trouble you handle every week, here is your punching bag. Come together on board as we relate 12 weekdays struggles we all hate but still face every fricking week ‘coz FML!

1. Morning alarm

Yep, I have smashed it umpteen alarms already but the damn thing still rings – DAMN!

2. Endless day at office

Monday struggles_New_Love_Times

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Every Monday morning at office feels like a year! I mean I have been working for 23 hours and it is still 10: 01 AM! REALLY!

3. Is it night already?

Oh, don’t you feel that with endless tasks and pending projects – the afternoon already feels like night! Oh precious bed, where art thou?

4. Parties? Birthday? FML

If you thought that a party would bring a smile on the face – heck NO! There is nothing worse than having to head to a party after a long day at work. Like, when could I have my fricking PJs! Spare me the trouble but damn the temptation of free food.

5. Humph!

Monday struggles_New_Love_Times

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Oh goodness! The hump day is the one where I smile and cry. 2 days gone, 2 more to go. Should I live or pretend to die?

6. Oddly (un)even traffic

What beats crappy Monday? Crappier traffic and a shouting boss!

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7. Lazy lunch

Making your own lunch on a Monday morning might as well be considered crime! Take my money and give me a sandwich, make that large, will you? Of course, the cheese has to be added!!

8. Crazy plans – never

All those little rats asking you about any crazy plans – do you know what is crazy? MONDAY!

9. Booze – blah!

Ever looked at your drunk friends on Monday nights and wondered how do they even do it? I mean if I have a bottle of booze, I would wake up the next Sunday with my boss spitting “You are fired” on my hungover face!

10. Be nice – FTW!

Monday struggles_New_Love_Times

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Every Monday morning, I promise to be nicer to people and to my boss and every Monday noon, I take back my promise because Monday, you f**er!

11. Friday work load – #$%^

Don’t even get me started on the dilemma of being on your office on a Friday night working your a** off because your beloved boss likes to slowly torture you in hell. *Goggles hideous killing methods*

12. Where did the weekend go?

Monday struggles_New_Love_Times

Image source: digitalbostonblog

Every Sunday night, I sit in my bed, in my oversized tee and ruin my mascara because what the hell, where did the weekend go! I swear I had plans and here I go, not doing any of it. Oh no, it is Monday again tomorrow and this cycle never ends!

Feel these Monday blues? I feel you! I mean, it should be a punishable offence to be a Monday! Like why couldn’t the week just ditch Mondays and we could all chip in a rest day? I know I have got some cool ideas. Anybody listening, eh?

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Monday Blues: 12 Weekday Struggles We All Hate To Face
Monday blues, ugh!
Shruti Fatehpuria

Shruti Fatehpuria

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